PE teacher sets world record for longest football throw-in

Stoke City's Rory Delap may think he's very good at launching the ball far whilst taking a throw-in, but he's a lightweight compared to British PE teacher Danny Brooks.

Danny can throw a ball 163.32 feet, the equivalent of five double-decker buses.

But he uses an unusual technique to throw the ball - by performing a front flip.

The throw is so long that during a match it would be possible for him to throw the ball out of play on the opposite side of the pitch.

The teacher from Halifax, West Yorkshire, sent footage of himself performing the feat to Guinness World Records, who confirmed that it is a world record.

The previous holder was American Michael Lochner who threw a football 158.04 feet in 1998.

The rules of football state that a player must have both his feet on the ground on or outside the touch line and both his hands on the ball and that the ball must be thrown from behind and over his head during a throw-in. Mr Brooks' technique would be perfectly legal in the game so long as those laws are followed.

Flipping brilliant: British PE teacher sets world record for longest football throw-in

19th January 2010
Daily Mail

A British PE teacher has set a new world record for the longest football throw-in - launching a ball more than half the length of a pitch.

Danny Brooks, 28, uses a special 'flip' technique to hurl a football 163.32 feet.

He uses the ball in a forward hand spring which ends with him throwing the ball.

The flipping technique is legal because both of Mr Brooks' feet are on the ground at the time of the throw with his hands behind his head.

Champion: Danny Brooks points to the spot where the football landed, after he performed his record-breaking 49.78metre throw-in

The teacher from Halifax, West Yorkshire, sent film footage and photos of his throw to Guinness World Records, who have announced that Mr Brooks had set a new record.

The former gymnast said: 'I realised I could do a flip while holding the ball.

'Just like a shot putter or discus thrower, I thought if I could get the angles and timing right, I could beat the record.'

'When it was confirmed it suddenly hit home,' he told The Sun. 'I can't believe I'm the best in the world at something.'

Distance: Mr Brooks threw the ball the equivalent of five double-decker buses

Mr Brooks was inspired to start throwing after watching Stoke City star Rory Delap's long throws on the pitch.

The previous world record was set by America's Michael Lochner with a 158.04 feet throw in 1998.

A Guinness World Records spokesman said: 'The record for the longest throw-in (football) is 163.32 feet.

Stoke City's Rory Delap causes mayhem for opposing teams with his long throw-ins

'It was achieved by Danny Brooks (UK) at Midgley Recreational Ground, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK.'

Away he goes: The PE teacher attributes his world record to his flipping technique

Flipper: Mr Brooks sent video footage of his throw-in to Guinness World Records

Top of the world: He now officially holds the record for the longest throw-in
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