Ontario NDP Woman Takes The Leadership

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Andrea Horwath took the Ontario NDP leadership and lessened the hopes of the party from ever getting elected as the main party of Ontario
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Andrea Horwath is the woman version of President Obama and she is the NDP version of Sheila Copps a long time Liberal and former Deputy Prime Minister in the Liberal party and a former member of the Rat Pack.

Andrea is tough and a go-getter and will have to whip those NDP MPPs into shape.

When she finished school she went for social change just like Obama.

Because of the Conservative mind set in Ontario a woman is very unlikely to win and be premier we just have to look back to Lyn Mcleod Liberal leader before Dalton Mcguinty who won the election and is currently Premier of Ontario.

Andrea will have an important role to find some man to groom for the leadership and start to build the party up.

Howard Hampton had a lot of potential thirteen years ago and I thought for sure he would win but I guess he was intimidated by Conservative Mike Harris and he seemed to have lost his motivation just like Liberal leader Dion.

Howard made a good contribution to the party and was a good leader as well.

Andrea has big shoes to fill and she will have a lot of work.

This weekend was for International Women.

We have to remember that the federal Conservatives put an anti-equality clause into the budget maybe Andrea can fix this.

We all just have to wait what happens. She has to make a decision whether she is going to lead or just sit on the sidelines like most woman do.
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....She has to make a decision whether she is going to lead or just sit on the sidelines like most woman do.

So ... it's because she's a woman?
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