I've got an idea

I've noticed around the forums that there seems to be alot of people beginning arguments with the Administrators and Moderators about them deleting material they feel are inappropriate. Well, I've got an idea. Why don't the Administrators and Moderators be put under different names?

For example, an Administrator would show up on the member list as:


And Moderators would show up as:


And because there are more than one administrator and more than one moderator, a number can be put next to the username.

For example:


If this was done, than nobody would know who edited their post, so nobody can bitch. Or instead of that, everyone can just grow up and stop arguing with the CC Staff.

What does everyone think?
That's a good idea, but right now it's not a priority. We are working on a lot of things behind the scenes.. This software isn't designed to do that.
Well, I can't wait to see the next thing you've got coming, Andem.