What impact will Airbus have on air travel?

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Airbus A380 2 40.00%
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Who cares as long as I get there 2 40.00%
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I think not
The Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger plane, has landed safely after completing its eagerly awaited maiden flight.
Thousands of plane enthusiasts witnessed the twin-deck "superjumbo" - designed to carry up to 840 passengers - make a flypast before landing in Toulouse in southern France.

Airbus, which is owned by European firm EADS and the UK's BAE Systems, sees the A380 as the future of air travel. Arch rival Boeing is concentrating on midsized short-haul aircraft.

What impact do you think the Airbus will have on air travel?
What effect will the plane have on the industry?
Will the A380 revolutionise air travel?
Would you travel on the plane?

Boeing 787
Airbus A380

I wouldn't fly in one of these as I would feel like Iwas a sardine in a crowded can. And, if it crashed..think of all the effort it would take to ID all the bodies!
Well if it was the cheapest, which I doubt, then I would go on it...that's what I look for in a flight...something that only costs 99p.
Hard-Luck Henry
Wow. It must take forever to check in 840 passengers.
And imagine trying to get off the plane once it's landed...I assume they must have some sort of special gangway- or a bar with beer!!
I think not
Actually they said if you check the link I provided they will have onboard bars. They never made it clear though if those of us in cattle class will have access to it. I tend to think this plane will eventually be configured for cargo, when I get on a plane I want to get there as fast as possible with the least possible stops.
i think the odds are pretty long against the kind of fancy lounges, etc. that Airbus has been touting to its customers.

I'm willing to bet money that every square foot of space on every A380 ordered will be filled with seats.
I think not
All criticism aside though, this is one hell of plane.
It is one hell of a plane. I saw some may have casino's and Gyms etc. Depends on Airline. But there are also very few airports that can handle that size of plane, but the plane looks awsome.

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