What should Canada give up in new NAFTA

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U.S. lawmakers oppose USMCA's gender clause

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OF COURSE Yankee law makers oppose the NAFTA gender clause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

That is why Our idiot Boy Justin INSISTED on having it inserted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our idiot Boy hates Yankees so much that he is prepared to destroy our economy just so he can sneer at Yankees with his Fake Feminist values and hypocrite virtue signalling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OF COURSE Yankee law makers oppose the NAFTA gender clause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

That is why Our idiot Boy Justin INSISTED on having it inserted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our idiot Boy hates Yankees so much that he is prepared to destroy our economy just so he can sneer at Yankees with his Fake Feminist values and hypocrite virtue signalling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LIE-berals excel at producing virtue signalling CRAP that has NO CONNECTION to reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an article illustrating just how afraid LIE-berals are becoming of voter wrath as the 2019 election looms larger for arrogant LIE-berals! With some comments of my own in brackets)?

Ottawa mosque loses charity status for promoting 'hate and intolerance'

By Matthew Kupfer. August 10/2018.

The Ottawa Islamic Centre on St. Laurent Boulevard south of Walkley Road. It lost its charitable status and is facing allegations from the Canada Revenue Agency that its resources were used to promote 'hate and intolerance.' © Philippe Turgeon/CBC

(Gosh how times have changed! It was only a couple of years ago that LIE-berals were sneering at the Harper Conservatives for revoking the charitable status of some Muslim organizations for “promoting hate and intolerance”!!!!!)

(But that was then and this is now- with LIE-berals STINGING over the public rebuke issued over their payment of over $50 million dollars in blood money to terror poster boy Omar Khadr- and 3 other jihadist jerks- and also in the middle of the next STINGING public rebuke offered to LIE-berals who happily gave summer job grants to Muslim groups who were willing to LIE about their values! While Catholics who would not lie about their views on abortion- as Muslims did- GOT NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The CRA has posted the summary of its reason for revoking the charitable status last month, which says the organization failed to devote all its resources to charity and "allowed its resources to be used to promote hate and intolerance."

(Is it not odd that LIE-berals IGNORED a report by 2 reporters in Toronto Sun who stated there was NOTHING BUT radical opinion and hate ON ALL CDN Mosque and Muslim school web sites- and then LIE-berals ARRESTED a Mississauga man for offering money to anybody who could provide verified video proof of hate speech taking place in any Cdn Mosque!)

(Yes- in LIE-beral Canada it is now a Hate Crime to seek out proof of hateful activities- IF such a search EMBARRASSES LIE-berals! No wonder LIE-berals felt compelled to some virtue signalling and go after one lone Muslim group!)

(But considering that LIE-berals REFUSE to deport Toronto 18 CONVICTED TERRORISTS - and LIE-berals have been sending aid money to TERROR GROUP HAMAS- WHAT COULD that lone Cdn Muslim charity have DONE to get LIE-berals so charged up?????? CRA explains

The tax agency also identified problems with the organization's books and failure to file an information return.

(OH!!!!!! They are TAX CHEATS AS WELL AS LIE-beral designated SCAPE GOATS! You can hate Cdns if you want; you can even stand in front of a crowd- as a Calgary Imam did and explain it is okay to KILL GAYS so they will not SIN AGAIN-and that is merely freedom of speech and religion!!!!!!!!!! But LIE-berals WILL ATTACK if you mess with their gravy supply by tax cheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Ali Abdulle, a mosque administrator, said the allegations come as a shock and are from a time before the current administration, which took over in 2013.

"We have been devastated. It's like an earthquake," he said.

"The mosque resources have never been used for any hate or any promoting hate."

(Uh huh! SADLY- the Muslim definition of Hate and the Cdn version seem to be radically DIFFERENT! And perhaps we should consider the Muslim concept of Taaquiya- the EXPLICIT PERMISSION offered by Allah to Muslims- entitling them to LIE to infidels in defence of Islam!!!!!!)

The CRA's summary does not say when these infractions took place. CBC News has asked for more information.

(No doubt LIE-berals will cloak their hypocrite virtue signalling in privacy laws!!)

Other speeches in other cities

The hate and intolerance allegations relate to guest speakers invited to the mosque in 2009 and 2013 who said what the CRA characterized as hateful things in other cities, according to Abdulle.

(In other words- HARPER WAS RIGHT to try to REVOKE CHARITABLE STATUS from various Muslim organizations!!!!!! And LIE-beral hypocrites were WRONG!!!!!!)

"They did not say it in our mosque, they said it somewhere else," he said.

"We think it's unfair to us and it's unfair to the community to be revoking our charitable status over what somebody said."

(Oh yes- that is a large distinction- that members of your Mosque would speak hate outside the Mosque and thus give a slippery excuse to your Mosque!!!!)

He said the mosque community is vibrant, welcoming and promotes Canadian values.

(The Muslim definition of “Cdn values” is wildly at odds with TRUE CDN values!!!!!!!)

Ali Abdulle is an administrator at the Assalam Mosque in Ottawa. He said the issues flagged by the CRA were from before the current administration took over in 2013.

(How is that relevant? Ford motor company can change its CEO- but it STILL PAYS AS PENALTY if the old CEO cheated on corporate taxes!)

The CRA said the revocation is based on issues identified in the organization's two audits from before it registered as a charity, the agency's correspondence with the organization and issues identified in the audit leading up to the revocation.

The revocation of charitable status means the mosque can no longer provide tax receipts, doesn't qualify for an income tax exemption or the HST rebate.

(Hypocrite Muslims are demanding that Cdns should accept that a Mosque name change entitles them to get away with cheating on taxes! Cdns know you can change your name but the tax bill REMAINS!!!!!!!)

Abdulle said the mosque will still be able to conduct its regular operations and plans to challenge the CRA decision.

(Oh that is nice! They can continue to teach hatred of Jews and GAYS- but THEY JUST DON’T GET HST rebates any more! I wonder if they are still eligible for the summer job grants that are being denied to Catholics??????????)
A troll trolling himself, it doesn't get any better than that, omg.
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OF COURSE Yankee law makers oppose the NAFTA gender clause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!
That is why Our idiot Boy Justin INSISTED on having it inserted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our idiot Boy hates Yankees so much that he is prepared to destroy our economy just so he can sneer at Yankees with his Fake Feminist values and hypocrite virtue signalling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how many of those Yankee tough guy he-men dress up in women's clothes in private, like J Edgar Hoover did.

... eh, Eagle Snack?

* snicker*
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I wonder how many of those Yankee tough guy he-men dress up in women's clothes in private, like J Edgar Hoover did.

... eh, Eagle Snack?

* snicker*

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POOR STUPID MHz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

Still trying to distract us with idiot and irrelevant comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an article illustrating the cost and consequences of LIE-beral style RATIONED HEALTH CARE- of the type Cdn LIE-berals are forcing on us! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Girl died after GP turned her away for being late

Sky News. Feb 27. 2018

A coroner has ruled it was unacceptable that a five-year-old girl died after she was turned away from an emergency doctors for being minutes late.

(Britain has had its National Health service much longer than we have had OHIP! And Ontari-owe is the most indebted sub national entity on the planet thanks to Wynne-bag LIE-berals- meaning we are on exactly the same fiscal course as Britain!)

Ellie-May Clark had been booked for an emergency appointment because she was having breathing difficulties but arrived five minutes late, an inquest heard.

Newport Coroner's Court heard her mother, who had an eight-week-old baby and did not have a car, was given just 25 minutes to get Ellie-May to the Grange Clinic in Newport, South Wales, but got stuck in a queue at the surgery.

The inquest was told that the doctor refused to see patients who were more than 10 minutes late.

Doctors at the surgery had been warned by a consultant that the girl was at risk of a "severe/life-threatening" asthma episode.

But the youngster was turned away and went home to bed, where she collapsed about five hours later and died in hospital.

Her death - on 26 January 2015 - was caused by bronchial asthma.

(This is not the first child to die of health rationing- we have the deaths of a couple of Cdn kids on RECENT record as well- courtesy of over full hospitals in New Brunswick- who sent the kids home rather than admit them- sadly the kids never made it back to hospital!)

Wendy James, senior coroner for Gwent, said it was "not acceptable" that Ellie-May had been turned away without any assessment or advice on what to do if her condition worsened.

(LIE-berals like to tell us that driving is a privilege- but in cases like this it looks more like NECESSITY! The sad reality is that the kid probably could NOT have been helped at the clinic as she was to far gone and only a hospital could offer REAL aid at that point!)

(So why didnt Mom take the kid to a hospital? Was it too far to travel on overloaded public transit with an 18 month baby and a semi conscious, DYING older kid?)

(Britian has two tier medicine of the sort Cdn Hogs want installed here- if Mom had phoned for an ambulance- would she have been charged a hefty union Hog rate that she could not afford?)

(We know that an Ontari-owe man got to the front entrance of a hospital and collapsed there- unable to go farther- emergency room staff were told of the man and they had only to step outside the building to get him on a stretcher- and yet the old guy on a pension was BILLED FOR AN AMBULANCE! )

(Such is LIE-beral lust for gravy that hospital bean counters responded to the critics by whining that there is always a charge for an ambulance for any patient unable to get into hospital on their own! EVEN IF NO AMBULANCE IS CALLED!)

Recording a narrative verdict, she said: "From the evidence before me, it is not possible for me to determine with certainty whether an earlier intervention would have altered the outcome for Ellie, but nonetheless Ellie should have been seen by a GP that day and she was let down by the failures in the system."

The court heard Ellie-May's school had phoned her mother, Shanice Clark, to tell her she was not well and recommended she see a doctor.

Miss Clark phoned the Grange Clinic at 3.30pm reporting that her daughter was wheezing and could not walk but the surgery did not phone back until 4.35pm, when she was offered a 5pm appointment.

Ellie-May and her mother arrived at 5.05pm and then had to wait for a receptionist to finish a phone call and deal with a patient in front of them in the queue.

They spoke to receptionist Ann Jones between 5.10pm and 5.18pm.

Mrs Jones phoned Dr Joanne Rowe to tell her Ellie-May had arrived but "Dr Rowe replied that she wouldn't see Ellie as she was late and she would need to come back the following day," the coroner said.

Neither the receptionist nor Dr Rowe asked why Ellie-May was late or the reason for her emergency appointment.

The doctor did not open Ellie-May's medical file or ask if a colleague could see her.

Miss Clark said Ellie-May was upset after leaving the surgery, asking her mother: "Why won't the doctor see me?"

She told the inquest she thought at the time her daughter did not need to go to hospital, adding: "Obviously now I would do things differently."

Ellie-May went to bed at about 8pm and Miss Clark checked on her daughter every 10-15 minutes.

At 10.30pm, after hearing her coughing, she checked again and saw that Ellie-May's face and hands had turned blue.

The girl was taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital, where she was pronounced dead a short time later.

The coroner said she would write to the surgery, the Aneurin Bevan health board, the health inspectorate of Wales, the chief coroner and Miss Clark to try to prevent future deaths.

(There is a lesson here for parents- beyond the obvious one about the danger of health rationing that is running medical people off their feet- and that is: when in ANY DOUBT- run for a hospital! Breathing difficulties can turn SWIFTLY towards LIFE THREATENING!)

(WE know LIE-berals WHINE about the frivolous use of hospital emergency services but its better to be a LIVE NUISANCE than be overlooked and dead!)

A statement from Dr Rowe was read at the inquest, saying: "Dr Rowe knows that nothing can be said to Ellie-May's family to make a difference but she would like to say how truly sorry she is."

(I am sure that statement is a great comfort to the grieving mother- and to anybody else who fears being terminally neglected by LIE-berals who love telling us how caring and compassionate they are- while robbing us blind!!!!!!)
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I wonder how many of those Yankee tough guy he-men dress up in women's clothes in private, like J Edgar Hoover did.

... eh, Eagle Snack?

* snicker*

Poor little George .
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Poor little George .

Witty reposte, pigs.
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Witty reposte, pigs.

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POOR STUPID LIE-berals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

ALL their policies are collapsing in disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the ONLY DEFENSE thy have left is to TRY TO CHANGE THE SUBJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an article illustrating how duplicitous all LIE-berals are! And it illustrates the lies LIE-berals are telling about pipelines!

I say to Da Sleeper- dont look now Sleeper but your fossil fueled bulldozer is MIRED in Bullsh+t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And in the month since LIE-berals bought the KInder Morgan pipeline not a single one of the over 1100 building permits needed to complete the pipeline have been applied for!

In the five weeks since Our idiot Boy Justin bought the pipeline and told us it was in our national interest to build it- not a single foot of pipe has been laid!

I have said it before- Our idiot Boy does not intend to ever complete that pipeline!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now here we are- many months later and still NO PERMITS have been applied for! Nor have LIE-berals even decided how to get their “consultations” under way! The entire process is a DELIBERATE LOG JAM!

Our idiot Boy has told us that he wants to close down the Cdn oil patch and this one of the VERY FEW HONEST statements he has ever made to us!

Our idiot Boy will stall and delay the pipeline till after the 2019 election- if he gets re-elected then the pipeline and Cdn oil patch are BOTH DEAD!!!!

If Our idiot Boy loses the next election then the pipeline Will be built- by whoever does get elected!!!!

This is the great disaster waiting for LIE-berals seeking re-election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOBODY is happy with current LIE-berals on any front- including federal transfer payments to the provinces!

Nobody is happy with how the LIE-berals are handling the invasion of illegals encouraged to come here by insane LIE-berals who could not plan a two car parade without getting into a fender bender in the process!

The LIE-beral carbon crap and trade scam is exposed for the GROSS GRAVY GRAB that it is!!!!!!!!!

The LIE-beral promise to support the middle class has turned into a tax cash grab!!!! With the average middle class family paying out $2 grand MORE- and still counting- than they paid under Harper- this in spite of Our idiot Boy unfreezing civil service union Hog wages and handing out nice pay raises!

Bait and switch is the order of the day! LIE-berals point produly to the new flows of gravy to Hogs and the new baby bonus cheques LIE-berals are cutting- and then SKULK off stage like thieves in the night when the soaring costs of food and rent are raised!

Cdns understand that when LIE-berals say "they want to make things better" it means BETTER FOR THEM!!!!

Cdns are tired of LIE-beral insults such as "systemic racist" and Islamophobe even as our news media fills up with reports of shootings by gangs of black thugs- and even as our LIE-bwerals get caught lying about the numbers of illegals and how many they MAY have actually deported!!

And the fact that LIE-berals have just accepted the former leader of a Guatemalan Death Squad as a Cdn landed immigrant- after he was rejected for entry into United States- indicates CLEARLY HOW LOW is the LIE-beral immigration bar!

Cdns listen to endless reports of radical Muslim plots uncovered by cops before they could be put into action - and we watch as the bleeding dying and dead victims of " successful" radical Muslims are tended to and we feel compelled to think that Islamophobia is a good thing and justified!

WE listen to Imams spout their hatred of Jews and gays and speaking with enthusiasm of disenfranchising women using Sharia Law and we wonder what happened to the vaunted LIE-beral determination to stamp out hate speech!

WE are disgusted that LIE-berals would call us racists because we think it is fair to defend our property from prowling drunken or drugged up native thieves such as Coulton Boushie and his idiot pals!

We watch dumbfounded as LIE-berals hand out $10.5 million dollars to terror poster boy Omar Khadr for reasans that are so risible that even the majority of rank and file LIE-berals are ashamed!

WE watch in amazement as LIE-berals hand out $37 million dollars to 3 other Muslims who have been inconvenienced by the No Fly list and by the Yankee hunt for terrorists!

We are stunned as LIE-berals RELEASE SEVEN ACCUSED KILLERS because they do not have the money for a trial!

WE are insulted as LIE-berals release four fraud artists who have STOLEN a total of $44 million dollars from us and LIE-berals tell us they do not have the money needed for THOSE TRIALS EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE watch in sullen fury as LIE-berals encourage teeming swarms of illegals to come to Canada- with NO LIE-beral PLAN for how to feed, clothe, house, or educate them!!!

WE watch in growing anger as LIE-berals insult provincial and municipal leaders who resent having their budgets blown by LIE-berals who smugly dump their illegals and the bills on other levels of govt!

WE are dismayed that LIE-berals would be so rude to Yankees that they would deliberately provoke a trade war with them! WE see that the Yankee position is very simple- they do NOT want to import terrorists and organized crime figures from Canada along with their lumber and dairy products!

WE think LIE-berals are being incredibly FOOLISH for siding with morally and physically bankrupt Europeans against United States in this trade war!

ALL LIE-berals are very quick to scream for Yankee military aid whenever they feel threatened and yet LIE-berals are INSULTED whenever they are asked to contribute THEIR GRAVY to the defence of Canada!!!!!!!1!

We see very clearly that ALL LIE-beral policy is collapsing in disgrace and blaming Mike Harris or Stephen Harper will NOT save LIE-beral fortunes!
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