Dash cam captures tire hitting car on Hwy. 401

Dash cam captures tire hitting car on Hwy. 401
By Shawn Jeffords , Toronto Sun
First posted: Thursday, January 15, 2015 07:45 PM EST | Updated: Thursday, January 15, 2015 07:55 PM EST
TORONTO - A Scarborough man said he was thinking of his family in the seconds before a tire, hurtling through the air, smashed into his car windshield and missed him by inches.
Andrew Sukhdeo, who captured the scary close-call on a dashboard camera, said he was driving home from work Tuesday around 3 p.m. on westbound on Hwy. 401 near Salem Rd. when the incident occurred. In the video, the tire appears to come loose from a vehicle in the eastbound lanes, bounce over the median, and slam into his windshield.
Sukhdeo told CTV News he was thinking about his family as the tire flew towards him.
“Just try to duck so that I could see them again,” he said.
The tire smashed his windshield and glass can be heard raining down inside the car before the video cuts out. Sukhdeo wasn’t hurt in the accident, but his car is now in a body shop for repairs.
Sukhdeo said he installed the dashboard camera months ago but has never captured as dramatic.
“Never this good,” he said. “And I hope to never get something this good again. I’m thankful it was there.”
Sukhdeo posted the video on YouTube Wednesday and by Thursday evening it had been viewed over 35,000 times.
“Holy Crap! Tire hits windshield. 18 seconds,” writes Ken Jebsen.
“Amazing!” writes George Draper. “Hope everyone was OK including the driver who lost the tire and ended up on the shoulder.”
A tire about to hit a vehicle headed west on Hwy. 401 on Jan. 13, 2015. (YouTube)


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You're Never Totally Safe on the Roadways
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