Greatest Prime Minister playoffs

The Conservative Conference round-robin matchups kick off our Great Canadian Prime Minister playoffs.

With the Liberal Party leadership race heating up, and no end in sight with the NHL lockout, QMI Agency is having some Canadian fun with our own version of the playoffs - but with prime ministers - and examine what qualities make a great head honcho.

In a series of polls over the next few weeks you'll be able to select the best of our 22 prime ministers. We've divided up the prime ministers into two big conferences of 'Conservative' and 'Liberal' leaders.

There are four polls with 13 prime ministers to choose from - along with a few points on why you might select each - and when we tabulate results there will be only four prime ministers left standing after the round-robin to represent the Conservative Conference in the quarterfinals. The same will happen with the Liberal Conference beginning Wednesday, Dec. 5.

Check back often to see how 'your' PM picks do and make sure to vote in each round as prime ministers are eliminated and new matchups are created.

We 'seeded' the contestants with a random draw and there were some interesting early matchups. We have a short introduction to each prime minister for each poll and you can browse them all for more information in the gallery above.

May the best prime minister - chosen by you - win!

Conservative Conference round-robin:

have at 'er:

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CC Edition...winner is mod for a day. How cool is that?
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Ha. First time I've voted for Harper. I have a feeling MacDonald will win the conservative portion. Thats usually the way it goes.
I've said it before and I have no choice but say it again....

****ing sports fans!
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First of all a Conservative Prime Minister is not something this country should wave the flag about
Harper is not my cup of tea at all and Lyin' Brian would not get my vote either. The one Tory I had
a lot of respect for was Bob Stanfield I think one could say he might have been the best Prime Minister
we never had.
If this were a list of Liberal Prime Ministers I would likely say much the same thing, and the NDP is an
unknown they never had a Prime Minister.
Our system does not produce great leaders as a rule not in the leader sense of the word. Trudeau
was able to capture the imagination of people that is about it. After that people voted on name
I read Richard Gwyn's excellent 2 volume biography of John A. MacDonald last year. There's no doubt in my mind that this highly flawed individual, drunkard (at times), backroom wheeler dealer.. with an imperfect record.. was by far our greatest Prime Minister. His vision of the country was complex and comprehensive.. and he could in no way be said to represent only one political philosopy.
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Borden should exhumed, shot twice and pissed on then reburied face down.

That's my 2 cents + GST

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