Rider Pep Rally a Bust!

Politicians Ruin Rider Pep Rally
This morning I caught an item in Rob Vanstone’s column in the Regina Leader-Post about a pep rally planned for Rider players and their fans being held outside City Hall in Regina. I immediately emailed my sister to let her know.
I contacted my Mum and told her too, even though she is 89+ years of age. She was game to go and was ready when my sister went to pick her up. Down they went to City Hall, found a parking space, and made their way to the rally. That is when all the joy went out of the occasion.
Not only were there barely a handful of players present but the dais was filled with politicians from city to provincial levels. Fans had turned out with photos, jerseys, and various other items of Rider paraphernalia, hoping to have it autographed. Others had turned up simply to get the chance to thank their team in person but that was not to be.
No blame falls on the Rider team or organization for this total fiasco, they were deceived just as the much as the fans. Actually, considering the small number of players who did show up, I have a feeling that the Riders knew all too well what was afoot and decided to leave the decision to attend up to the individual players, smart move, if such was the case.
What could have been and should have been an event of mutual celebration between players and fans, turned into a stinking media event for a group of needy politicians.
I am so disappointed for all those wonderful folks who turned up to support their team only to be rooked into something that had little to do with the Riders and everything to do with getting a lousy vote. Were I one of those fans, I would remember this come election time.
Dear Mr. Fiacco,

Wasn't the pep rally today supposed to honor the Roughriders? I wasn't sure as it appeared to be a self-aggrandizing way for you and Brad Wall to get face time with the public.

I couldn't see a Rider on the stage, with the exception of Chris Szarka, due to the overwhelming number of City of Regina employees. And I don't recall seeing any of you playing for the Riders.

I was surprised that either you or Wall gave any time to Jim Hopson. If the both of you are that needy it may be a good thing for voters as neither of you are secure in your positions.
The next time you decide to host a pep rally, be honest about who you're having it for!

Virginia Warren

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