Trudeau - An Open Thread To Praise or Tear a New One

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Not available in my area, DS. Telus or Shaw - that's it. And I just got my April Shaw bill - it went up another $3. That is 4 months in a row that they have increased my service charge and in the meantime they are still screwing around with my channel selection with no word of notice why or if I want the changes. I am really fed up.

Ugh, Shaw is scummy. I remember when I was stuck with them as the only cable service where I lived at the time, they were busy screwing around with their channels effectively leaving everyone with no service for 3 weeks. Then the bastards had the unmitigated gall to send out bills for the full month.
WE are kind of stuck with Shaw for internet. Just have basic TV and Prime. Also have the kitchen TV with a window antenna picks up 3 digital channels. Gets Chek, Global and another one I never watch. THese are my morning and supper news channels.
meh We killed tv service years ago and what we want to watch, we search in Google for "title, season <number> episode <number> watch, online, free, or if it's a documentary or movie, we type in the title and "watch, free, online". Usually there is some site that streams it free even if you might have to wait a day. People post streams without commercials and usually decent quality. Only thing is, typical of websites, streaming sites also have popups n stuff so use an ad killer of some sort.
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I am thinking "tv antenna" and FREE broadcasts for news and some essential crap!

And of course a LIBRARY CARD - since most libraries loan out DVD`s of tv shows and movies - FREE of charge!

Well - not ENTIRELY FREE of course- since they BUY their supplies - including books and e-reader material

using our tax money so you might as well use what is "freely" available anyway!

Best of all - ride a bicycle down to your local venue - get that needed exercise on a nice spring day!

First of all....................the library here has been closed for a over a week now.
Secondly, it has been snowing for the past three days and temps are right around the freezing mark.

But thanks for the suggestions, STB. I have lots of good books to read and can borrow more from a friend if need be. I am longing to get outside for awhile. I could go for a nice long walk with my pooch and never have to worry about coming anywhere near another person. Riding a bike will have to wait until the ice melts and the dirt roads dry.
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First of all....................the library here has been closed for a over a week now.
Secondly, it has been snowing for the past three days and temps are right around the freezing mark.

But thanks for the suggestions, STB. I have lots of good books to read and can borrow more from a friend if need be. I am longing to get outside for awhile. I could go for a nice long walk with my pooch and never have to worry about coming anywhere near another person. Riding a bike will have to wait until the ice melts and the dirt roads dry.

Well gosh - I have assured hemerHOID that the oil market will return one day and I guess that makes me an optimist?

And I assure you now that the library WILL reopen - if I recall right - ours will reopen April 3 - perhaps yours in on similar schedule?

And best of all - the snow WILL MELT and the sun will shine again! Not only that but Wuhan Pestilence will be defeated and

best of all - Our idiot Boy will get the recognition he deserves for his handling of our govt! Yes - the idiot Boy will leave Ottawa with a BOLD BOOT PRINT on his backside! And HE WILL CONSIDER HIMSELF FORTUNATE that he was NOT tarred and feathered on the way out!!

Consider the CRAP that Trudope and his predecessor LIE-beral Chretien created in Caledonia ont!

Here is an article illustrating that Our idiot Boy and his loser LIE-berals have actually resolved NOTHING with Cdn natives - in spite of stupid boasts to the contrary!! With some comments of my own in brackets):

'Tear down this blockade': MPP calls for Caledonia roadblock to be removed

By Dan Taekema, from CBC News

Published March 10, 2020

Indigenous protesters near Six Nations of the Grand River have blocked Highway 6 in Caledonia, since Feb. 24.

The MPP for Haldimand-Norfolk says businesses along Highway 6 are suffering because of an "illegal" blockade and is demanding the government take action to remove it.

"We respect the rights of a peaceful protest, but enough is enough. Tear down this blockade," Progressive Conservative MPP Toby Barrett said to scattered applause at Queen's Park Tuesday.

The Highway 6 bypass between Argyle Street South and Greens Road has been shut down since Feb. 24.

(Caledonia has been a native flash point for many years - ever since developers bought land and tried to build a subdivision over native protests!! In 1850 - not so clever Mohawks decided they could have their cake and eat it too - by selling off a big chunk of land to local farmers - who did not mind natives coming onto their newly purchased land to hunt the deer that were eating their crops!)

(All went smoothly for 150 years - until the developer showed up - hunting on farm land is no problem - but hunting in peoples back yards IS an issue and Mohawks recognized the new houses would END their hunting options -hence the Caledonia protests that have simmered off and on from about 1995 onward!)

(LIE-berals are largely to blame for the original protest as it was Indian Affairs Minister Jean Chretien in 1970 who encouraged natives to dream BIG and make wild land claims without regard to history or previous precedent! Thus lands that had been sold a hundred years or more before - to whites - such as in Caledonia and in Oka, Quebec, where another developer wanted to build a golf course; were suddenly at the centre of protests by radicalized natives lured by idiot LIE-beral promises of ENDLESS GRAVY!)

Demonstrators say they've blocked the road in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs , who oppose construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline through their territory in northern B.C. and said they intend to stay until their demands are met.

(Mohawks have made a tribal sport of blocking roads and showing disdain for white govt; and LIE-berals have egged them on by offering ENDLESS “consultations” that lead to nothing!)

(The hard fact is there can be no resolution to native issues for two reasons!! First there is no agreement within the native community regarding what is actually needed - other than a HUGE NEW gob of gravy that govt cannot afford!! And secondly - radicals among natives DO NOT think like people seeking a solution - the radicals think like blackmailers and intend- if they are allowed - to BLEED US DRY and naturally that aint acceptable to Cdns!)

"The onus is now on Justin Trudeau, on the OPP, on the RCMP to withdraw from our territories," Colleen Davis, a member of the Mohawk Nation (Bear Clan), previously told CBC.

(Natives are staging a political coup - by insisting on the delusional concept of “native sovereignty” that Chretien sold them decades ago!! The BIG question for LIE-berals now is whether govt has the right to impose Cdn law on natives!! Such a question is one that only a LUNATIC lawyer or a shameless vote buying LIE-beral would take seriously!)

"We have our own self-governing systems that we abide by and that's what we are standing up for. That's how we're going to get things moving forward … if they can come appreciate and acknowledged the true title owners of the lands."

(Wet`suwet`en natives have just PROVED that the native system of governance is IMPOTENT to resolve this situation!! A radical MINORITY of “hereditary chiefs” have been imposing their will over the tribal majority and scorning elected leaders!)

(The traditional solution to any tribal dispute was to pack your canoe and go to the other side of the lake and start a new tribe!! Clearly in a time of continent wide construction projects, such a solution is IMPOSSIBLE!)

(Thus either we allow a minority within a minority to paralyse all Cdn govt - OR we compel radical natives to accept the democratic ideal of one person and one vote - and as the majority of natives WANT the Northern Gateway natural gas pipeline and the jobs and income it will bring - this means the native radicals and their non native allies must be told to sit down and shut up!)

Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett says the blockade has hurt local business.

For the past 16 days provincial police have been providing updates on the closure at 6 a.m. and 4 p.m., warning drivers to expect delays and asking them to "please be patient if impacted."

(Yeah- thanks to LIE-beral pie-in-the-sky promises - Caledonia residents have been FREQUENTLY impacted over the past couple of decades!)

A spokesperson for the OPP said there were no further updates on the blockade beyond the fact it's still in place Tuesday.

In a media release dated March 4 the OPP said the Ministry of Transportation put up temporary barriers around the blockade.

(One wonders what the native reaction would be if the army put a blockade around the native protest site- and let protestors stay there for a time with NO FOOD!! And would it not be fun to see the looks on protestors faces if they were also told “NO FOOD FOR YOU” until after all your blockade debris was hauled away!)

"Public safety remains paramount during this demonstration event," stated a media release, adding changing weather could cause dangerous conditions.

Barrett used a different word to describe the blockade during his comments at Queen's Park.

He described the people who had shut down the road as "activists" and said the blockade is "dangerous" because it's forcing traffic to be rerouted over a bridge built in 1927 that "should have been replaced 18 years ago."

"Our area's economy on both sides of Highway 6 are struggling," said Barrett. "Stores are closing. It's disheartening the Canadian government continues to remain silent."

(Such silence is a classic LIE-beral response!! In 1940, LIE-beral Mackenzie King confiscated tribal land near Ipperwash Ont. to build an army training camp and promised to give the land back after WW2 ended!! In 1995 - after repeated requests for the land to be returned - natives chose instead to occupy the nearby Pinery Point Provincial Park as the park was very popular and the nearby town of Ipperwash relied heavily on the tourists coming to the park!! Natives knew that their forced closure of the park and their armed confrontation with cops would hurt the town and get govt reaction!)

(Federal LIE-berals IGNORED the blockade that their actions had caused and which only they held a solution for!! As the economic suffering of the locals mounted - premier Mike Harris ordered Ontari-owe provincial cops to arrest the natives and remove the blockade!)

(Naturally as natives had made it clear they were ARMED and might fight to resist police action - OPP moved in- supported by snipers - and native Dudley George was shot and killed!! George was in the midst of a native group that was believed to be carrying some guns and as a result he was shot!)

(At a subsequent trial - natives claimed George was NOT armed - nor where there any guns found near his body - though a cynic familiar with the stupid games played by protestors and criminals would recognize there was a good chance that any guns being carried by George or the group he was with were swiftly hidden away just to make cops look bad!)

(Harris and the OPP were lambasted by a BIASED LIE-beral judge for not being able to peacefully resolve a long standing political MESS created and maintained by LIE-berals!)

(ALL of our current native issues are fallout from shameless LIE-beral vote buying, supported by delusional and open ended and ultimately UNAFFORDABLE promises made by LIE-berals to natives!! The WORST of it is that we DO NOT HAVE the money needed to honour LIE-beral promises even if we wanted to!)