... and their accessories coming from any state other than a 'non-market economy' (so as to respect our new USMCA).

If you shop around, whether on https://www.amazon.ca/ or http://www.flagshop.com/ for example, most flagpoles and accessories sold in Canada are US-made. That alone would not be so bad to be honest, except for the fact that while the US manufactures high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing, and nationally-neutral (with a gold ball finial for example) outdoor flagpoles, its indoor flagpoles often leave much to be desired. Either they're of poor quality, they're too expensive, or (and this is the most common problem) they're too American. For example, while a person might not mind flying a Canadian flag atop a US-made flagpole, he probably doesn't want to be attaching an American eagle finial at the top of it. Even when a US manufacturer does sell a high-quality product (and they do), it often comes with a US flag... and an American eagle finial. What am I going to do with that flag? Use it as a tablecloth?

I'm not saying that no Canadian business makes Canadian indoor flagpole sets, but, as a result of Canadian economies of scale, the range of Canadian-made options is extremely limited and so cannot possibly meet the wide range of needs of its potential consumers.

If Canada should open that market up, then we'd suddenly have access to a much broader range of choices in flagpole sets. Though overseas devices might be a little expensive as a result of transportation costs, should US flagpole manufacturers notice a drop in sales as Canadians are willing to pay the extra price for a more appropriate flagpole for their Canadian flag when they can't find a Canadian manufacturer that meets their specific needs, then more US manufacturers might react to this by selling their flagpoles sets without flags or offer more sets with a gold ball or other more neutral finial to as an alternative to maintain their Canadian market share. At present, they seem to maintain their market share in spite of the problems mentioned above just due to lack of other reasonably-priced choices.