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Yeah, the expression "black bar" tender is problematic in itself!

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Here is a reminder of the HATE at the heart of ALL LIE-beral policy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an article illustrating how radicals are taking over our school system and poisoning our kids minds! With some comments of my own in brackets):

B.C. dad says high school assignment suggests racism, misogyny are right-wing beliefs

F|rom Canadian Press, Published: October 5, 2018, Updated:
October 5, 2018 7:13 AM EDT

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ News/ Canada

VICTORIA — An assignment that asked students at a high school in British Columbia to identify the political leanings of racists and immigration opponents showed a bias against people with right-wing views, says a father whose son was given the worksheet.

Matt deFouw said he took his concerns about the worksheet to the Kamloops-Thompson School District, which launched an investigation.

B.C.’s Education Ministry said in a statement Thursday the worksheet is not part of the school curriculum and it will not be used again in the district.

“Essentially, all the questions on only one piece of paper paint people, even right-of-centre people, as xenophobic, misogynist racists who want to enact a brutal police state that wiretaps and executes its citizens,” deFouw said in an interview.

(And of course LIE-berals are fostering a climate where Xenophobia against western civilization and the rule of law can flourish! LIE-berals think drunken native thieves should have more rights than white property owners! LIE-berals want us all to believe that white males are problem in any situation! LIE-berals want us to close our eyes to crime of any sort and they even want us to evolve mentally to the point where we shrug off Muslim terror in the sme way we deal with blizzards and tornados!)

(What LIE-berals are trying to do is gain total control of our minds- so they can persuade us to accept whatever crap they hand us without being critical! LIE-berals are engaged in a creeping political coup! Their values are a CANCER eating at our society!)

He posted the worksheet from his son’s Grade 10 social studies class on his Facebook page. The school district confirmed that it was part of an assignment at Valleyview Secondary School.

“One question is, ‘Who is a racist?’ ” said deFouw. “And the answer is right-wing people. That’s about as clear as you need to be. Another example of a question was, ‘Who believes that women should stay home and be mothers?’ The answer is right wing.”

(Too bad Statscan says MOST WOMEN would like to be “stay at home Moms”! But few women can afford this so they are seeking day care solutions- and again most women would prefer to leave the kids with a grandparent or other relative! Reality is that few parents want their kids stored all day in large govt warehouses!)

The assignment included 10 questions. DeFouw’s Facebook post included the answers provided to the students by their teacher.

Those on the left wing were identified as “A person who believes that Canada should send aid to Third World countries” and “A person who believes that the school strap should be abolished.”

(Former Peace Corp volunteer and Nobel Peace Prize winner and celebrated author Paul Theroux- who lived and taught school in Africa for many years- says we are WASTING our money by sending foreign aid -and that we are undermining third world countries with our misguided charity!)

(Other “fill in the blank” style questions included such LIE-beral gems as these:
Question: Who believes convicted murderers should be hanged?
Teachers answer is “right wing”.

(Yes- LIE-berals would much prefer to find excuses to suck up to criminals in exchange for VOTES! This is why Chretien era LIE-berals gave convicted criminals the RIGHT TO VOTE!)

Question: Who is racist?
Teachers answer is “right wing”.

(LIE-berals refuse to recognize their own racist crap!)

Question: Who believes that Canada should restrict immigration?
Teacher answers: “right wing”.

(Uh huh- it is easy to sell kids on kindness and compassion- UNTIL it is their pay cheques being ravaged to pay for LIE-beral generosity and shameless vote buying! At that point ALL Cdns get just a little RIGHT!)

Question: Who believes Canada should acquire more sophisticated weapons?
Teacher answers “right wing”.

(Clearly this teacher is persuading kids that ONLY the most radical of LIE-beral policies are socially acceptable! LIE-beral values are so twisted they think it is ILLEGAL for anybody THY DON’T LIKE -to defend themselves! Such bigotry goes way beyond the teachers mandate to educate our kids! And again this LIE-beral value will be trashed just as soon as bullied kids get the connection between the LIE-beral version of peace- and the SURRENDER of the west to Islam!)

The district released a statement from the school principal dated Oct. 2 that was sent to deFouw. It says there was a meeting with the teacher and “although there was no intent to cause confusion for students, the teacher acknowledged that the Social Studies worksheet did not present a balanced view of the political spectrum and it was an over simplification of a very complex issue.”

(As always we should assume this LIE-beral biassed crap is the tip of a very racist iceberg- considering how often teachers are being caught out poisoning our kids minds! In order to get a teaching job, one must meet union standards and those standards are clearly at odds with the values of main stream Canada!)

Bill Hamblett, the school district’s assistant superintendent, said its investigation is ongoing and will include interviews with the teacher and the student.

“Racism doesn’t belong to one political stripe,” said Hamblett. “We’re well aware of that.”

(Oh yes- our educators are only to happy to be fair minded - AFTER getting caught out! Anti white racism is growing in our school system and it is being well fed by LIE-beral Fake News - ALLIED with that TWISTED LIE-beral curriculum that is yet another attempt to BUY votes for LIE-berals!)

He said he hadn’t heard from the Education Ministry that the worksheet should not be used again, but “if they are saying that, that makes sense.”

(NO EXPLICIT ORDER NOT to use the racist work sheet in future? Does that mean IT WILL REAPPEAR on kids desks? With B.C. in the hands of NDP- those IDIOT COUSINS of LIE-berals who hold even more extreme views- there is virtually NO CHANCE the education minister will take issue with this official anti white program!!!! LIE-berals and their idiot socialist allies of NDP and Green Party LOVE IT that we are too often unable to find the time needed to fully track and fight their poison!)

DeFouw said officials from the school district spoke with his son Thursday and he’s pleased his concerns were taken seriously.

(Yes- no doubt he is pleased- but if he expects those teachers to change their ways he is DELUDING himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In a class of several dozen kids- he is apparently the only parent who NOTICED AND COMPLAINED that the teacher was poisoning kids minds! LIE-berals count on this parental ignorance and lack of attention to push their poisoned agenda!!!!!!!!!!)

(Always arrogant LIE-berals insist they are “The way and the LIGHT “ in all things - in spite of all the polls showing how many Cdns are growing DISGUSTED with the endless LIE-beral FAILINGS!!!!!!!!!!)
According to the answers this teacher gives the NDP is a right-wing party. Who knew?
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According to the answers this teacher gives the NDP is a right-wing party. Who knew?

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Okay taxslave- do not make any more posts till you have come off whatever drug you are on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your comment about NDP looking like a right wing party will surely embarrass you after you sober up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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