Canada Failing to Put Climate Change Plans in Action

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Apparently the government of Quebec knows more about it than you do. And doesn't Saskatchewan buy power from BC?

Great, then all they need to do is build a power generation facility and get a reeeeeaaaaaalllly long extension cord to take that power from Yellowstone to Los Angeles.

.... Seeing that the answer is so simple, I can't help but wonder why they haven't done it yet
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Great, then all they need to do is build a power generation facility and get a reeeeeaaaaaalllly long extension cord to take that power from Yellowstone to Los Angeles.
.... Seeing that the answer is so simple, I can't help but wonder why they haven't done it yet

By the time the gets to LA, it might amount to a few hundred kilowatts or so. The resistance in that extension cord eats up most of it.
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The same general principal exists for the high power lines albeit not as extreme.

That said, the existing practice is that most utilities will affect trades and swaps with other groups on an ongoing basis, especially for customers that are physically located a long ways away.
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Just like your country.

That doesn't make sense at all.
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Sask. is self sufficient and even export to Alta. a little, we recently signed a deal with Man. to supply extra power from their new power dam's transmission lines that run within 40 miles of our border. The extra power is needed for the population growth in Sask. not enough for a new power project, but enough to possibly put a strain on our system.

Sask. is also claiming to be 50% renewable power in the very near future, and as aggressive as they are with home grants for wind and solar grid tied power I believe it.

================================================== ================================================== ====

In general I SCORN the mouldy green energy that LIE-berals are using to price gouging us with so heavily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But out on a farm in rural Sakatchewan a wind powered green energy backup system might be useful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After all - it is windy as hell out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saskatchewan IGNORES winds that would have Toronto scrambling for cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you live in a little place like Antelope Saskatchewan- and the nearest gas station was 60 miles to the south and the nearest grocery store was 40 miles to the cannot count on rapid govt aid in an emergency!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a rather pretty place in mid summer - surrounded by fields of grain- shining gold in the sun - right out to all the horizons.......but being out there in January would be like living marooned in a wood framed space ship!!!!!!!!!!!

One would NEED to be self reliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But as always- THERE IS NO NEED for govt to pay for the mouldy green machinery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those who chose to live in such isolated places for the sake of ultra low property taxes ought to be FULLY SELF RELIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Using the tax money of people lost in an over heated apartment in the city to subsidize lives of country dwellers is the usual gross LIE-beral bigotry and shameless vote buying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New trade deal doesn't address climate change: environmentalists

I seen all the progressive policies have been jettisoned
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================================================== ================================================== ==

Here is an older article illustrating how badly flawed is all LIE-beral environmental policy and how far LIE-berals will stretch the truth to hide their messes! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Ontario Liberals deny tampering with witnesses at hearing into wind turbines near Collingwood airport

Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press | September 27, 2016 7:28 AM ET

TORONTO — Ontario’s Liberal government denies Opposition charges that it interfered with the witness list for a hearing into a plan to install at least six, 152-metre-high wind turbines near the Collingwood airport.

(The planned installation is on hold after it was pointed out that the towers would be pretty much in line with the runways at the Collingwood airport- with rather obvious dangers for planes taking off or landing. As we know, LIE-berals were so desperate to reward their pals that they killed off the ability of local municipalities to regulate the location of wind towers- with the result that a lawsuit was launched to try get the towers moved away from the runways.

Progressive Conservative house leader Jim Wilson says the province decided at the last minute to call a witness from NAVCanada instead of an expert from Transport Canada at an Environmental Review Tribunal hearing.

NAVCanada is a private corporation that owns and operates the country’s civil air navigation service, while Transport Canada is the federal government department responsible for transportation policies and programs.

(In other words, NavCanada is dependent on govt good will for its contracts.)

Wilson says the witnesses were changed because Transport Canada has concerns about putting industrial wind turbines between the Collingwood Regional Airport and the Stayner aerodrome.

(So Wilson has publicly alleged that private company with profit motive as guide sees nothing wrong with the location of the towers but a civil servant whose job is public safety thinks the location is lousy-and LIE-berals don’t want the civil servant near a court-and is hoping we wont notice or care!)

David Reevely: Wind farm company, Ontario government had cozy relationship until deal fell apart. David Reevely: American company alleges Ontario invented pretexts to stop Great Lakes wind farms.

(Well-YES! LIE-berals are being SUED for about 28 million dollars due to their abrupt cancellation of planned wind towers in the Wolfe Island area near Kingston! LIE-berals have become suddenly shy of public opinion and of mounting public rage at the cost of these mouldy green power sources!)

He says the Ontario government refuses to acknowledge that putting giant turbines so close to the small airports pose a hazard to aircraft operations.

But Environment Minister Glen Murray says it would be against the law for him to play any role in determining witnesses or influencing the environmental tribunal.

“I will keep it as a non-political process and let the experts choose the witnesses,” Murray told the legislature. “I wish the member opposite would not be politicizing it in the way he’s trying to, because neither he nor I should be involved in this process.”

(Oh right! LIE-berals WRITE the law and then claim they have no control over it? Just how hypocritical are these LIE-berals?)

Wilson said a witness from Transport Canada “would have made much more sense” since it is the agency tasked with ensuring aviation safety.

(AS opposed to the LIE-beral preferred witness whose job it is to sell LIE-berals staffers at airport control towers- for PROFIT!)

“Minister, you can spin this all you want, but my people believe, and we have reason to believe — good reason to believe — that somebody in your ministry tampered with the witnesses,” he said.

Wilson said the Liberal government has agreed it could no longer support two of the eight proposed turbine locations near the airport because they pose a serious safety risk, and asked why officials “refuse to act on the serious risk posed by the other six turbines” when experts say they are also dangerous.

But again, Murray said he would stay out of the process.

“I had nothing to do with the decision to change the configuration of turbines,” he said. “Experts did that. I had no role, nor did any politician on this side or any other influencer, in who witnesses are.”

(Apparently Murray thinks we are all fools and will accept any claims Murray cares to spout just so long as its supported by an expert? And WHO CARES what the supporter is really expert in? LIE-berals define an `expert` as somebody who AGREES WITH THEM! All dissenting voices are labeled as fools!)

Well politicians always lie.

Next, even die hard fanatics such as Norway, Sweden, and Germany have been re-thinking their strategy and are phasing most of the windmills out. Germany which 'cleverly' closed its nukes and coal gen stations has just started work on the first new coal station in decades. Industry and mfg has left the country and naturally unemployment has climbed.

Why? Because as anyone with even half a brain can figure out, wind cannot be forced or arranged to blow at exactly the time it is needed. Who'da thunk it.

A$$holes abound. Naturally this lesson was lost on the Ontario Liberals. The moving force behind the windmills in Ontario was an enviro-fanatic, Gerald Butts, who is also a very stupid man (or evil). We have a surplus of electricity due to all these totally uneeded windmills, and since we cannot store it, NY very graciously takes it off our hands and charges us!!! up the ying yang.

Couldn't have a dumber situation if we tried.

Where is Gerald Butts now that Wynn has been defeated? He is the principal secretary and advisor to that other mentally challenged twit Justin Trudeau.

God help Canada.
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I seen all the progressive policies have been jettisoned

Of course they were.

Accords or Agreements like Kyoto and Paris are simply to give politicians some breathing room with the rabid Alt-Left. If they can raise some taxes, that's a bonus.

But at the end of the day this agreements are never honored and accomplish nothing.
Canada's goals well below what's needed to stop catastrophic climate change: UN

It's over Johnny... IT'S OVER!
Trudeau on back foot as frustration builds over PM's climate strategy


When Justin Trudeau swept into power in 2015, he pledged to make fighting climate change a top priority for his government.
Three years later, Canada’s prime minister is on the defensive, scrambling to both revive his party’s unravelling climate strategy as a growing number of provinces refuse to participate in national carbon tax – and to temper frustrations over his government’s continued investment in the fossil fuel industry.
“From the beginning, [the government] decided they were going to try to thread the needle on the need for climate policy and fossil fuel resource development. They even made the two interdependent,” said Matthew Hoffman, a political science professor at Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs.
But on the surface, the strategy appears to be quickly falling apart.
Related: What if Canada had spent $200bn on wind energy instead of oil?
Trudeau’s political foes have already seized on the carbon tax in anticipation of the upcoming federal election – still a full year away – but the prime minister has shown no signs of backing down.
“Pollution should not be free anywhere across this country,” he said last week.
The political infighting comes as the UN’s intergovernmental panel on climate change warned that drastic changes are needed to offset the impacts of global climate change.
As part of a strategy to reduce Canada’s emissions, provinces are required to introduce a tax of at least $20 per tonne on emissions from January 2019, with increments of $10 each year until 2022.
In provinces which fail to produce an adequate carbon pricing plan, the federal government would implement its own tax, or ‘backstop’–.
Last week, Manitoba became fifth provinceto publicly opt out of carbon pricing, arguing that its own plans to combat climate change were sufficient.
Saskatchewan, which still relies heavily on coal for its power, has called the carbon tax a “ransom note”.
In Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, rightwing premier Doug Ford has vowed to rally opposition to the measure, which he described as “the worst tax ever”.
Alberta, home to the country’s oil sands, announced it would leave the plan after the federal government failed to push through construction of the Trans Mountain expansion pipeline built – a project Alberta argued was critical to its economy.
“Until the federal government gets its act together, Alberta is pulling out of the federal climate plan,” said Premier Rachel Notley in August. “And let’s be clear, without Alberta, that plan isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.”
Only two provinces, British Columbia and Quebec, have signalled a willingness to remain in some form of carbon pricing agreement.
When the original agreement was laid out, many of the provinces had Liberal politicians in power. Now, a conservative wave across the country has changed the party in power – and the political calculus.
Construction on the Kinder Morgan pipeline was halted over the summer.Photograph: Ben Nelms/Reuters
“This is a political move by the provinces. It’s conservatives wanting to give the Liberals a black eye,” said Nelson Wiseman, a professor of Canadian studies at the University of Toronto. “If you ask people, ‘Should the government do something about climate change?’ they’ll say yes. If you ask them, ‘Are you prepared to pay higher taxes?’ they’ll say no.”
The recent stumbles, however, could end up being a benefit for Trudeau, argued Mark Cameron, director Clean Prosperity, an environmental thinktank.
“If anything, this may end up making the carbon price backstop more effective,” he said. “Instead of one or two provinces that are going to be falling under it, there will be four or five. You’ll be getting a more coherent national carbon pricing system.”
Carbon taxes are supposed to be revenue neutral, meaning any increase a person pays are offset elsewhere. With its own carbon tax, the federal government could circumvent antagonistic provincial governments and deliver cheques – as high as $600 per year– to individual households. “The [upcoming federal] election is going to be in October,” said Wiseman. “Imagine, in July, people start getting cheques in the mail!”
Experts agree that any plan to fight the tax is likely a losing battle: courts have repeatedly affirmed the right of the government to impose a tax on provinces. “Whether that court victory leads to political victory is another question all together, said Hoffman. “[Trudeau’s] got to build popular support for this.”
As he grapples with carbon pricing, Trudeau is also engaged in a delicate task of placating his environmental supporters over frustrations that oil development is detrimental to emissions reductions.
Related: Hellfire: this is what our future looks like under climate change
Construction on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, which the government purchased from Texas-based Kinder Morgan, was halted over the summer by a federal court order, largely the result of inadequate consultations with indigenous communities.
The government remains committed to pushing the pipeline through – and recently hired a retired supreme court justice to buttress its consultations with First Nations.
“The idea that the environment and the economy are not opposing goals, is a great framing,” said Hoffman. “But it’s tough to do when you’re framing the economy not as a transformed economy in a low-carbon world, but as further exploitation of fossil fuel resources.”

Supporters starting to question Trudeau's policies
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Trudeau on back foot as frustration builds over PM's climate strategy

Supporters starting to question Trudeau's policies

They know it is a scam. Trudeau is failing all over.
Don't count on it. As we saw with the re-election of Kathleen Wynne, the stupidity of Canadian voters is at least as great as that of US voters who put President Pussy Grabber into the White House.

In addition, Trudeau has the everlasting support of most of the Press (Nat Post excepted) and Pravda West aka. the CBC on his side.

I sure hope that you are right though.
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