What has the PM done right for Canada?

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When are you moving to Syria?

Might not be a bad plan for some...leave, then sneak back in. They would be granted immediate access to the gold-plated Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP), which provides healthcare services to illegal migrants which are superior to what regular Canadian citizens are afforded (including full dental and vision coverage), as well as a guaranteed basic income based on their family size.

I'm sure there are some Canadian families that would be ahead of the game if they could only be treated as well as illegal border jumpers.
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When are you moving to Syria?

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How is it that Our idiot Boy Justin can be caught groping a reporters ass - in public no less- and LIE-berals expect that we will shrug off the negative experience the reporter has written about?

While at the same time HYPOCRITE LIE-berals are going berserk because some woman - who may very well be in the pay of LIE-beral enemies trying to hurt Trump any way they can - CLAIMS that Kavanaugh grabbed her ass at a party???

The Kokanee Grope WAS PROVEN...........the Kavanaugh business is NOT PROVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The LIE-beral understanding of justice and law is fatally POISONED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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How is it that Our idiot Boy Justin can be caught groping a reporters ass - in public no less- and LIE-berals expect that we will shrug off the negative experience the reporter has written about?

While at the same time HYPOCRITE LIE-berals are going berserk because some woman - who may very well be in the pay of LIE-beral enemies trying to hurt Trump any way they can - CLAIMS that Kavanaugh grabbed her ass at a party???

The Kokanee Grope WAS PROVEN...........the Kavanaugh business is NOT PROVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The LIE-beral understanding of justice and law is fatally POISONED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In related news- a vote for Our idiot Boy and his loser LIE-berals is a vote for Good Gravy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUT ONLY special Cdns will get any of that gravy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everybody else who is NOT a special Cdn LIE-beral pal will PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Poor stupid civil service Working Family Hogs are so desperate to silence any voice that speaks against them-how sad-their way of life is vanishing as we speak-just a bunch of greedy Boobs- and not the fun kind- whose time is ending-not with a bang but with a whimper! Consider:::

I have had a couple of public responses to my post `lets vote for gravy`! The clever one points out that the hated and very visible GST actually REPLACED the old, hidden manufacturers tax. I had forgotten that, its good to be reminded of govt activities. And why replace a HIDDEN tax with a highly visible and much hated one? So the public can see CLEARLY just how much gravy Hogs are soaking up! Put blame where it BELONGS!

The other response-the DUMB one asks why I think implementing a carbon tax will be so much worse that the GST?

The answer is simple: The GST was implemented 23 years ago, when our DEBTS were LOWER! When we still had an auto industry in Canada that did NOT require such massive govt subsidies to stay alive, when we still had manufacturing jobs in Ontari-owe, when we still had a nice range of good paying private sector jobs available for decently educated high school graduates-we had none of this unpaid intern horseshit forced on kids desperate for any SMALL chance of employment. Twenty three years ago you were counted as full time worker if you had 40 hours of weekly employment at a decent wage; NOW you are considered full time of you have TWENTY EIGHT hours of weekly work-AT MINIMUM WAGE! A neat little Chretien Lie-beral trick designed to make employment numbers LOOK better!

All govts have some scandals attached to them but the scale and scope of scandal was MUCH LESS 23 years ago-contract cost over runs and bidding scandals indicate that some govt workers are getting MORE BRAZEN and LESS HONEST about bribes and kick backs and such...and/or older contracts were more free of organized crime influence!

We did not have the THREE BILLION DOLLAR ADSCAM THEFT by Chretien Lie-berals 23 years ago, did not have the GROSS insults of ORNGE and E-health, did not spend a BILLION DOLLARS on gas plants only to rip them down, did not have GREEN Energy forced down our throats at GREAT cost and with fraudulent propaganda PRETENDING that our green energy would save the environment when all it is doing is cleaning out our wallets and driving away jobs!

We certainly did not have Lie-beral politicians conniving with heads of BANKRUPT Crown Corporations such as OPG to pay newly hired kids MUCH LESS than older workers-and THERE is the political reality in the RAW-even our Ontari-owe Lie-beral politicians NOW realize we cannot sustain that rich gravy train for grossly entitled Hogs! The red ink flowing across govt books is now flowing so fast and deep it is even scaring ignorant Lie-berals! This is why our LIE -beral premier-The Great Whore who has sold herself and her party and OUR FUTURE to the Hogs has suddenly decided to halt HER gravy train and to refuse a rich new contract to teacher Hogs-they are being offered `zero sum` deals meaning NO NEW MONEY! Ontari-owe is about one stupid move away from having its credit rating drastically downgraded!

The great Whore has figured out we are in fiscal trouble, hence her desire to sell Ontario Hydro-it will give her more money to BURN without damaging credit ratings. To bad federal Loons don’t understand this yet and believe there is still room and need for `new revenue tools` too ensure that govt union `TOOLS` continue getting MORE GRAVY!

Further, we did not need to be held hostage by a cabal of college and university professors who would pick our pockets and load us up with student debts; 23 years ago, kids who got post secondary education had a real chance to USE that education. As it stands now, TWENTY FIVE PERCENT OF post secondary GRADUATES end up declaring bankruptcy as the jobs they get don’t provide enough to live on AND pay the student debts at the same time! In Ontari-owe, about 15,000 aspiring teachers graduate each year but there are only about 5000 new teacher jobs.....so, YEARS of very costly training and your chances of being hired to USE that training are about one in THREE-at best- in any given year!

The cost of getting utterly necessary job training is soaring but the pay is being eroded by taxes and inflation AND DEBT! And the taxes and debt and electricity costs are driving jobs away from Canada. Let me stress the debt angle-its has never been more necessary to have post secondary education and the cost of it has never been higher and never harder for grossly indebted Cdns to pay for!

In ten years the Ontari-owe Lie-berals have DOUBLED Ontari-owe debt. In New Brunswick the deficit in 2014 was TWELVE BILLION DOLLARS-in a province with a population of 750,000! Ontari-owe has close to 40 percent of Canadian population and 23 years ago it was the Cdn economic engine but now it is a `have NOT` province. Household debt is at RECORD levels-never before have we been this close to BROKE!

Never have we been so deeply indebted as we are now...and its all amortized and compounded.....just clicking over endlessly and currently climbing faster than we can pay- with NDP supporting IDIOT LIE-beral madness- to INCREASE the debt substantially while driving away jobs with punishing new taxes.

That LOON Trudope tells us to be happy, life is good.......either he is drugged or he HOPES we are! He will please us by simply running deficits and bury us in new bills....but we wont care because he will legalize Pot and pray that stoners don’t sweat the small stuff like NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY!

NDP will screw us over by `targeting` their tax arrangements against people who didn’t vote for them and people who they figure they doesn’t need on side will be SCREWED! And NDPers will either forget EVERY SINGLE PROMISE THEY EVER MADE or they WILL end up running deficits to get their programs in place since they won’t be able to get nearly enough money from poor people to properly feed the Civil Service Working Family Hogs they hope will put them into power. There is not enough money in the world to please the Hogs! Any real effort to give the Hogs what they THINK they deserve will wreck what is left of our economy! THERE IS NO ROOM FOR NEW REVENUE TOOLS such as a carbon tax IN OUR CURRENT ECONOMY!!!!

If elected, NDP will follow the socialist party line.....whatever cannot be accomplished by socialist nitwits is ALWAYS the fault of banks that wont loan money and it is ALWAYS the fault of reactionary forces in society who lack the `proper` social vision. No socialist will ever admit that their plans are SIMPLY UNSOUND! One has only to remember the whining excuses of Bob Rae as he ordered his FORMER Hog pals to accept Rae Days!!! The effect of a carbon tax on our currently bankrupt economy will make Rae Days look GOOD!

We cannot afford a carbon tax especially since it will only clean our wallets and NOT the air-its all a FAKE and a FRAUD! There has been much written about the 15 year long European experience with this Carbon CRAP! To bad Lie-berals don’t read!

One employed Cdn in three works for govt, yet of the Cdns who retire VOLUNTARILY before age 65, TWO THIRDS are govt workers! The Hogs get too much and too often! By 2018 we will owe Ontari-owe high school teachers about FIFTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS in deferred pension payments.....we couldn’t pay 20 years ago when we were much less indebted and certainly CANNOT pay now! Govt spends seventy five percent of its revenue on Hog salaries now and the giant SLUSH FUND produced from a carbon tax will make that worse and that is the ONLY reason Hogs want it brought in!
Let's see how this will turn out, not holding my breath though Lol

PM's trade chops to be tested on 10-day trip


OTTAWA - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has set off on a 10-day voyage across Europe and Asia to pursue his oft-stated goal of finding markets for Canadian goods and services beyond the United States.
Trudeau travels first to France, then on to summits with other world leaders in Singapore and Papua New Guinea, looking to push trade across the Pacific.
Observers say Trudeau's biggest test will be in the last two stops.
Canada has shown repeated interest in trading with Asian nations on the Pacific Rim over the years, but has failed to make sustained progress in a region where trade deals often depend on personal relationships.
International Trade Minister Jim Carr will join Trudeau there, where he will have face-time with leaders from a 10-nation bloc known as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and then with a larger group of world leaders at the annual APEC leaders' summit.
"For a domestic audience, the prime minister and other ministers will have to demonstrate that this trip advances the trade diversification agenda in a significant way," said Sen. Yuen Pau Woo, an independent appointed by Trudeau and an expert on the Asia-Pacific region.
"What our counterparts will want to hear is that Canada is not retreating into a fortress North America with the signing of NAFTA 2.0, that the trade diversification agenda is sincere and has teeth and resources and determination behind it."
Foreign-policy experts who keep track of Canada's trade interests in Asia caution that Trudeau is likely to return home with a series of project agreements rather than any major new trade treaties.
Combined, the ASEAN countries would be Canada's sixth-largest trading partner and exploratory free-trade talks with them are going slowly — though some are included in a larger trade treaty with Pacific Rim countries that Canada just ratified, meaning it will soon come into force.
Canada already has a trade deal with Europe, most of which kicked in last year, eliminating tariffs on numerous goods. But a small part of the deal still needs to be ratified by each member of the European Union.
Former Quebec premier Jean Charest, who now specializes in international business as a partner with law firm McCarthy Tetrault, said if enough countries approve the remaining portions, the deal becomes irreversible. A large European player such as France, Germany or Italy would likely seal the deal.
The unsteady political situation in Italy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel's recent move toward retirement leave France as Canada's only option to nail down the agreement quickly before European elections in the spring, Charest said.
"If you get a new parliament that is voted and campaigned against this, then you're in a new political zone," Charest said. "Trudeau should be pressing (French President Emmanuel) Macron — who controls his majority in the national assembly — to move ahead with this as rapidly as possible."
France's ambassador to Canada, Kareen Rispal, said it is better to let Europeans see the benefits of the deal, known by the acronym CETA, slowly instead of rushing into a debate about its merits before the EU elections.
European elections often turn into a protest vote and are "a call for all the populists," Rispal said.
"It's a very tricky campaign," she said. "If we have CETA in the campaign, we think it's not a good idea."
Before all the trade talk, Trudeau is to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, first at Vimy Ridge on Saturday where he will meet with veterans and tour the monument built to memorialize the "War to End All Wars."
On Sunday, Trudeau is to stand alongside more than 60 world leaders, including U.S. President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Merkel and Macron, for Armistice Day commemorations.
Some 60,000 Canadians died and 172,000 were injured during the First World War, between 1914 and 1918.
About 10,500 of those deaths happened at Vimy Ridge as Canadian troops captured the strategically important spot from the Germans.

Everybody has everything they need thanks to Russia, Iran and India. How much could that news have saved the taxpayers as the trip is needless unless he is also dropping off resumes for snowboarding instructor, in Iran.
unemployment in Canada ta 40 year lows - just like America.

while the nattys praise Trump Trudeau gets no love.
Part time work!
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unemployment in Canada ta 40 year lows - just like America.

while the nattys praise Trump Trudeau gets no love.

================================================== ================================================== ====

OH HOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU DO LIE SO SMOOTHLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

Forty years AGO you wre considered to have a full time job on a decent wage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now- thanks to Chretien LIE-berals you are considered to have a full time job if you work 28 hours a week while carrying a massive student debt load for training you often cannot use since there are no openings in your field!

As example- Ontari-owe teachers college graduates roughly 15,000 new teachers per year- but Ontari-owe schools only hire about 5000 per year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those other 10,000 aspiring teachers with their COSTLY education in hand can be found doing things like tending bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is NO comparison between employment 40 years ago versus NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody who says there is- is a LIE-beral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When inflation is factored in- real wages have been DROPPING for decades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[QUOTE=spilledthebeer;2677126]================================================== ================================================== ====

OH HOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU DO LIE SO SMOOTHLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

Forty years AGO you were considered to have a full time job if you had FORTY HOURS OR MORE of work on a decent wage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now- thanks to Chretien LIE-berals you are considered to have a full time job if you work 28 hours a week while carrying a massive student debt load for training you often cannot use since there are no openings in your field!

As example- Ontari-owe teachers college graduates roughly 15,000 new teachers per year- but Ontari-owe schools only hire about 5000 per year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those other 10,000 aspiring teachers with their COSTLY education in hand can be found doing things like tending bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is NO comparison between employment 40 years ago versus NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody who says there is- is a LIE-beral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When inflation is factored in- real wages have been DROPPING for decades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Free Thinker
Free Thinker
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I am really pissed now .
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I am really pissed now .


It seems to me that loonie leftists and radical activists masquerading as `environmentalists` and the unscrupulous politicians that cater to them for money and votes are confused about carbon and crap....and think they are both about the same thing. How else to explain how it is that every time they start to talk about the one, the other spews out of their mouths! All loonie leftists INSIST that the only way to save the environment is to implement a carbon tax but there is every reason to think this is foolish and quite SELFISH thinking on the part of the swine! The Hogs certainly have a plan BUT it is NOT about clearing the air!

Consider who will and who will NOT be affected by a carbon tax:

Your old granny living in her little room and living on a miserly pension learned long ago to put on a sweater when the cold winds blow-cranking up the heat is not an option for poor granny! So No change to her carbon footprint since she is ALREADY as frugal as can be; but there WILL be massive changes to her financial state as EVERYTHING soars in price-food, heat, water, lighting, clothing all will cost MORE! Granny will face the dilemma that an increasing number of Cdns ALREADY face: they must choose between 3 meals per day and a roof over their heads OR they can pay for prescription drugs they need for their health-ONE OR THE OTHER...but not enough money for both-this IS the future for your granny and many other Cdns!

Or the waitress serving your meal and drinks in a restaurant or bar-in Toronto a lot of women working evening shift feel compelled to DRIVE to work as they don't feel safe coming home late at night on public transit-Lie-beral `hug a thug` judges practicing their `catch and release` bullshit simply are not protecting the public! And there are vast numbers of Cdns who live in places just outside Toronto that MUST drive to their evening shift since either they live in a place with NO public transit or else the transit shuts down at 9pm leaving them with no sensible way home late in the evening after shift change UNLESS they drive.

These tens of thousands of Cdns will face a stark choice: PAY UP on carbon taxes and drive...or be unemployed......in a lot of places like Durham Region, a potential employer will ask detailed questions about the car you drive-make and model and how old and how many miles on it as they gauge which prospective employee is most likely to show up most regularly-no car means NO WORK in much of Canada-so there will be NO CHANGE in carbon output in most of Canada in spite of the carbon tax! But there will be a MASSIVE INCREASE in govt revenue EXTORTED from the public!!!

There has been a steady rise in the number of Cdns doing 2 part time jobs to make ends meet...or else doing one job and going to school to improve their situation-in many of those cases they simply cannot meet their demanding schedule UNLESS they drive-you cannot get there from here on a bus-not on time anyway and chronically late usually means FIRED!

Your local supermarket wont change its ways either-the food MUST be kept cold-sell food gone bad and you are quickly out of business. Same sort of deal with movie theatres and shopping malls-keep the place at a comfortable temperature or risk losing customers. Same thing with your local hospital or old folks home-keep it warm and comfortable or else already short staffed nurses may be deluged with complaints from patients who are too cold or too hot and too feeble to get their extra clothing on or off in a timely way.....just what they need-a few good cases of pneumonia!

When your furnace breaks down, your plumbing seizes up, your brand new big screen tv needs installation, your roof needs repairs-all these things REQUIRE that a repair person DRIVE to your place with a truck and tools and spare parts....no way around that-not by bus anyway!

Sadly, Canada no longer has much manufacturing but what little there is will be hit hard by rising operating costs and there are ALREADY too many good reasons to ship the jobs off to China-why add MORE reasons by greatly increasing operating costs!

Mining is a big energy user and its in the same boat as manufacturing-hit Cdn miners with soaring costs and watch jobs move away to other, less taxed and regulated places-the dangerously unstable and threatening Russian government would be DELIGHTED to take up the slack and supply resources if Cdn mines closed down! And Russians don' t sweat the environmental stuff like we do-money talks LOUDER than green `ecco` heroes in that ruined land!

NONE of the people listed above have any way of altering their carbon footprint-for them, a carbon tax is simply an EXPRESS WAY of emptying their wallets and messing up their lives! But the environment is NOT doomed-there ARE things we can do! The quickest and cheapest way to save our environment is to balance our government books-do away with deficit financing and start paying back some of the massive debt that is hobbling us at every turn!

Take a drive up to the scenic country side roads east and north of Newmarket-if you can afford it- and look at all the wonderful estate lots with their huge custom homes-3 acres, 5 acres, 10 acres-with beautiful manicured lawns and ask: how many of these homes are owned by civil service Working Family Hogs whose names are prominent on the government `sunshine` list of overpaid govt employees? Hint: HIGH numbers!

We know that a typical riding lawn mower of the type used to cut grass on such an estate spews out as much pollution in 5 minutes as a modern car does running on a highway for an hour. And of course there is NO public transit available for those estates-get a good look at all the THREE and FOUR car families.

Or get a canoe and paddle around any typical upscale Muskoka lake and look at the array of gas powered toys heaped on the docks-the personal water craft zooming in circles around the lake, gas weed eaters, Bass boats that can do 60 MILES per hour-are they afraid the fish will escape? Get out onto Georgian Bay or the Trent Canal on a Sunday afternoon and listen to the masses of motorboats-30ft, 40 ft, even 50ft rumbling across the water and then remember these machines are far LESS fuel efficient than your car.

Look at the carbon footprint of such a boat-the hundreds of dollars of fuel needed in a single fill up and once the beast is motored to a suitable anchorage, then the smaller yacht tender with its own motor is set out so the family dog can be motored ashore to pee and the parents can go fish or the kids can explore-with carbon spewing all the while. Look at the generator that is set out so the microwave can be used to cook dinner or power music or play a movie...and marvel at the amount of gas being consumed by the privileged members of the Sunshine list! I don't suggest we should do away with motor boats but I do ask if there should not be some restrictions on the size of engines and fuel consumption rates and top speeds of some of these floating palaces? They are on HOLIDAY....do they NEED to go 40 miles per hour in a floating palace when the world environment is at stake?

On the most high end upscale lakes, dad doesn't drive up highway 400 on Friday night at end of work week to be with wife and kids any more; instead he often takes a real serious gas guzzler-a rented float plane- and gets dropped off Friday and picked up on Sunday. Several high ranking members of Ontari-owe Power Generation have got into trouble for using OPG helicopters to haul them to their summer homes-the copters were SUPPOSED to be used to quickly inspect hydro lines and haul crews into remote locations-NOT to haul fat Hog executives to their holiday destinations AFTER they had finished lecturing the rest of us about being environmentally sensitive!

The latest `must have`toy of the sunshine gang is a `bubble system`. The number of gas guzzling toys stowed on a typical Muskoka dock is now so large and so costly that if the dock gets mashed by winter ice and floats away, it will take tens of thousands of dollars of toys with it! So the Sunshine gang installs pipes and an electrically powered air compressor around their valuable docks and costly toys-the pipes laid on the lake bottom spew out a constant mass of air bubbles in the water ALL winter long that disrupts the formation of ice and keeps the water from freezing around the dock-so no ice damage-just a HUGE environmental mess as electricity MUST be generated ALL winter just for the Hogs and their gas guzzling toys!

And THESE are the people who insist we need a carbon tax! The swine expect US to live in a little box in a slum and walk or bicycle every where in snow or rain or summer heat while they own TWO large homes and enjoy a HOST of gas guzzling toys suitable for play in all seasons! We already pay for their privileges and now they DEMAND even MORE!

Or head out to the airport and try to guess how many of the people lining up for a flight are civil servants or employees of a `protected` industry that does NOT have to kow-tow to standard market forces because they have a near monopoly on some service-you know who I mean-senior bankers, insurance company chiefs, cable company executives, gas and oil chiefs, tenured university professors with their too frequent left wing views, extravagantly paid hospital CEO/bean counters
who often get more money than the doctors doing brain surgery, and all those on the Sunshine list-all the people who get THEIR money-IN FULL- regardless of economic conditions. People in protected industries charge pretty much what they feel like because they have NO competition!

The not so clever dolts at CIBC bank lost OVER a billion dollars in the 2008 meltdown and simply raised bank fees here in Canada to recover the cash-they took OUR money outside prudent Cdn investment regulations and LOST It in a total screw up.....and then simply beat more money out of our Cdn hides-we DON'T GET a benefit if they profit-but we GET HAMMERED if they screw up! Time for changes in the way we do bank business in this country, and OUTSIDE it too! And remember, a carbon tax will increase operating costs for your local bank branch, meaning MORE bank fees, but no cleaner air-UNLESS they start CLOSING bank branches! That would mean less bank service and more unemployed Cdns as low level employees got dumped.

And remember-traveling by airplane is absolutely the DIRTIEST WAY to go anyplace-in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attack, TWENTY FIVE percent of the worlds airliners were grounded and in the 9 months after the attack there WAS a measurable improvement in air quality around the world! It is environmentally more sound to drive an SUV to Florida than it is to fly....and of course trains and busses are cleaner still. Maybe its time to start treating people on planes in the same way as smokers-as in: get your SHIT out of my FACE!

Remember-THESE PEOPLE WANT A CARBON TAX because they figure they are immune....and BECAUSE THEY WILL DEMAND MORE GRAVY FROM GOVERNMENT TO COVER THEIR INCREASED COSTS of the tax-and they probably WILL get it too-if Lie-berals and NDP have any say, so there will be NO CHANGE to THEIR lifestyle or carbon footprint! And THEY are already the ones with the biggest carbon footprint! And your granny and the repair man and the waitress and the cashier at the market-all these people will PAY....while the carbon continues to be spewed into their air!

We know from Statistics Canada that civil servants get paid about one third MORE than people in private sector doing the same job...and that's NOT including the solid gold pension and assorted perks most of the Hogs feel entitled to! The outgoing chairman of OSSTF-the Ontari-owe high school teachers union-let it be known on TVO The Agenda that OSSTF will have a pension deficit of FIFTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS by about 2018-just in time for the next provincial election.

And there are 19 separate civil service unions out there-whatever golden deal the teachers get from Ontari-owe premier McWynnty-known to some as The Great Whore because she has sold herself and her party and OUR FUTURE to the Hogs of Working family Coalition-will be the standard set for the others to shoot for...and Lie-berals have already promised at least TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS in `catchup` pension payments to the Hogs and the REAL cost may be much closer to THREE HUNDRED BILLION since other union heads are more cautious about blurting out their situation than OSSTF honchos! Now who REALLY wants a carbon tax? And will it really clean the air? Or just your wallet?
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Why isn’t she visiting all the provinces as GG?
She is
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Why isn’t she visiting all the provinces as GG?

Governor General missing in action

Stuck-up broad.
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Why isn’t she visiting all the provinces as GG?

Nice costume, all politicians should be wearing one complete with the appropriate patches so we know who we are talking to and who they represent when they speak.
If anybody meets her would they mind asking at what height a cute will open on Mars?

She could be on a mission with some representatives from Interpol asking why 'the government' is doing medical experiments on a special group that would definitely qualify as 'a minority'.

TD 23-4(3) Department of Justice Response to the Standing Committee English

Report of the Office of the Correctional Investigator (Canada)
on the Baffin Correctional Centre and the
Legal and Policy Framework of Nunavut Correc

Nunavut Correctional Facilities Strategy

7MB 3 files
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Governor General missing in action

Stuck-up broad.

poor old white natty dinosaur

the world is so done with you
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poor old white natty dinosaur

the world is so done with you

================================================== ================================================== ====

OH HOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a TOOTHLESS COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you run out of lies???????????????????????

Here is an article illustrating the true level of LIE-beral interest in the environment! With some comments of my own in brackets);

Sewer overflows a real stinker of an issue

From Postmedia News. Published: August 13, 2018, Updated: August 13, 2018 6:00 PM EDT

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ Opinion/ Editorials


EDITORIAL: Doug Ford won, deal with it
GOLDSTEIN: Antifa thugs attacking journalists is nothing new
FATAH: Canada has no space for Sir John A, but plenty for Jinnah
GUNTER: Let's explore the uselessness of handgun bans

Heavy rainfall during the afternoon on August 8, 2018 resulted in several roadways becoming flooded in Brantford, Ont, including here on Edmondson Street. Storm drains became overwhelmed, particularly bridge underpasses on Market Street and St. Paul Avenue where vehicles had stalled in the deep water. (Brian Thompson/Brantford Expositor/Postmedia Network)

Cities across Canada this summer have been hammered by intense rainfalls.

Flooding recently shut down hospitals in Fort McMurray, swamped Saint John and Charlottetown, closed streets in Ottawa-Gatineau and in Toronto, which got a month’s rain in three days, dramatically saw two men narrowly escape with their lives after being trapped in a elevator as it flooded with water.

(There is debate about whether it is heavy rain that is the problem or whether it is urbanization and development that is the problem- each new housing development and each new piece of pavement INCREASES STORMWATER RUN OFF- going into ANCIENT PIPES built for a much SMALLER CITY!!!!!!!)
(And as we know- LIE-berals have NEGLECTED ALL our infrastructure for decades- Hog pay raises are FAR MORE IMPORTANT than some occasional FLOODS!!!!!!! So urban growth equals more flooding!)

But there have less visible public safety risks from storm water. A recent story from The Canadian Press came with this alarming headline: “One trillion litres of sewage leaked into Canadian waterways in last five years.”

“A number of studies… have found that emergency room visits for gastrointestinal distress increase after a heavy rain,” explained a 2015 feature from The Atlantic. “These illnesses are believed to spike after a storm because rainwater washes pathogens into lakes and rivers used for recreation and drinking water.”

(More hospital visits equal not so hidden costs for shameless LIE-beral vote buying! LIE-beral greed is so great the country is falling to pieces while they BORROW money to pay current Hog wages! Future generations are being run into debt to make Hogs happy now!)

(LIE-beral fret over the possible spill of oil and have IGNORED DELIBERATE SEWAGE FLOODS for DECADES! Do they really think that Sea otters and other marine mammals can swim in SH+T with impunity? Or are they just ignoring a problem that is conveniently out of public view!)

(Recently we had spirited debate on this site regarding HOW BAD it was that various B.C. cities dump so much sewage into the ocean- and then count on wind and currents to disperse sh+t- before marine mammals are sickened!!!!!!!!!!!! LIE-beral hypocrisy knows NO BOUNDS!!!!!!!!)

Our cities are faced with aging infrastructure and as the density of our communities increases, that infrastructure is less able to handle heavy rain falls.

(Our LIE-berals know this but are far to busy trying to funnel every penny they can borrow or steal- into Hog pensions! LIE-beral carbon crap and trade tax is a deliberate SCAM- designed to get more money for Hogs- while LIE-berals pretend to care about the environment! There is no cash left to repair infrastructure!)

During intense downpours, water overwhelms our storm and sewage systems. The volume is more than treatment plants can handle and to prevent sewers from backing up, water is diverted into overflow pipes. The water in these pipes, which invariably continues sewage, is then released untreated into our rivers and lakes.

(The city of Toronto could get around this sewage over flow problem by returning the Portlands BACK to its marsh and swamp land status!! Marshes have a remarkable capacity to soak up and neutralize pollution!)

(But Toronto is SO BROKE- in part because they have already wasted a BILLION DOLLARS juts buying up the Portlands for unaffordable future housing- and then discovering that the land is TOO POLLUTED to let people live on it!)

(But that was then and now land prices in Toronto are so high the city is trying to figure out where to beg, borrow or steal a couple billion MORE DOLLARS with which to clean up the Portlands and start building there!)

(City planners dream of the new tax revenue that such housing would bring in- without counting the massive clean up bill!!!! City Hogs IGNORE the reality that a marsh would CLEAN ITSELF EVENTUALLY- without further bankrupting the city!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Worst of all- city Hogs like ot promote Toronto area beaches- without admitting what sort of sh+t routinely washes up on the beaches! Turning the Portlands into marsh would CATCH all that sh+t and ensure higher quality swimming water- which would be a major tourist draw!!!)

The data is difficult to compile, but estimates suggest the severity of the problem. As The Canadian Press explains it: “The largest contributor to the national problem is British Columbia where municipalities reported 77 billion litres of raw sewage that leaked or was spilled in 2017, followed by Nova Scotia at 39 million litres, Newfoundland at 29 million litres and Ontario at 22.8 million litres.”

(SEWAGE “LEAKED” is LIE-beral speak meaning- WE DELIBERATELY LET IT OVERFLOW into the nearest lake, river or ocean! And then they wonder WHY WE LAUGH at their environmental virtue signalling!)

(There was a recent news article out of New Brunswick- where a local girl discovered there were over 50 houses that had NEITHER a sewer connection nor a septic tank system- all their waste went straight into a local river- at the same time that bankrupt New Brunswick LIE-berals were promoting the place as a great tourist destination with lots of good fishing and swimming!!!!!!)

In just the past couple of years you can find stories about troubling overflows in Toronto, Ottawa and Edmonton, to name just a few cities.

This is unacceptable, for our health and environmental reasons.

In part, it’s a consequence of politicians putting too much emphasis on ideological agendas and not enough on maintaining critical municipal services.

(Ideology? The ONLY ideology LIE-berals work with is how many votes they can buy so they can cling to power at any price! LIE-berals DO NOT CARE how many creatures choke to death on our CRAP!)

The Canadian Federation of Municipalities has warned for more than a decade about Canada’s massive and growing multi-billion infrastructure deficit.

(The spectacular hypocrites of Cdn Federation of Municipalities are merely HOPING they can pass on responsibility for their political SH+T to another level of govt!)

Recent federal programs are welcome but inadequate and cities also need to clean up the infrastructure mess they’ve made.

(Federal govt considers that dealing with municipal sewage IS NOT their concern!!!! There are NO FEDERAL VOTES to be won by helping tax mad municipal Hogs clean up their own sh+t -so it WILL NOT HAPPEN!)

(Municipal Hogs whine gthat they cannot do all the things they must in order to keep the cities running and this is a LIE! LIE-berals are justifiably TERRIFIED of voter rage if our deficit financing were suddenly cut off- by hitting the debt wall -and our taxes are suddenly raised massively to pay the full freight of LIE-beral greed!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Canada is BANKRUPT!!!! And LIE-berals are in PANIC MODE as all their policies FAIL- for lack of cash!!!!!!!!!!)
Dixie Cup
Quote: Originally Posted by DecapodaView Post

What has he done right for our country? Well, let’s see.

He’s killed any hope of getting our oil to international markets other than a pipeline that he bought and nationalized in the interest of Government control…. If you’re an anti-oil enviro zealot or a member of Tides or the Oak Foundation that’s positive.

He’s made himself an international embarrassment on his India trip….if you’re name is Jagmeet Singh, you surely give the thumbs up.

He’s killed any semblance of national unity in exchange for “diversity” and post-national multiculturalism…if you’re a refugee wanting to bring your baggage into a new country which is willing to pay your way while you reject their culture that’s positive.

He wore socks…who doesn’t think socks are a good thing?

He boldly shared his warm passion for ruthless dictators and dictatorships…if you’re a communist this is a positive step.

He put our unsupported war vets in their place when they asked for support (well except for the son of a vet who gave himself PTSD while murdering people)…if you’re against our military vets, this would be good news.

He’s balanced the numbers of female MP’s to male, putting equality of outcome over equality of opportunity and focussing like a laser beam on bigotry through identity politics…. Feminist extremists rejoice.

He’s boldly declared that terrorists deserve and will keep their Canadian citizenship, and backed up his support by paying a terrorist killer 10.5 million dollars…. Terrorists and their sympathizers surely give him the thumbs up for that.

He’s increased the debt of this country and hobbled Canadian competitiveness internationally well into the future…our competitors are surely patting him on the back.

I could go on, but why bother? There’s obviously enough Canadians who think he’s doing a good job, they don’t need me bragging him up any more.

Best post ever!!!!
Dixie Cup
Quote: Originally Posted by WalterView Post

Governor General missing in action

Stuck-up broad.

Rumor has it that she doesn't want the job anymore cuz it's too hard!! I'm available LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by spilledthebeerView Post

(Canada is BANKRUPT!!!! And LIE-berals are in PANIC MODE as all their policies FAIL- for lack of cash!!!!!!!!!!)

That would make the World Bank a flawed entity that needs to be dismantled. That would also mean you and the collective should also be dismantled for allowing it to happen.

Guards, . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by Dixie CupView Post

Best post ever!!!!

================================================== ================================================== ====

Poor Dixie Cup..........you support Decapoda in his fine condemnation of Our idiot Boy Justin and his LIE-beral losers.............and that i a GOOD THING!

But your understanding of green house gas emissions in Canada is woefully INADEQUATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dixie Cup has made some statements that need to be refuted! Her statements are set out below- with my rebuttals in brackets):

I stated that our carbon footprint is going down because: 1 - vehicles have become and are becoming more efficient in the burning of fuels......

(You are correct that cars are more fuel efficient -and they last much longer too! And there is your mistake- cars are also being driven much farther and faster and more frequently now! I have relatives living in Muskoka and 40 years ago people did not travel far after dark- rough and narrow roads and the cost of driving limited the number of casual trips!)

(In addition- as I stated- people in general- are traveling more frequently than they used to! Having 2 jobs or having one job and a bunch of school courses means scheduling conflicts that can only be met by driving- public transit is TO SLOW!)

(Further- kids used to WALK to school- now look at the number of school busses roaming the neighbourhoods- and that is a huge new use of fuel!)

(Further- the streets are less safe now thanks to LIE-beral hug a thug judges and so parents DRIVE their kids to school- and pick them up afterwords! And that is ANOTHER major new fuel demand!)

(Or look at your blue box recycling bin- used to be ONE SINGLE truck came down your street and collected your trash! Now its TWO TRUCKS- one for trash and one for recycling with attendant extra fuel costs!)

(And sadly- LIE-berals are LYING about recycling rates! They boast that nearly 90 percent of our trash is “diverted from land fills”! What that means is that nearly 90 percent of our trash is trucked to a recycling centre to be picked over- with currently ONLY ELEVEN PERCENT of that picked over trash actually being recycled- the discarded unsuitable stuff is loaded BACK onto another truck and sent off to a land fill- with more fuel costs for all the loading and unloading and heat and light for the warehouse and etc.!)

(The recycling biz is far more PICKY than politicians want to admit! A City tv camera crew went to a local recycling plant and were show a glass bottle that once contained tomato sauce- with the manager explaining- this bottle CANNOT be recycled as it is contaminated with food residue! So much for that 90 percent diversion rate LIE!)

(The recycling scam is about to get a LOT WORSE- as much of the material used to be sent off to China- but China has now refused to accept any more of our crap- meaning WE will have to find a new way to deal with it- meaning MORE ENERGY needed - but on the plus side- the number of fossil fueled ship on the ocean will go down thanks to the China move!)

(Even keeping the city neat and tidy costs more fuel now! As govt has moved to reduce costs- slang meaning grabbing more gravy for govt Hogs- by restricting what can be put out for trash- and garbage dumping costs have consequently become so high- a portion of our trash is now dumped illegally- and trucks and crews must burn more fuel as they go out to clean up the messes in lane ways and side roads!)

Plus electric cars will become more and more popular as they become cheaper to buy and battery power increases.

(Sorry- current technology is such that LIE-beral sponsored electric TOY cars are not the solution! In fact pollution from Lithium mining, refining and battery construction may become as bad or worse than fossil fuel production and use!)

(Currently most Lithium comes from China- though other sources are being developed! Chinese officials ALREADY have their hands full- dealing with complaints from their citizens about the toxic plumes of Lithium dust the miners are spewing!)

(In addition there have been a number of work stoppages in the Tesla Nevada plant- over toxic Lithium dust contamination- with Nevada residents down wind from the plant also complaining of Lithium pollution!)

(Further- NOBODY has made an honest calculation of how much it will cost in money and pollution to recycle these batteries once they are discarded! We do know that Lithium automatically bursts into flames when it comes in contact with air- so recycling will NOT be easy or cheap!)

(Currently electric cars do not have either the range, the ease of refueling or cargo
carrying or towing capacity to appeal to the general public! And as our Wynne-bag LIE-berals have discovered- trying to FORCE people to go green will get you voted out of office!)

(Unless some truly radical discovery is made in battery technology- electric cars will remain a novelty item loved only by LIE-berals and a few eccentric environmental cranks who have enough money to play with the LIE-beral electric Toys cars! All others will scorn the Toys!)

Technology in the oilsands -as an example- have lowered their carbon emissions dramatically in the last few years and technology will continue to evolve in the continuing process of finding fossil fuels.

(You are quite right- oil sand extraction and refining has become MUCH CLEANER! But as Our idiot Boy Justin has told us- it is not enough- he wants gto SHUT DOWN ALL Cdn fossil fuel extraction, refining and use- COMPLETELY! And that short sighted stupidity will get him voted out of office!)

(Burning natural gas is much cleaner than burning coal and the Chinese WANT to switch from burning coal- over to natural gas- if only they could get reliable supplies at decent cost!)

(So WHY is Our idiot Boy Justin BLOCKING natural gas pipelines from being built? He is killing Cdn jobs and making the environment dirtier with his pig headed stance against pipelines and natural gas exports! And natural gas produced by Fracking is surely more filthy than natural gas shipped in from Saskatchewan? Injecting thousands of gallon of toxic chemicals to Frack gas loose is surely going to come back to bite us?)

(Trump recently blasted German govt for signing a massive natural gas deal with Russia- and Trump is RIGHT to do so! Russian Putin is a bully and a villain and handing him German hard currency enables Putin to expand his military and make more threats! Putting Cdn natural gas onto world markets would enable people to get the fuel they need without automatically feeding Dictator Putin!)

New homes are far more heating and electrically efficient due to new building methods and technology and will continue as things evolve.

(Certainly new homes are more efficient than they used to be! They are ALSO OFTEN LARGER than they used to be and air conditioning is much more prevalent than it once was! Air conditioning used to be the option of a quite privileged few- but as our cities expand and all that concrete creates an urban heat island- air conditioning becomes NECESSARY! There are NO energy economies being enjoyed there!)

(Take a drive through the old part of the town of Ajax- and look at all the old bungalows that date from WW2- and realize those houses are NOW ILLEGAL!)

(A 900 square foot house IS ILLEGAL- so says ALL our city planners! Twenty years ago a 1200 square foot house was legal in GTA- but NO LONGER! Now in virtually all of southern Ontari-owe- the MINIMUM sized house you can build is 1800 square feet! Bigger house- equals more energy use! And LIE-beral greed for property tax gravy DEMANDS that bigger houses be built!)

(And yes- IT LOOKS as if people living in a Condo are greener than suburban dwellers- but it AINT SO! A 30 storey tower requires vastly more concrete and steel to hold it up and the green house gas produced in the process is huge! But a wood frame house is built of trees- that GROW BACK!)

(Further- a condo tower requires much more digging and excavation for the underground parking! Or you end up with masses of concrete and steel for a multi level parking garage!)

(Then there are the elevators and all the security lighting- for all hallways and public areas and parking areas- meaning lots more electricity- 24/7!)

(The key of course is what people DO on the weekend! It is well documented that many condo dwellers hit the highway on Friday- heading out of the concrete canyons to some place green and pleasant! By comparison a lot of suburban dwellers take the attitude that “you aint getting me back into that car till Monday morning!)

(LIE-berals trying to force us into little boxes down town are LYING AGAIN! A Condo dweller can be a BIGGER USER of fossil fuel than a suburban commuter!)

(Much depends on the life style and income levels and LIE-berals know this! It is why they are so obsessed with their carbon crap and trade tax SCAM! They will use the tax scam to CRIPPLE the lives of ordinary Cdns while grabbing up huge piles of gravy to BUY VOTES- and make sure that LIE-berals and their pals will have the gravy they need to maintain their carbon foot prints!)

(LIE-beral GREED is so immense they will not even do us the courtesy of building new subway and transit lines BEFORE trying to shove us out of our cars!)

(The existing transit system is overloaded and worn out already- how do LIE-berals think it will handle a doubling or tripling of the number of passengers? Or should we assume there will NOT be that massive increase in passengers? How many jobs do LIE-berals truly expect us to lose if they DO shut off the fossil fuel industry?)

So yes, our carbon footprint is becoming lower as each year passes.

(So NO!! Our carbon foot print is NOT GROWING SMALLER!!!! In fact our carbon foot print is GROWING EVERY YEAR! Look at the increasing number of people who have riding lawn mowers, and atv`s and skidoos! Look at all the Sea doos flying up and down the lakes!)

(AS engines become more reliable and fuel efficient- not only do we buy more of them- we drive them farther and faster! And now recognize that only about 10 percent of Cdns own a second home- usually a recreational property- and that one employed Cdn in three works for GOVT!)

(Now- recognize that our LIE-beral govt is BORROWING MONEY to pay civil service union Hog salaries and pensions- and the Hogs are using BORROWED MONEY to fuel their array of gas powered TOYS!)

(Understand also that as engines become more fuel efficient and reliable- it becomes cheaper to travel- and therefore our well heeled Hogs DO MORE OF IT! Further and farther and faster! While ordinary Cdns struggle to pay their heating bills! LIE-berals have set up a two tier economy with Hogs on one side and us on the other!)

(Worst of all- there is major new evidence that the contrails- those plumes of white water vapour that high flying modern planes hauling Hogs paying to fly with OUR borrowed money - spew out - are actually very MAJOR DRIVERS of climate change and temperature variation!)

I simply do not believe eco freaks who insist we're all going to die tomorrow if something isn't done today. How can that be? It simply doesn't make sense.

(Author Michael Crichton has detailed the exaggerations of the environmentalists in his book “State of Fear” ! As example he points out that snow loss from the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro is the result of LOCAL deforestation- people cutting trees for cooking fuel- and raising the local air temperature in the process because forests are cooler than grass lands!)

(But we do know that fossil fuel burning DOES HAVE some effect! So we can aid the environment- and SAVE OUR economy by admitting the LIE-beral carbon crap and trade scam is merely a MASSIVE NEW TAX ON EVERYTHING- that LIE-berals want so they can buy votes- and ensure that the Hogs with the biggest carbon foot prints will be forced to ease up on their major consumption!)

(And of course putting a halt to massive LIE-beral deficits - by limiting the amounts of gravy flowing to Hogs will aid our economy!)
If the collective is included that is good. I suspect they will complain they they need to be watched.
The Five Eyes, often abbreviated as FVEY, is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. These countries are parties to the multilateral UKUSA Agreement, a treaty for joint cooperation in signals intelligence.[1][2][3]
The origins of the FVEY can be traced back to the post–World War II period, when the Atlantic Charter was issued by the Allies to lay out their goals for a post-war world. During the course of the Cold War, the ECHELON surveillance system was initially developed by the FVEY to monitor the communications of the former Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc, although it is now used to monitor billions of private communications worldwide.[4][5]
In the late 1990s, the existence of ECHELON was disclosed to the public, triggering a major debate in the European Parliament and, to a lesser extent, the United States Congress. As part of efforts in the ongoing War on Terror since 2001, the FVEY further expanded their surveillance capabilities, with much emphasis placed on monitoring the World Wide Web. The former NSA contractor Edward Snowden described the Five Eyes as a “supra-national intelligence organisation that does not answer to the known laws of its own countries”.[6] Documents leaked by Snowden in 2013 revealed that the FVEY have been spying on one another’s citizens and sharing the collected information with each other in order to circumvent restrictive domestic regulations on surveillance of citizens.[7][8][9][10]
In spite of continued controversy over its methods, the Five Eyes relationship remains one of the most comprehensive known espionage alliances in history.[11]
Country Agency Abbr Role[1]

Australian Secret Intelligence Service ASIS HUMINT
Australian Signals Directorate ASD SIGINT Australian Security Intelligence Organisation ASIO Security intelligence
Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation AGO GEOINT
Defence Intelligence Organisation DIO Defence intelligence

Canadian Forces Intelligence Command CFINTCOM Defence intelligence, GEOINT
Communications Security Establishment CSE SIGINT
Canadian Security Intelligence Service CSIS HUMINT, Security intelligence

New Zealand
Directorate of Defence Intelligence and Security DDIS Defence intelligence
Government Communications Security Bureau GCSB SIGINT
New Zealand Security Intelligence Service NZSIS HUMINT

United Kingdom
Defence Intelligence DI Defence intelligence
Government Communications Headquarters GCHQ SIGINT Security Service MI5 Security intelligence Secret Intelligence Service MI6, SIS HUMINT

United States
Central Intelligence Agency CIA HUMINT
Defense Intelligence Agency DIA Defense intelligence
Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI Security intelligence
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency NGA GEOINT
National Security Agency NSA SIGINT
He didn't become a lunatic.
Quote: Originally Posted by KreskinView Post

He didn't become a lunatic.

================================================== ================================================== ====

Actually Our idiot Boy Justin DOES QUALIFY as clinically insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If we assume that a mark of insanity is to compulsively perform the same task over and over again- while irrationally expecting some different result- then Our idiot Boy IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so is most of the LIE-beral party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For many decades now- LIE-berals have been compulsively trying to "stimulate the economy"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And LIE-berals have FAILED REPEATEDLY to improve our economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yet LIE-berals compulsively "stimulate" yet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals have compulsively followed the NDP Bob Rae economic model and tried to make us "rich" with borrowed money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals have only succeeded in driving us compulsively into CRIPPLING DEBT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals have compulsively tried to hide their failures and their shame by issuing an ever wilder and more insane volume of Fake News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals compulsively persist in believing their own Fake News delusions even though ordinary Cdns now see very clearly through the LIE-beral Fakery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals operate daily with a comprehensive list of delusions and compulsive and destructive habits that they are powerless to control or limit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

LIE-berals are so deep in their own delusions they are now feeling a persecution complex because the rest of us do not believe in nor support INSANE LIE-beral policies that are failing in all directions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surely this LIE-beral condition meets ALL the criteria for an insanity plea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anybody who supports Trudeau is a nazi.
. . . .
Changed their narrative on ISIS fighters

Alleged Canadian ISIS member captured in Syria, according to Kurdish forces


Another alleged Canadian ISIS member has been captured in northern Syria, according to local Kurdish forces, who posted a video of the man.
In the brief video, the man identified himself as Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed and said he was an Ethiopian-Canadian.
Kurdish forces said he was arrested by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in Deir al-Zour, the last ISIS stronghold in Syria.
With his capture, the number of Canadians known to be in the custody of Kurdish forces is now four men, three women and seven children.
Global News revealed last October that Kurdish fighters had captured several Canadians affiliated with ISIS, including a former member of a sniper unit.
MPs responded by passing a motion calling on the government to table a strategy for bringing ISIS members to justice.
In December, the government released a report outlining the difficulties involved in collecting enough evidence to prosecute Canadians who had taken part in terrorist activity abroad.
“Investigating, arresting, charging and prosecuting any Canadian involved in terrorism or violent extremism is the government’s main objective and priority,” the six-page report said.
“However, there are often challenges associated with the collection of evidence and the use of intelligence and sensitive information as courtroom evidence, particularly when alleged criminal offences took place on a battlefield abroad.”
About half the estimated 190 Canadians who have left to take part in terrorist activity went to the Syria-Iraq-Turkey region. Another 60 have returned, but few of them had been ISIS fighters.
Only four of those who left Canada for Syria and returned have been charged. Two were convicted and two are awaiting trial.
Kurdish forces have been appealing to governments to take back their citizens, who are being held in makeshift prisons and camps in northeast Syria.
But Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has said the government was under no legal obligation to facilitate the return of the Canadians captured in Syria because Canada did not participate in their detention.
A 2017 briefing note for Goodale, however, took the opposite view, saying that Canadians had the constitutional “right to enter” the country. “Therefore, even if a Canadian engaged in terrorist activity abroad, the government of Canada must facilitate their return to Canada,” it said.

14 of them eh? Paying $10M to each in an election year isn't good media.
Quote: Originally Posted by Twin_MooseView Post

Changed their narrative on ISIS fighters

Alleged Canadian ISIS member captured in Syria, according to Kurdish forces

Oh come on now Moose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The LIE-beral may paint temporarily over the Fake News...........................but sooner or later the LIE-beral TRUTH bubbles to the surface!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodale and his vile LIE-beral bigots will be quite happy to leave Isis fighters in some Middle Eastern pest hole till after election time!!!!!

If LIE-berals win the October election then they will kiss and make up and Isis fighters will be welcomed home with open arms!!!!!!!!!!!!

If LIE-berals lose the election then they will harass the new govt by whining about the sad treatment given to Cdn "travellers" and what will the new govt do about it??????????????????????????