Why are we refining Russian oil instead of using our own?

What influence do they have over what tankers pull into port in the US. We can tackle the other other part next year, . . . if we are done with this one point.
Why would Canadian NGL tankers be pulling into US ports?
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your stupidity is far more generalized.
pipelines are dangerous. Pretty much every aspect of the oil and gas industry is dangerous.

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I assume your phobia about Russia is what is driving this thread.
That 1 tanker seems to have gone to the the US, the different country just to the south. The odds of any of it ending up in Canada is zilch, and we import oil from Venezuela while at the same time helping deny them the ability to import food for their own people.
You may want to research why oil from Kuwait is no longer being imported to the US since you don't know that Canada and the US are 2 different countries, on paper anyway.
Kind of hard to hide the fact you are a racist pig on this topic and it certainly fits in with your love for the ones that use sanctions to punish the ones least able to defend themselves. Hope you and a few others keel over when the first fleet of Iranian tankers start unloading oil from their country. You know the kind that is just about jet fuel as it comes out of the well while we are trying to sell tar that has been thinned out to resemble crude that has about a tablespoon of jet fuel in every barrel. Suitable for building runways rather than fueling the jets that use them.
People are catching onto how you fukers are intentionally running the world into the ground just so you don't have to share any of what you claim is yours. Thieves have no possessions of their own btw.

BC doesn't have the refining capacity to cover it's own ass so gas,diesel,jet fuel are imported from Washington.

We no longer import from Venezuela.

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