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Flosshole is a closet Dipper but won't bring it up in public.

I guess he is ashamed?

Probably true, and if we want to see NDipper (socialist) programs and policies in action, Venezuela & Nicaragua point the way.
as do public schools.
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as do public schools.

Oh Hoid- why stop at just whining about our socialist school system?

There are PLENTY of other LIE-beral screw ups to look at!!!!!


Here is an article illustrating how badly public housing is being run by the over privileged Hogs of Toronto civil service. With some comments of my own in brackets):

TCHC board gobsmacked over ombudsman report

By Sue-Ann Levy. Published: February 23, 2018. Updated:
February 24, 2018 9:07 AM EST

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ News/ Toronto & GTA

After making noises that they’d been kept in the dark about the issue, the Toronto Community Housing Corporation board woke up to the fact Friday that they have serious problems with the way their endangered tenants are treated.

On the agenda of the monthly meeting was a thorough and scathing 65-page report by new city Ombudslady Susan Opler- (a breath of fresh air compared to her predecessor, the very political and publicity conscious Fiona Crean- on what she called the “broken” and downright arbitrary internal transfer system within Canada’s largest housing authority.

TCHC is giving tenants false hope
Susan Opler, Toronto's ombudsman

For the purposes of her report, Opler focussed on “priority transfers” made for safety and security — in this case when a tenant fears for his or her life due to crime in the building — or for medical reasons.

(TCHC has a serious and ongoing problem with criminals living in their facilities- doing drug seals, threatening and robbing elderly tenants, dealing in prostitution etc. The solutions are relatively simple: separate the elderly from the young and potentially dangerous in different buildings and make greater efforts to evict trouble makers! But establishing buildings only for old folks have not been done though it was supposed to have started over a year ago! And evicting thugs apparently violates the “mission statement” of TCHC which sees no reason to throw people out just because they are dangerous criminals- rather like the LIE-beral refusal to deport convicted Muslim terrorists! It’s a madly twisted LIE-beral value system that forces frightened TCHC tenants to put up with insane crap!!)

Opler’s report was prompted by the cases of two tenants.

One was a young mother who had applied for a “priority transfer” — and was denied twice — after witnessing a violent crime outside her home, escaping to a shelter and coming back to find a loaded gun in her child’s dresser drawer.

The second complaint, she said, came from a family, also denied a transfer, after two shots were fired into their livingroom and their teenagers were assaulted enroute home from school.

Opler, who came to the city one-and-a-half years ago, minced no words that the transfer process is a mess — noting that tenants receive “vastly different amounts of help” applying for a transfer, the requirements for a transfer are “unclear” and the decisions “inconsistent and contradictory.”

“The criteria were being applied arbitrarily,” she said, emphasizing that decisions for denial of an application were often inadequate and in some cases “completely absent.”

But the most damning finding is the lengthy priority transfer waiting list comprised of 1,413 tenants, 76% of whom have been on the list for two years or more and a shocking 55% who’ve waited for a transfer for more than five years.

“We see that as a waiting list that is bloated and stagnant,” Opler said, noting, quite rightly, that the priority transfer list is no such thing.

“TCHC is giving tenants false hope,” she added.

(LIE-berals are well aware that the entire system of so called affordable housing is nothing of the sort and TCHC has now degenerated into the biggest slum lord in North America! With no way to repair the endless mess thanks to idiot spending priorities by the bloated and paralysed Toronto City Council- Ford is right to cut their numbers drastically and swiftly!)

Most board members seemed taken aback with the report and claimed they were the “last to know” about its disturbing findings, even though the report also went to city council earlier this month.

“We need to treat tenants fairly and consistently,” said board chairman Kevin Marshman.

(Of course city councillors are “the last to know” since they HIDE from such reports! They have spent so much money buying civil service union Hog support there is nothing left for practical matters like repairing infrastructure!)

Well yes, I’ve been writing about this concept for years, along with the fact that, in my view, there are TCHC staff who either simply don’t really care about the tenants they are mandated to serve, or worse, abuse their power.

Another boss exits scandal-plagued TCHC
LEVY: Same issues, different day at TCHC
LEVY: The $369M-plus social housing disgrace
LEVY: Where’s the oversight for TCHC repairs?

(Toronto municipal employees are well aware just how broekn the system is- and they are also aware of what a MASSIVE BATTLE will be required to fix or change any problem facing the city- not just with affordable housing! This is the face of bankruptcy- where NOTHING can be done!)

The issue with “priority transfers,” I believe, although serious considering safety is in question, is just the tip of the iceberg with so many other problems- mishandled or ignored- at the beleaguered housing authority.

(There would of course be less need for transfers to protect witnesses to crimes if thugs were evicted and less crime occurred and this problem can also be laid at the feet of federal LIE-berals whose hug a thug judges practice that absurd “catch and release insanity while offering up so many excuses for the vile behaviour of thugs!)

For instance, new CEO Kathy Milsom mentioned that getting a handle on crime- drug dealers one hopes- is a huge priority considering they house 4% of the city’s population but account for 25% of the violent crimes in the city.

Police cruisers at a TCHC building in North York on Oct 29, following a murder at the complex.

Opler concluded that the transfer process needs to be completely overhauled — suggesting that TCHC not continue to add to the current list and instead create a new category called “crisis” transfers, which can and should be given the utmost priority.

(Considering the crime rate in an around TCHC properties- there seems little reason to obsess over safety transfers as it does little except move people from one mess into another! It seems like we should be admitting that LIE-berals have so hamstrung our cops and so paralysed our legal system with their vile plea bargaining that turns major crime into minor offenses that crime in Toronto is pretty much out of control!)

She said Milsom has agreed to create such a list by June 30.

Milsom acknowledged the transfer process is clearly not working and told the board she’s committed to improving it along with properly defining what a crisis means for the purposes of transferring those who truly are a priority.

(Yeah, yeah- its all just paperwork and propaganda and will be FORGOTTEN before the October 2018 election anyway!)
Campaign issues expected to dominate Liberal cabinet retreat


OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau will huddle with his cabinet ministers this week to craft the political narrative they will take to Canadians ahead of next year’s federal election.
But the reality is that heading into an election year, the Liberals face political risks beyond their control — the uptick in asylum seekers coming across the border, a tempestuous president in the White House and emerging opposition in key provincial capitals.
How governments handle events not of their making often shapes their mandate and determines their success. In this case, the outside forces exerting pressure on Trudeau’s Liberals are huge and so are their potential impacts on defining issues like trade and climate policy.
With a federal election now just over a year away, the wedge issues that could define the campaign are taking shape: the environment and carbon pricing; refugees, immigration and broader issues of diversity.
Wednesday’s gathering will be the first cabinet meeting since Trudeau shuffled his ministerial lineup in July, moving some politicians to new portfolios and bringing in several new faces to better grapple with the political challenges now facing his government.
The appointment of former Toronto police chief Bill Blair as minister of border security and organized crime reduction signalled the government’s intention to make “border integrity and security a top priority,” Trudeau said on the day of the shuffle.
The asylum seekers entering Canada from the United States has become a political flashpoint, with opposition Conservatives, Quebec and Ontario and municipal leaders in Montreal and Toronto all clamouring for federal action on the file.


Yeah- I am very sure LIE-berals will have much to talk about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They need a whole new set of Fake News issues to talk about now that all the propaganda they spewed in 2015 has been exposed as costly failure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Natives supported LIE-berals in hope of more gravy- and did not get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nor did natives get anything useful from the "Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women" dog and pony show hypocrite LIE-berals put on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "middle class" meaning civil service Hogs got more gravy and even more taxes so they are turning away from LIE-berals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids who hoped LIE-berals would arrange better jobs for them got told to go back to their McJobs right after LIE-berals got elected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The environmentalists are horrified that mouldy green energy deals are being dismantled and that carbon crap and trade scams are failing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Environmentalists fear that LIE-berals may not have the courage to completely kill Kinder Morgan pipelines because of the numbe4r of votes LIE-berals would loose as the western economy tanked so Greens and NDPers are likely to steal enviro voters from LIE-berals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOBODY expected Our idiot Boy Justin to trigger a trade war with Yankees over women`s issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And nobody expected him to wreck Cdn foreign affairs by taking a convicted terrorist with him on a state visit to India- where the guy had been convicted!!!!!!!!!

Nobody expected that LIE-berals would play so fast and loose with ethics and insider trading of the Bill Morneau sort!!!!!!!!!

The so called Morneau shield is used by at least 4 other LIE-beral MP`s that we know of- and who knows how many others are hiding their details????????????????????

Nobody expected LIE-berals to become the immigration equivalent of crazy cat ladies compulsively rounding up strays from around the world- and then dumping the bills for the care and feeding if illegal "strays" onto other levels of govt!!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody is happy with LIE-beral style criminal justice- the spectacle of LIE-beral hug a thug judges RELEASING SEVEN ACCUSED KILLERS in summer 2017 without trial because LIE-berals said they lacked the resources to try the men in reasonable time sickend many Cdns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The release- of half a dozen fraud artists who collectively STOLE over $50 million dollars in Ontari-owe for the same lack oftrial resources did not sit any batter with Cdns!!!!!!!!!!

The $10.5 million dollar award of blood money to vile terror poster boy Omar Khadr has not helped LIE-beral image!!!!!!!!

The award of $37 million dollars to 3 other accused Jihadist jerks simply added fuel to the bonfire of LIE-beral twisted values!!!!

The Joshua Boyle business were an ex-Mennonite- who was once married to Zaynab Khadr- the sister of terrorist Omar Khadr who later left him in favour of a hard core jihadist who died later in a police shoot out- with Boyle then taking his pregnant second wife on a hiking tour of Taliban held Afghanistan- and eventually coming back to Canada to meet with "his old pal Justin" in a private one on one meeting reeks of utter madness on the part of both Boyle and Our idiot Boy!

One has to wonder on what mad moon Mennonite Boyle and Our idiot Boy silver spoon socialist ever crossed paths? Such a meeting speaks of some weird and unsavoury Trudeau values!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course there is the Kokanee Grope with its quite public unsavoury and negative consequences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course Our idiot Boy has been stung by the public mocking his alleged feminist leanings- that disappear if a reporter with a nice ass turns her back on him- with those negative consequences- and so to re-affirm his feminist side- he has picked a fight with what he thought was an easy target: Saudi Arabia and Our idiot Boy got reamed for that piece of ill considered stupidity too!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is clear and conclusive that all LIE-beral policy HAS FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trudeau Liberals fall to earth, crushed by pipelines and carbon taxes

Still not ready.
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Trudeau Liberals fall to earth, crushed by pipelines and carbon taxes

Still not ready.

no numbers - all talk
captain morgan
Bloc Québécois
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Trudeau Liberals fall to earth, crushed by pipelines and carbon taxes

A full-on, scathing analysis.

Bad days ahead for tater tot and Climate Barbie
Thy PCs are really stinking it up.

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The confidence of Andrew Scheer

“I think there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance,” said Andrew Scheer, “and I would by no means presume to tell Canadians what is going to happen.”

But in an interview on Tuesday with Paul Wells—in front of a live audience at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa—Scheer delineated a not-too-distant future in which he is Prime Minister. The day earlier, an Angus Reid opinion poll showed Scheer ahead of Justin Trudeau by 13 percentage points, and his confidence came out in the form of imagination.

He named the first bill he would enact as PM; he defended his support for Brexit by comparing the European Union to a fictional North American equivalent, and he assigned a metaphor to the summer jobs controversy by accusing the Liberals of “peering into the minds of Canadians.”
On the first day of Spring, at his highest personal ratings yet, in a room enclosed by 16 glass window panels and two sets of glass doors, an assured Scheer peered into his glass ball.
“I hope that [Canadians] see in me and my team of shadow ministers and my caucus a government-in-waiting, and I could step in the day after the election and govern this wonderful country,” he said. “When I use language like that, I want to project the idea that I am confident. I believe very firmly that, not only am I capable of doing it, but that my team is capable of doing it and that our policies can work for Canadians.”
Scheer did not flatly rule out working with the NDP after the next election in a minority situation “to try to make Parliament work”.
When reminded that no party has brought down a first-term majority government since R.B. Bennett in 1930 (who was only the second since Confederation after Alexander Mackenzie in 1873), Scheer flipped the logic via his experience as an insurance broker: “when you point out that if it hasn’t happened in a while, my insurance brain tells me we’re due for one.”
To elaborate on his government-in-waiting: “I made a commitment that our first piece of legislation in 2019 when I’m Prime Minister will be an act to repeal the Carbon Tax Act,” he said. “Canadians didn’t vote for a carbon tax. Justin Trudeau campaigned, promised that he wouldn’t create a carbon tax.”
In fact, Trudeau announced his carbon tax plan eight months before the 2015 election. Scheer said he would meanwhile support oil and gas projects like the Northern Gateway pipeline, which would’ve opened up access to Asian markets. And he questioned if Trudeau actually wants to build the pipeline. “All of us lose when we don’t get what we could be getting on the world market because we’re just selling to one spot.”
That “spot” has a U.S. president whose rhetoric could help Scheer come to power, but he refuted the idea that he must cater to Trump supporters in Canada. “The Conservatives win when we have a positive message, an aspirational message,” he said. So will they run attack ads in the next election? “We will run ads that show the contrast between what we are proposing and the effects of the Liberal government.”
To show why he supports Britain leaving the European Union, Scheer sketched a continental union in North America. “You can imagine if part of NAFTA was to have kind of a super-national government maybe anchored in New York, and Mexican and American delegates could pass laws overruling Canadian laws, or to establish a justice system that would strike Canadian laws down or Canadian court decisions down, you can imagine, I don’t think Canadians would’ve signed onto that in 1988.”
Though Scheer argued the economic benefits of Brexit, Wells said, “I admit to remaining a skeptic.”
Among the top questions Maclean’s readers wanted to ask Scheer was why he is working with people associated with Rebel Media, including his campaign director, Hamish Marshall, a former Rebel board member. Scheer replied that the two things should not be conflated. While Scheer made the decision to no longer appear on Rebel Media he added that “I’ll leave it to other people to decide what they want to read or look at.”
Scheer called out the Liberals for policing Canadian values through changes to the federal summer jobs program, which could deny money to organizations with religious affiliations. “What the Liberals have done here is allowed the government to peer into the minds of Canadians to see what goes on up there, what their views are, what their personal opinion is,” Scheer said. “That’s not right. Every country in history that has gone down dark paths, where governments take on too much control and really intervene and take away those freedoms, often start with an attack on the freedom to disagree.”
Scheer said he’s begun campaigning for 2019. His response to another question submitted by a reader, “Convince me you’re not Stephen Harper”: “I’ve got my own style. I’ve got my own approach. I’ve got my own way of handling things,” he said. “Stephen Harper kept our party united … now that chapter’s been closed. Canadians chose something else in 2015. We have the Liberal chapter being written right now, and our job is to make sure that I get to write the next one.”

Scheer is my man.
Sometimes projections can backfire. For example, if a person doesn't want a majority government, is planning on voting for Party A, and then learns that party A might form a majority, that knowledge alone could cause him to change his vote to Party B instead.
Except that he supports the evil dairy cartel that robs Canuckistanian consumers of billions each year.
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Except that he supports the evil dairy cartel that robs Canuckistanian consumers of billions each year.

Who's 'he?' Trudeau, Scheer, or Singh?
I was referring to Scheer but all three leaders are in favour of this quasi Communist relic of the past rip off.
Gee, I wonder why.

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