The longest lunar eclipse of the century

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A total lunar eclipse occurred tonight 26th/27th of this month; it has been observed in many parts of the world .. the moon appeared red : Blood Moon Eclipse.
This is a photo of the moon in total eclipse in the sky of Baghdad; Mars appears below the moon in this photo.

Curious Cdn
Allah must get unhappy with you.
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This is the picture of the total eclipse in Baghdad on 27th July 2018
Moon in total eclipse, and it appears red in color, while Mars appears below the Moon.

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Allah must get unhappy with you.

Allah or God is Wrathful with the Wicked Zionists, and He cursed them.

Quran 5: 60, which means:
(Say [Mohammedd]: "Shall I tell you [Jews] about something worse than that [you mock at, of our religion] – concerning a reward from God [that will be for us?]

They are those [your ancestors and you] whom God cursed, and His wrath was kindled against them,

and He made out of their [dead bodies] the apes and swines [in Palestine, after the coming of Nabuchodonosor],

and [those who] served the Taghoot: the tyrant [: Nabuchodonosor, and Pharaoh before him.]

Those [who served Baal and Astaroth] are [today] worst in abode and farthest [than others] astray from the right way."

More explanation is in the link:
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Quote: Originally Posted by Curious Cdn View Post

Allah must get unhappy with you.

Perhaps you are being blessed instead.

Quick question. If it arcs across the southern part of the 'globe' how can it be longer than one that is at the equator? If and eclipse happens and nobody is there to see it does it count. I would think one that stopped moving for an hour or so would be the one worth making notes on.

Seems more like a conspiracy that make the next 100 years of eclipses kind of an 'also' theme.
It's called eclipse hate.

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