Evolution is quite amazing ..comparable ,but barely , to the awe of star gazing...Are we all ment to be?...Living so far past natures natural expirey....We have become far more than our design.Still no clone,not you nor I , can seem to machine, the human mind!...So far to go/Too far to fall...So I say..let's keep moving!...Into the now, the far, and beyond!

lol....Losers ryhm and I don't care!......give me back my.......(ah,ah,ah, don't do it!lol)

Head in the clouds ,feet on the ground...don't let'm bring you down!

I believe..cause I can think it.!..I believe , cause If it's not there..I will make it !..

If you will please ,help me create it!


If you invest in oil..Aren't you always waiting for something bad to happen, so you can make money??.....

-Alternative energy is the key!

- Is it just me or is Russia movin around a lot lately?...Seems they've got lots of energy to burn!...

- We should not help tear down china, with bad faulty industries ..We should sell green/technology ...Cleaner more effiecient ways of doing things...oh..wait ... I guess..1st we have to create high quality green products, made with new clean technology...that everyone wants or needs!....Oh..or perhaps a better way, is to make cheap stuff ,for as little as possible, as long as possible ..till all we have is useless, worthless garbage...and Everyone too sick and tired to give a crap!?....the 1st way!lol

GO Obama GO!

Let's build some new Biosphere entertainment complex's ...That would be cool /entertaining and educational!
...Almost hate to say it, but as a consumer..Cash is still the quickest/cheapest and easiest way to pay for most everyday items..! Especiallly if you may have to return it later. Cards can be a hassel ,if you forget it.Credit is obviously the best online..for better or for get what you get....

-Why not teach a mulit -cultural class in elementary/high school..a human studies class..educates students on history of all the cultures of the world ...I wonder how long that class would (have to)run 4?...Is it possible?
----Use "Google Earth" to zoom in and out of different places on the planet ...Educate students on each place visited..Virtual tour of the Earth...Virtual tours of the universe !if you want to go that far.I do!.lol...Possibilities are endless!..
----All ya need's a Big screen!....,just Point and click!..Watch wide eye's lightn up as they learn about themselves and the world around them!

-- Time to start building bio-homes...self sustaining houses that recycle their own waste and convert that waste into power...Along with other alternative energies!...comes with a new green friendly

I am by no means a tree hugger, but the above link shows some green homes...My homes would be totally self sustaining more futuristic looking ,but gives an idea...

--- New bio-fuels are being made outta vegetabe oil /algea and other renewable resources..Some better than others ,but together could balance our hunger for more sustainable energies...

--- A guy in israel has found a better way to make solar power more affordable and effecient

---- Some Students (sorry could find the link, time crunch) have made a huge portrait of Obama outta recyclable materials with great creativity and likeness...Great work of art!

Many ways to have fun/live as we move toward the future!...

I will do more research on such events and inventions as time permits...So much stuff out there to read and write about..It is truly amazing what we can do.If we choose to...

Over and out there from here
People do want more effecient and affordable cars..People can't afford to buy the vehicles their making...The auto companies should have changed their direction a long time ago..They are way behind what is reality for most consumers!..Some People have been struggling with credit problems for years.NOT EVERYONE!. Car execs have seemed to have lost their entrepreneurial spirit..Lacking both new research skills and proper advertising...Maybe because they have been trying to influence people to buy "Their" self promoted idea's about what people want and can afford .Besides doing their reasearch to find out what people can actually afford and really want...Maybe new blood is needed in the auto industry..New inventors, new cars creators(there's people out there maken new alternative fuels in their garage)....Economic numbers do not tell the whole truth.....

Remember car companies like to lay people off,add to the problems then ask for money at the years end...Always seem to be asking for more money..

Do they ever have money?...

Where is all the profit?....

Time shrink the car market..It would seem the car market's needs, are bigger than it's worth!..More people are walking...Biking..Taking buses..Car pooling..Staying home...

I personally like the new Chevy volt...A great looking ,effiecient MID size vehicle...Doesn't have to be a little wagon to be green effeicient...Does it?....The solution is perhaps to build not only cooler looking, smaller cars. But make more space age ,futuristic lookin cars..looking cars that are more sleak that also use alternate energies....The auto company is still playing it's ol' games..Lay people off...Cut down at auto shows ,at entertainment venues,,to try to,I would guess, Piss people off. So people have a bad time ..Hear nothing but bad news and get mad at who?..New green /technology?....I don't get it?....Just really...Really bad business practise.....

Trump would kick these negative Ceo's right out of his board room if auto execs brought him such a negative outlook.. Terrible promotional advertising ideas!...Just unnecessary negativety...Our American auto industry disappoints me tremendously with all their excuses and B.S. business tacktics.We all got problems ,,Some more than others,,,Time to solve the problems...Time to get honest and start to find ways to turn a profit..One that respects it workers, opens the car door to offer the consumer to ride along give sugestions and share in some of the prosperity...If people are unwilling to give their ideas and opinions, perhap it's because they don't feel they are being listened to, respected by their bosses...

Ok .OK !..Sorry to be so negative but the car companies just erk me nowadays..,,,They need to work on solutions and quit whinning for more money!!..period..Get busy..Makin your business work..

.What are You( the manufacturer), gonna do to sell me(the consumer) the car I(the worker) helped build.?

.Not everyone relies on credit..As much as banks /businesses and politicians would like the CONTROLLED people to believe!!

---people can't afford to buy the vehicles their making!...Solution..More 'IN factory"incentives to help workers buy cars, right off the floor!..Better lending practises that supports it's own consumers!!...

---Time to get back that entreprenerial spirit,,,Auto company is too dark and gloomy...Time to listen more to the people intead of pushing expensive brain wash!...Auto leaders need to open up a bit so workers will feel more comfortable aproaching leaders with their ideas!..With out stealing their ideas!!

--- Solution.....Shrink the car market..seems inevitable ...Now or later...Or get busy finding solutions instead of whinning for money then investing it in China..Not in anyones best interest

--- Build cooler looking green effecient vehicles. instead of all these bubble lookin buggy cars...??...It's like the auto companies are intentionally making funny lookin green cars!...Space age high tech "Green" cars can look cool....I have many designs!,...Remember the kick in the 50's and 60's to make space ship looking/rocket cars..Do that again with new alternative fuels!..These are the cars to show case! as well as the others!!..Their is still freedom of choice right?

---- Many different alternative fuels could be used...Unfortunately it would seem as though Auto execs are ruled too much by their oil/gas interests..Like most of us!...For way too long..Will be the end of us all if Leaders don't change our ways!..The people are looking to the future for postive change because we have no other choice!..

----Change advertising and entertainment practises...Too negative..We want to hear the good things /see cool things at auto shows..Dream about the future..We don't want to hear auto companies problems //We want to have fun at these shows ,see the bright future!...How is the auto sector gonna turn this around...Where's the plan..We all know the problems!

--What are you(the manufacturer) going to do to sell us(the New consumer) the cars(the workers)make?.....

--- Unions should be replaced by commitees

--- There are good cars...Goods auto leaders..It is time for these people to stand forward...It is time for those with nothing but problems to listen to the entreprenuers

Anyway enough for now...

Flu shot mismatched on b virus??.(cbc)..

Hope those who got the flu shot don't get the Real flu...Unless the designer flu is able to control and still over power the natural flu...Or we risk a SUPER BUG!..(relax ...hasn't happened yet ...that anyone is aware of)

I am sure, to the real flu, that the designer flu is not all, it is hyped up to b !...Just another cheap replication ..The Real flu virus if anything, would probably leave the host's party, more likely because of the bad insult, than in fear over the bad flu trap

I like Good Ol' Al bundy's "cockroach theory"(where I heard it 1st anyway)..k...Goes something like this

...If we get used to eatn crap ..We'll live 4ever!//lol...Something like that..

Some others have said.. keep your body on a healthy low..Not quite at 100% vitamins everyday( I like about 60 -70%..but I can go to 110% lol) .... When you feel a cold or illness coming...munch all the good stuff down you can ...Send your bodies immune fighters down to defend the system, with a power packed punch, full of vitamins!(don't fill to full, fighter cells will need a won't know what hit it!....It'll be relaxn'.. lulled into a false sense of security , enjoyin the stay offered by its gracious host....Then Whammo!!..The Super powered immunity system will kick in ,,,overwhelms the invader with its strong and loyal blood cell soldiers!...KABAMO!!.Flu runs in fear never to return.. (may cause diaheria ,upset stomach, perfuse this theory... If you keep yourself a walking zombie..Nothing will even go near you ...Virus will take one look at the dump and move on!!

*Ask your doctor before trying anything I heard...Do your own research .Find your own world....This is!.....L8R..!..
Garbage art..cnn,,,anderson 360...kinda cool ...Plastic bags are put over subway grates ..Plastic creatures and other art come to life as they inflate...Pretty cool

Talk 570 had a guy from direct energy talkin about how to make your home more energy effiecient.

Sympatico home page always has good green ideas.Sympatico / MSN Green
Obama is coming to meet Harper in Canada ..

I am excited(like most) but am afraid Harper will only think of his own, and not what is best for Canada....We need a green energy plan ..A balanced plan where if we do come up with a new energy plan, that involves selling more of our resources , to the U.S...All Canadians benefit.!..

Clean/green energy is a must..I worry about our northern sovernty...Perhaps a joint deal with U.S. is required, but rapeing our north and all our countries resources is not an option....We need a plan that doesn't simply strip all our land away for nothing!..We need a balanced energy plan which involves new green/technology..We live here and will continue to hopefully for a long time..I would like to keep it clean and liveable for all...I simply don't trust Harper to make the right deal for Canadians!....Energy effeciency and clean energy practices are a must....Environment must be respected for the benefit of everyone! .......It is time to create some new green energies ...Perhaps we can help china clean up some of their mess from the failing economy....To simply be an energy superpower is dangerous for us all..It is not a sustainable or reliable business ..What stops other countries from buying all our land for their own greed!..What will stop Harper from selling our land for peanuts in an energy hungry world...the greed of money for a few ,should never over power the needs of its people in the whole....Gotta get a fair deal!....Ask Newfounland/labrador ..They are headed in the right direction..Given the land to the people...There are many ways to run a country..Selling all our resources should not be the only way!..
I have no problem at all with infrastructure spending, but, the public should be made aware of where the money is going..

What projects?

..We talking about money to fix water pipes.?.....Water treatment.?.....Clean up drinking water.?..... Solve congestion problems on hy-ways like the 401? ..Keeping parks clean, green and litter free.? .....Better waste management projects.?....More money to Vancouver, to help pay for the way over budget, Olympic projects..More affordable housing/rental projects.Or are we talking about new oil and gas pipe lines.?..Arctic exploration projects ..?..more unnecessary pet projects.?..

We need the info...I wish I could say I trust Baird , Clement, Raitt and The Harper" Gang green " group to make the right decisions.., but I don't....I would like to hear from the Canadian Government, exactly what any of them have accomplished so far, on behalf of Canada and Canadians... Not just for themselves and their own interests???...Baird was an environmental minister now in charge of infrastructure?...I am curious to know if he is even qualified for such a job.?..How green is Baird?..

. I am all for infrastructure projects that create GOOD/REAL long lasting jobs.....

I seem to remember when Casino's were rapidly built(years ago) all over Ontario and across the country ..Politicians promised money would go to the municipalities to help pay for infrastructure.Would employ many,,besides an oversupply of security guards(what do the people upstairs do ?lol) ... Most employees have been replaced with money machines,( not necessarily a bad thing, but there never seems to be enough beverage attendants ..I happen to live but 40 minutes away from 3 different Casino's and have noticed, although the roads to the Casino's are in good shape, downtown is falling apart...Main roads are so abused by traffic around my area ,that all the ashfault used to fill the pot holes, has fallen out.. Leaving not only bigger holes... But big lumps of tar everywhere...

How can we be confident that our money is going to the right projects?... Not just into more silk lined pockets, never to be seen again.?..There has got to be transparency and accountability for any projects given the go ahead.For anything passed by this government.It is the only way to be certain that our money is being spent properly..Environmental assements help ensure transparentcy and accountability ....

Then all we need are workers who want to "put the shovel in the ground" for $10.00/hr with no long term benefits or security!

- Where is the money going?
- What infrastucture projects?
- What has the Harper government accomplished so far ?
- is the Harper government even qualified to do their jobs properly?
- Are the liberals any better...?
- What jobs will be created for workers?.

Green/Ndp....D.G.P.(democratic /green party) still seems like the most honest and best road to take...Green/technology is the best way. There are a lot of great green projects to invest in that will benefit us all..

Canadians deserve a healthy,clean ,honest,safe, sustainable environment to live happily ever after in!...Is that too much to ask for??..Perhaps to some who feed of greed ,but to me , it is totally possible....!...

It was good to hear Canadian Mayors and premiers thinkin green with their much deserved infrastructure money..Hopes it is delivered before any election campaign.!...

Natives are in the best position to lead in new green future!
All Canadians... especially Natives, can greatly benefit from green/technology in their communtiees.....Natives are in a good position to move forward on infrastructure projects that plan for a new green..environmentally sustainable future immediately!.. A future that compliments their past "green"natural way of life(history)....New Effecient green sustainable houses.../Education.../Clean drinking water / New green alternative energies, combined with their great knowledge, and green consciousness of the surrounding environment, is a win win for everyone... Infrastructure money given to native communitees, would give us the fastest results at seeing actual green initiatives put positively to work.....Native ideas mixed with new green technologies could be used as a model for all Canadians!>...Canadian natives should be given a large ammount of infrastructure money to assist them in the building of a new green, technologically advanced communitees.. One that all Canadians can learn from!...!
>>Evolution is quite amazing<<

so you appear to believe in the evolution theory......tell me, if we only use 10% of our come they are the size they are if we never used it all before....things only evolve as they are required.....have we been devolved via religion and education over the ages?
>>Obama is coming to meet Harper in Canada<<

what possible benefit could it be to Canada to have him come here.....1st upi we are heading into a HUGE reccession........can we peasants, sorry taxpayers, afford to have him visit us.....? nope!
WWOOOOOO -WOOOOO .....chugga chuggaa .....WOOOOOOO-WOOOOOOOO..!!..

Here he comes!!...............................

The main man, makin history, he Confidently Walks toward a country, calling his name ..An Optimistic proponent for positive change..

A heroic icon championing a better way, another way ..but won't run away! .Bringing with him(not only his family but)true family values and a fresh new way of thinking to the political theatre ..the world stage !

..For 1 ,for all and with all!......................................

1 Large step forward , for the people ..1 Great leap,(slam dunk lol) for Kind Humans!!

So.....without any future delay....! Kind Humans and Human kinds alike ....Let's all Stand(in the freezin cold) and give a warm...... ,no,.....A feverish round of applause For !!! ................

The 44 President of the U.S.A.............


44. Should be the number on his Basket ball!

...Inauguration is time for Celebration.!. A day to put negativity out of our minds for at least a couple days..or two! ......True ....It's Almost time to Move positively forward, hit the road runnin, but first.. A BIG PARTY!!!!!.. ..We'll Take a day or so to recover..>Drink some water> Do some warm ups/few stretchs..And hit the road runnin again! to drink responsibly...Plenty of warm liquids.....Dress warm.It's frigin' frigid out there !........

WWWOOOOOOOO,,,WOOOOOOOOO,,,!!!PARTYYY at OBAMA's House ...Everyones invited...! ! !. (Is it beginning to warm up around here or is it just me.?.(sniffle,sniffle).Must be me..cause I'm the only one here...Unfortunatley I'm not there!).....Anyway ...Let's here it for muti-media!..

-----AH yes ....I can feel it now!!....Things R beginning to heat up.... !.. The party's just startin !...You can not only feel the energy in the air ! can see the energy in the air!!...

So Let's Enjoy this momentous, monumentous day, as a new era of welcome change begins....

Not only for the U.S.A and it's closet friends and allies(hmmm...mmm(Canada)) .

But hopefully a new Peaceful and Prosperous global era, for all, who share in this 1, the hope for peace in the world around us! .........

There's A new face of America...Standing at the top of the hill... Tall (but not too tall)on this Political Planet!.

Your New Prezzzzzzzident of the United states of America!! .


I am Thank-ful for this space in time....!


Pavin over the pestimism ,makin way for Hope, change and Optimism!..

(Ok..Ok..I'll stop with the catchy Obama slogans and ism's...... for now!!)

I call them Obamanianismsssssssss'...(c) 2009....
.(awe...but come on !...I have a million of'm..)

Now to the realizm... Let the work begininizzm!!
Well stretch.. only those who rely souly on money to enjoy life...Won't enjoy watching history unfold before their eye's..Too busy watching the markets..I guess...Lighten up !...Let the U.S.A have they're party...Your invited ..If you want to go!......C,,,,Things are already getting better
.. New...Re-Newed ,green friendly, energy plans and technology!.

There are Many green projects.. ready to go .We need A balanced energy plan , that creates a fair playing field, for green alternative energies...Gas and oil leaders never seem to loose ..Or Do they?..They can inflate the markets ,deflate the markets , burst the markets..anytime leaders see fit(when they all get together)....I think it is time money is invested into these new green/clean energies ....It is long past the time to Make a fair and sustainable playing field!...So Let's move forward on new green/technology projects that will benefit us all..Starting now and into the future...A well Balanced and sustainable approach ,is the way to a stronger ,more effecient ,clear and clean(green)future!
If we Ignore the chance for positive change ..We risk getting stuck at the top of a slippery slope with only one way down!!>.Might be fun sliding down the mountain of Instant gratification for a little while ..but only till you hit the tar pond at the bottom..Then we're all stuck/sunk..We'll all haveta pay for Business leaders to play again... again..!

..Are there Canadian leaders still Stuck in the view, of the fews, ol' slick and slimey ways?/ In the dirty boys club, playing ol' oil patch games ?.You bet there is !...Some say it's the only way...Do those who invest in oil , fear true competition.?.It's seem as though, it is always ,their way, or no way...Well I say no way!... Technology should be used for everyones freedom and democracy!. The technology exists right now to educate and entertain everyone around the globe from the comfort of their own space.In their own time , or real time!

The computer/internet is not new, and easily implementable ideas are numerous!..Everone should have a personal laptop..or P.C...Very green idea...No need for travel ..Just point and click!...No car..(no excersise)!...No..Actually ,I think technology ,when used properly, can help to free up more time, so you can enjoy what ever entertains you!. (the outdoors.excersizing, fishing,,golfing..gaming.. lol...)You can take a laptop anywhere!If you want to?.Every year the gizzmo's get smaller!..

I know ..I know ...There he goes rantn' and ravin


Freedom is a valued commoditity.The internet should remain a place for freedom..No need to pay for air time..Rely on advertising..cut up by edititors(for better or for is what it is.So let it be!.lol)..Every voice is needed in order to make the most informed choice/decision...One that involves... Everyone equally.Leaders naturally stand out(even without money)...They flow to the front.Rise to the top.Some "Temp leaders" are reckless,careless,selfish,...Running over all who get it their way ..looking for something more...Something they want more then anything in the world,,but will never find..Can never be!!.

! One who has the backing and approval of the public, peers , friends and family..Will be carried along ,in praise and cheers, on the shoulders of others...Held above the crowd ..Will be given all he/she needs ,because it will be what everyone shares in, and needs!!..One who thinks of nothing but numbers and what is best for 1's future..Will be left alone, to do as he/she wishs.For no one! ..A weight, no 1 would take pride, to place ,on anyones shoulders!

..Don't get caught up, in the same liquid lies, as days gone by .Not only an unwelcome and crude reality ,but a very real possibility .
If we haven't learned from our mistakes!

.Will Canadians let greedy leaders, and self interested politicians, take advantage of Canada..?Will we Allow them to risk the shirts off,,no,,not their own backs , but off the backs of the honest ,hard working, people of Canada!?...If this is the case, then all I can say, is that the future looks grey...
Confidence and trust will be replaced with black menacing clouds of dark soot and sorrow..Every sooty foot he puts(lol)..Will be Followed by still more smoke and smog ..Blown in the face of clear certainty ..The Fear of abuse and mismanagment will again return, haunting us all, like a ghastly ghost....Misleading us again ..Without any Warning, down a broken and dangerous path ,we have already once crossed...BUT...ONLY IF , we choose to forget the mistakes, we have all made in the past, will we find ourselves trapped in the Bleak and gloomy doom, of certain death and darkness ...Choking on the fatal fumes of a great opportunity let die, left in a heap of waste / selfish haste..And a new green way, let left , passes by.

If we choose overly progressive ,profit driven greed , without the care, of long over do ,every day needs !....We fail!..We Fall!..We're finished.. Finished Before the Real excitement begins...Before the best parts of the future , is let to unfold ....Right there,,Before your eye's..Can you see it...?..It's Right here.. before our eyes ..Free for everyone to believe in..For everyone to enjoy ...To share in..!

The glowing light beaken of Green/technology, will water the seeds ,evolve growth !..Together with the right leaders and business minds, all Canadians can help Canada grow, into its new ,re -newed role, as a Peaceful,yet powerful, world leader ....A model other countries will follow, as we all work together, towards a healthier/ more prosperous / cleaner ,greener,freedom flowing, sustainable future!!.With 0 waste(lol)...One our kids will look up to...Look forward to contributing into....Follow to lead or lead to be followed ..forever, further foward !!(fffffffffffff)


Of course action speaks louder than words, but words spark the course of action!...It's easier too!...

So let's get to work at makin' Canada even better than it was before!

Thanks to all those who take the time to read my spew.....Whether you Like it or not!
-I like big fonts.

-- Never, but here we go again with the exclamation marks!!

- Don't worry, our future makes it easy. Keep up the easy payments!

- Only if we truly surrender to the now that we inhabit, will we be able to overcome the past that haunts us, and ready to face the future. Be in the Now.
Ten penny ..Advice well recieved..Over and out there, from here ,in the now!lol
Bottled water battle in guelph/kitchener,,,,

Should we band bottled water ...go back to tap water?

Aqua-fina makes some good flavored water...Not bad on a hike ,when your out for the day...But I would not buy a box of bottled water for my house .When the tap water is more accessible,same quality.. a better option!.....The problem I have with bottled water..Is when arguements come down to either fixing water treatment plants ,water pipes and Eliminating dangerous toxins in drinking water..The solution seem to be ...If your waters bad ....Just buy bottled water!..

Each has it's benefit and downfalls....But both are acceptable options in the proper situation!.With the proper use...Free Choice is the best way as long as it safe/healthy 'clean and efficient...Water should be clean and accessible for all who need it to live....Not soley for profit driven greed...Personally ..I feel .. 1 big re-useable water bottle,filled from the tap ..Is far better and more affordable than 3 small bottles of water bought from a store...Things worked just fine before we had bottled water..But bottled water has its uses!!...Like I said before ....Aqua -fina flavoured water tates great on a hot summer day...Other than that I drink from the tap!!!..Cheaper, greener and less litter....Just respect the environment and people around you...If your in a boat enjoying your surrounding on a fishing trip ...Common sense should prevent you from thowing your empty garbage into the water!
Quote: Originally Posted by Stretch View Post

>>Evolution is quite amazing<<

so you appear to believe in the evolution theory......tell me, if we only use 10% of our come they are the size they are if we never used it all before....things only evolve as they are required.....

Do you have to think about making your heart beat, or your stomach churning, or your kidney filtering, or sending electrical and chemical signals to all corners of your body in order for it to work? No, most of it is automated.

The 10% figure is total bunk, a myth. You use 100% of your brain. Thank your lucky stars that at any one time, 100% of your neurons are not firing.
I beleive you...although 100% is available .Most choose not to ingage it!

I am a very vivid lucid dreamer..!....I believe in many worlds although ..I believe reality ,is a welcome relief.. Especially after a roller coaster ride full of the most wildest ,greatest most fantastic highs .. mixed with most terrible night terrors and ultimate fears !....Reality is a welcome relief..!..

Body of the earth...1 Real Universal Mind of a multi-verse of possibilities!
New Stem cell research trials...?

Do we sacrifice the weaker twin to bring life to the stronger 1?...

Options that help save lives are beneficial ,as long as they don't become Superficial....

Let's move forward with greaT Caution and care with these subjects on trial ...Cause it will proceed ,regardless of what 1 thinks.

.Shrouded in darkness, or held high ,in the suns spot light, for all to see....!

Let's pray in Hope , iTt's all for the better...and not fall prey or victum, to the worst that can happen!....

DOE Office of Science - Fusion Energy Sciences Homepage

Clean fussion energy

The Coldest Place in the Universe | Science & Nature | Smithsonian Magazine

The coldest place in the might find this stuff interesting...Trapping light....Think black holes..magnets and vagina' Unifying theories
Obama energy plan!>.

...Who is this guy?... Amazing ...Wow .!...Exactly..What I wanted to hear.. realistic goals..plans for a Balanced/sustainable energy plan.. ...Took the words right off my mind!...Mr.President ,sir,,your are my newest hero(Me pop's is me !....Man!...Incredible....Too good to be true?..Off to an excellent start...With a great surge of energy and friendly nudge. He Hits the road runnin.. Urges us all forward!..

The marathon begins.. .At this moment..In the moment ..I am 100 % Canadian(33% with Harper) . this point ..I am 110% Amercian!..
The Canadian throne speech sounded good...G.G..made an, alright speech, look better.(cause of a passionate

See, Mr.Harper..Why can't you say stuff like,G.G..and like that there, Obama president, next door does.? lol...
.Baird gives an example of a building that will attract tourism(which is good) .but.did't say it would be built with green effeciency..Nothing !.not on his mind at all..No new green/technology example.?. .Green infrastructure projects?.Balanced /sustainable green energy plan?..Lot's of Harper conservsative promises...but only Two choices,... Whip or Carrots?...and he won't say Carrot...Too "GREEN"

....Come on .Mr.Harper ...Just say GREEN once!..You say Green ..I'll say greenish/ grey if you prefer)

I would like to compliment Mr.harper on his tie. Not a bad shade for you...Maybe borrow one of Flaherty's tie's 4 tommorow's

Go over Obama's speech a couple times ..He got the right idea!.lol
Soon we'll know 4 sure
Besides the usual negative comments and the nit pickers ..probin at potential aflws in a great model(A lot of negativity goin around the site)..

This "city of the future" gives a positive outlook on all the VERY REAL possibilites available now...Let's find solutions to these models, instead of exploiting it's very solvable issues. This is a great idea..Where there is a will ,there is always a better..

City of the future | The Economist

Green/technology!...More on the technology side...Gotta work at makin green ideas affordable for all...Give alternative choices, to those who are in the best position, go green...People on fixed budgets...

Green equality, will help ensure a positive/prosperous future!...Self -sustaining/environmentally sound.. bio-sphere's of the future.!..

I would love to be a citizen of the new "City of the future"...Does it Come with a car...So I can get to my cottage? the "mars of the future" resort?...

Spend have my time in space,...It would be good to have a new" home of the future" to come back to earth
Last edited by GreenFish66; Jan 26th, 2009 at 03:56 PM..

In^4 ...1...Innovation.......2...Incentives....3. Initiatives ..4.....Invention.......

-Internet access/technology for nature /recreation enthusiests ..

- fisheries/ underwater restaurant/viewing station ..All in one

- railroads touring historical sites then around new futuristic energy complex!!..

- Alternative energy/wildlife-nature/waste recycling /entertainment complex for all to enjoy and marvel over

- ..New alternative energy /effecient vehicles

...Cleaner more effiecient ways of doing things period ...

- Cash is still the fastest and easiest ways to buy...Banks should make using interact cards more convienent by lower transation fees..Keep your money a home..No charges..simple

- Use new flat screen technology with interenet/computer tech to ease work on teachers...Program the year in and way you go...

- move forward on technology that allows doctors to use new technological tools to better assist patiences from anywhere....Invest in R and D..

fix water pipes.?.....Water treatment.?.....Clean up drinking water.?..... Solve congestion problems on hy-ways like the 401? ..Keeping parks clean, green and litter free.? .....Better waste management projects.?....More money to Vancouver, to help pay for the way over budget, Olympic projects.

.More affordable housing/rental projects.100% self-sustainable

- year round farms ..

- New balanced/sustainable energy plan for alternative fuels...Wind...hydro.electric...fission

- Water/air purification and filtration

- energy effeciency programs

- Implement New "City of the future".ideas..I have many green friendly ideas for new stores/restaurants/houses and buildings ..from convience stores to 100% self sustaining houses.. Many effecient/affordable /entertaining /more secure ways to build and run retail business

-Of course the usuall 3 r's..Reduce ...reuse ...recycle...As we work towards 0 percent waste...

- Parks and tourism---...More yard maintenance attendants around parks to ensure clean/ green litter free parks/ towns/cities.....Bike trails/ski trails..retail stores built with , and using green/ food stands/stores and shelters for tourists ...Includes internet access from anywhere...

-- Species at risk protection ..Allocate areas in parks and environment, where species at risk ,have sanctuaries that ensure shelter and protection...

- Huge /free roaming /animal pet parks , where visitors can enjoy animals and the sites while in the most natural setting possible...

- Public transit projects that encourage walking/biking/trains/ buses...alternative ways of trave
- Re-newed and expand historical sites for tourism

- Arts and mulit-cultural projects that benefit all equally...

- New/renewed Green ways with some Safety nets , will assist those suffering on fixed budgets...They Have another choice ...A more effecient/ affordable option ...go green!

Many projects to move forward on....All fit under the umbrella of green/technology .....

I have Been living in a new green technological way for years.Thinking up new green ways that work with existing models to find a workable /sustainable balance for those with or without money ..Had no choice...No alternative ..I am better off now and will be into the future... because of it...

Green/technology will ensure a healthy/safe/happy/prosperous future...It's a win/win...Don't let anyone tell you any different ..There is always a better way!!..Let's solve potential problems ..not exploit them...

I have been into finding new ,realistic green/technological ways of doing things for years..I have succeeded....Your welcome to join me on the path to a new--re-newed way ..Using green/technology

Radioactive leak>?...Crack?....What is going on?

Why are all the batteries dying?.A bizzarre blizzard, an unusual storm.Brrr so cold here?..

How Do humans affect the weather...Climate change...Unusual lows here in Canada, yet boiling hot highs in Australia..

Do humans affect the weather...How do actions(reaction) here affect weather there...And vice versa

while australia is smokin hot!

Ottawa Business Journal

Is a public environmental assessment needed to ensure proper transparentcy and accountability on this issue?

I think so..

Obama's coming for a deal on energy...A balanced /sustainable /effecient/safe/healthy /green/energy plan is a must....

There is No such thing as free energy!...
Gas/oil prices were over inflated ...Where does money from gas and oil go?

To people like Henry Lyatsky....A geologist at Fraser institute ...A Brilliant Arrogant prick.>(lol offense)!..

.He is pro Oil..Apparently, With little taste for the benefits of clean water .Unless they are mixed together in a balanced portfolio..
Unfortunatley Balance and Sustainability seems to have a different meaning to this guy. In my opinion..

..Chug..chug..chug..!..mmm. Pure profit...That is his world...Just Ask em'.....
Green homes...conquest manufacturing...Has the right idea...building quality green/effecient homes


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