Winnipeg Castle is the Castle upon a Castle "Burg Hohenzollern"


If you look, you will see Hohenzollern Castle is upon another Castle. I call both together "Winnipeg Castle", named after my home town. Winnipeg, MB. Canada the center of Canada. Let's not be confused though, we do have a Castle in the center of Canada called the Fort Garry, allthough Burg Hohenzollern will be dubed as Winnipeg Castle for myself conquering Prussia.

King Fernidad, "If you see, you will notice a castle upon a castle
considering Burg Hohenzollern. I have renamed Burg Hohenzollern to
Winnipeg Castle, named after my home town Winnipeg, MB. Canada.

F.F. Prussia
And the Great Wall of China is now the fence between my barley and the pasture.


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