Want to meet english speaking people in Québec City

Hi Everyone !

I came back from Vancouver last October after 1 year and a half living there. Because I don’t want to lose the English I’ve learned, I would like to meet or discuss with English speaking people living in Québec city. I’m still good with the understanding, reading and some writing of the language, but it’s hard now for me to keep my “automatism in my answers” when I speak. I still need to improve this language ! )

I’m a 25 years old women, administrative assistant, living in Québec city. If someone is interested to help me or want to know more about me…let me know !

Ciao !
me, me, me, me, pick me, ....................... pick me.

I'm almost the same age, we will be talking only in Enlgish. I don't mind helping you with the things that I'm in trouble.

If only you come to Montreal.