Wind turbine boss admits no more should be built in England

because it isn't windy enough

you don't say

  • Hugh McNeal, chief executive of RenewableUK, made the admission
  • He said farms could still be built in other parts of the UK, like Scotland
  • Over 4000 wind turbines are currently powering 4 million homes in the UK
  • Conservative government has ended controversial wind subsidy system

The chief executive of the UK's top wind industry trade body has admitted that more turbine projects in England aren't viable - because it isn't windy enough.

Hugh McNeal, of RenewableUK, made the astonishing admission but did say that projects should still take place in other parts of the UK.
Mr McNeal said that new projects were 'very unlikely' apart from those which have received subsidies and are waiting for construction.


Hugh McNeal admits no more wind turbines should be built in England due to lack of wind | Daily Mail Online
I bet they build more.
Course they will.

Having said that, as a North Atlantic archipelago with no place further than 50 miles from the coast, the UK is the windiest country in Europe. But the problem with the wind turbines is that they don't work when it's quite windy. They blow up.
They should be underwater catching the oceanic currents that flow 24/7/365 and water is more efficient at spinning props than air is. How hard would it be to build a waterproof 'skin' and a surface ship could service them easily using one of several options that are available.