Harper’s submission to American interests

"Pesticide residues" are now something that is a BENEFIT to Canadians, in the mind of PM Harper.

Than you Mr PM, now our next apple or pear can give us ALL THE BENEFITS OF NEUROTOXINS.

Making insects "twitch until dead", these chemicals build up in our tissues, and there are over 500 of these neurotoxic chemicals found in anyone in North America who is tested, in amounts that are able to cause cancers.

David Suzuki famously notes that "Mr Harper is so far up Bush's ass", and this proves it. Holy COW those pesticde residues have caused so much CANCER and other neurologic illnesses that by now we should be reducing our use of them altogether, with outright bans as MANY LOCAL GOVERNMENTS HAVE SEEN FIT TO DO.

WOW this is BULL****!!! You FREAKIN' conservatives are absolutely insane.

Canada lowers standards on pesticide use on fruits, vegetables to match U.S. limits

The Conservative mindset salivates at the potential to make money. The bottom line is the only line there is to these folk. If neurotoxin buildup in the food chain is the byproduct of increasing yields...that's perfectly OK with the bottom line mentality.

Liberals will steal your future, Conservatives will steal it all.
Well, that's good news, some of them neurotoxins are pretty expensive, so what we're seeing here is more like a "value added" thing, great for the average consumer. And the US is our largest trading partner, and they DO have more folks living there, only makes sense to do as they do, makes things go more smoothly after all.
(and now I'm stuck with "sarcasm purple so please bear with me dammit)

Seriously, all that crap will be moot if "we" manage to kill off all the bees- no-one could likely afford to hand-polinate EVERY plant of the goddamned planet. Agriculture is possibly the best example of the drive to work through/around/over reality, and as it has sustained our stupid way of doing things for so long, so shall its collapse prove in no uncertain terms that "we" F-ed up LARGE

Way to go, "us"


Yer such a cut-up..

Think there's any hope that we like America can have gun shops bars and strip joints on every block?
I do believe so- I heard once that guns and bars are a natural, as booze creates problems and guns solve them- might as well have naked humans there to round out the deal, eh ??

On topic-I am something of an amateur botanist (I grow carnivovour plants for a hobby as well as plain ol gardening veggies and flowers and stuff), and thus have a lot of "plant friends"- scientists and the like.Most of the "cutting edge" of "agricultural science" (gotta use parentheses there since it's mostly just weird junk science anyways) is, in most of our views, VERY VERY dangerous. The main offender seems to be copyright laws and their application to natural processes like vegetable/plant reproduction. It's a REAL complicated mess, but in short "we" as a species have pretty much cooked the golden-egg-layin goose in the name of bigger and better

The very FACT that we CAN NOT choose to avoid many of the "designer" chemicals used in modern agriculture should be a point of global outrage. The fact that we are not enough generations "in" to have any clue what the long-term ramifications of "our" methods might be, is frankly a bit too scary for me to think about for long enough to get very far.

At least we can rest assured that, in the end, we REALLY, REEEEALLY F-ed up, and in the most cruel twist, even the ones who profit from our steady downfall will not be able to avoid the judgement... and I hope in that then, tho all is lost, "we" can have the grim satisfaction of having been right all along.

Now here oh WHERE is some smug person who can't avoid mentioning that "they" only gripe and don't provide solutions??

I like them types, hopefully one will come here soon and call one of us stupid, that'll get the day rockin eh MikeyDB??
I haven't heard that the longevity of the Yanks is decreasing.
The equation goes like this:

If the money you make creating the problem is greater than the money it takes to fix it, its gold.

some people will now die from more neurotoxins. However, increased wealth will mean better health care, so fewer people will die.

If more live than die, its a plus.

The sad fact of governing a large nation is that no matter what you do, some people are going to die because of it.

If you lower social benefits some people are going to die and or commit suicide. If you raise them (and thus taxes OR cut other benefits and cause the same problem) your going to drive some people into financial ruin which will probably cause more suicides and or murder/suicides.

So literally, no matter what you do...people die and other people live.
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Since 70% of bees on the East coast are dead as are 60% on the west coast and Einstein estimates mankind could survive four years without our little fuzzy stinging friends, I don't think more pesticides in Canada are such a good idea.

Just a thought.
Hey, Scott Free, I just gotta ask- is yer "handle" a Jack Kirby "New Gods" reference??
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Hey, Scott Free, I just gotta ask- is yer "handle" a Jack Kirby "New Gods" reference??

No. I wish it were. Kirby couldn't draw but there was something about his art that really sparked my imagination. I would study his art for hours trying to figure out why I liked it but I never was able to.
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Liberals will steal your future, Conservatives will steal it all.

Which is why you should become a conservative!
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I haven't heard that the longevity of the Yanks is decreasing.