Antifa is a Terrorist Organization

Torch light
Certainly, the police and security forces are necessary; their importance cannot be denied.
BUT, they should be disciplined according to their duty.. not more.. they should not act like the criminals.
People trust them for their lives, wealth, families.. so they have to be worthy of such trust.

Therefore, the government and administration have to assert to the police forces their duty, and they should be encouraged and rewarded.

Who else than the police will stop the looters, plunderers, thieves, rapers and criminals? ... this is the essential police duty.
Their duty is not to protect criminals (even though these are VIPs like presidents, senators, billionaires.. if these are guilty.)

The police force needs:
purge so as to expel every corrupt police,
education so that such values should be asserted and confirmed about their duty,
and support so that they may be encouraged and they carry out their duty confidently..

therefore, not condemning every act of them: their protective acts should be persuaded and rewarded.
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Antifa expected communism and no national socialism in Amérika.
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Antifa expected communism and no national socialism in Amérika.

Phuk off, Avro.
captain morgan

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