WOW!! America is really broken

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Wasn't trump that divided the nation...

Here, it is the pre indoctrinated Obama kids that are acting this way across America..

This post modernist p.c crap was a fixture of academia long before Obama came in. PIck another target fool.

And yes, Trump is a racist, a pathological liar, a womanizer, and has the integrity of a turd.

Do you think this has helped or exacerbated the problems? Oh, sorry. You wouldn't recognize the word 'think'.
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Fukk off with your CNN talking points

Cliffy tells the truth. I can see how that would upset you.
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This post modernist p.c crap was a fixture of academia long before Obama came in. PIck another target fool.
And yes, Trump is a racist, a pathological liar, a womanizer, and has the integrity of a turd.
Do you think this has helped or exacerbated the problems? Oh, sorry. You wouldn't recognize the word 'think'.

TRUMP 2020

Gilgamesh, suck my ass hairs loser..
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The Indians were a nomadic people who had no concept of owning land. They also warred constantly with all their neighbours and kept slaves whom they slaughtered at will.
They were a stone age society which hadn't yet discovered the wheel and got their metal weapons through trade due to the fact that they hadn't even reached the 'Bronze Age' level of society enjoyed since around 3000-4500 B.C.E in most of the rest of the world. Their defeat was inevitable.
None of the above suggests that biologically they were inferior in intelligence to the Europeans. Nor does it excuse the various massacres carried out by the predominantly white Christian invaders.
That all said, there is zero, zilch, anyone can do about it today, so get on with your lives.

I assume you mean the Indians north of the Rio Grande, but I'll let it go. And while we may not have had individual land ownership, many nations did have pretty solid notions of what nation was entitled to what land.

Yep, full, unqualified legal equality. No special status. If we want "our land back," we can get rich and buy it back.
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Cliffy tells the truth. I can see how that would upset you.

Cockwomble Cliffy is mentally ill!

And you are being insulting and provocative by suggesting he has any useful comment to make!

As for Trump - let us consider these facts::::

In the news - an Iranian tanker has just arrived in Venezuela - carrying over one million gallons of gasoline for the”fuel starved Venezuelan nation”!

This is yet ANOTHER GRAPHIC SIGN of how BADLY Socialist govt runs ANYTHING! Venezuela is a CHARTER MEMBER of OPEC - and yet it is some -how “fuel starved”!

In other news: Joe Biden has blurted out that any Black person who “Votes for Trump aint really Black”! This in SPITE of the record high level of employment in the Black community - prior to the arrival of Wuhan Pestilence in the West!

In related news - LIE-berals excoriate Trump for allegedly “not handling the Wuhan Pestilence more effectively”! AND YET - CAN ANY LIE-beral point to ONE SINGLE THING THEY would have done differently?

WE DO KNOW that LIE-berals like Nancy Pelosi regard Wuhan Pestilence as a PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to slip all manner of LIE-beral spending and policy initiatives into what OUGHT TO BE PLAIN ECONOMIC AID PACKAGES!

Yes - LIE-berals are trying to HIJACK the govt without the BOTHER of winning an election and gaining real public support for their VILE SOCIALISM!

In RELATED NEWS- in the early days when it was OBVIOUS that travellers where BRINGING THE PESTILENCE WITH THEM into the country - WHY were LIE-berals far more interested in calling people RACIST for advocating a closed border - INSTEAD of either voting to close the borders or at least forcing travellers into QUARANTINE - in order to PROTECT the POOR in United States -few of whom have ANY MEDICAL INSURANCE!

LIE-berals WERE ASLEEP while the POOR of the country had a DANGEROUS PESTILENCE dumped in among them by the VERY SAME LIE-beral idiots who CLAIM to be defenders of the Poor and downtrodden!

Is it not ODD that LIE-berals SCORNED Trump for wanting to block the borders to Muslim terrorists and to make it easier to deport illegals and criminals back to their home country - and yet LIE-berals SCORN Trump for not doing more to defend the nation against Wuhan Virus that was BROUGHT in by UN-REGULATED travellers!

Yet LIE-berals CANNOT NAME a single action Trump could have taken that THEY WOULD HAVE SUPPORTED!

When the Wuhan death toll was climbing and it was becoming clear the half assed airport screening and “voluntary self quarantining WAS NOT CATCHING infected travellers - Trump moved to ban entry of travellers from China as it was the epicenter of the Virus - and of course LIE-berals SCREAMED “RACIST” at Trump for singling out PROVEN Chinese Pestilence carriers!

And now Trump is in hot water for cutting funding - temporarily to World Health Organization for their slipshod handling of Wuhan Virus in the early days and for their apparent willingness to support Chinese RE-WRITING of facts and numbers to HIDE Chinese responsibility for allowing the Virus to get loose in the world!

In related news - Cdn federal LIE-berals have just released some predictions about future effects of Wuhan Virus and the report is being excoriated for its LACK OF TRANSPARENCY! Meaning it offers various numbers BUT NO EVIDENCE of how those numbers were derived!

IN damning addition - LIE-berals set up a conference call to discuss the report with opposition parties and as it became clear that LIE-berals would face SHARP QUESTIONING - a KEY RESEARCHER was quietly DROPPED from the list of experts who would answer questions about the report!

In addition our national Chief Medical Officer - Teresa Tam has been taken to task for her staunch defense of World Health Organization and the Chinese version of events during the epidemic! LIE-berals are AGAIN showing their irrational support for the Beijing Butchers- at the expense of ordinary Cdns!

In related news - Alberta premier Jason Kenny has angered Ottawa LIE-berals by scorning the pace of approval of new drugs and he has made it clear that if LIE-berals drag their feet - he is willing to go ahead on his own to approve the use of drugs that have been previously approved by Untied States and Australia and other PROVEN friends and allies -regardless of Ottawa LIE-beral opinions!

In related news - Kenny has enraged Ottawa LIE-berals by pointing out that federal health chief Theresa Tam has been parroting the Red Chinese propaganda that is apparently seeking to systematically SHIFT BLAME AWAY from the Beijing Butchers!

Beijing is apparently WORRIED that Chinese biz execs WILL NOT be able to feeely travel in future to drum up work for Chinese economy due to fear of further outbreaks of Wuhan Virus! Beijing Butchers NEED foreign trade so they can buy weapons to bully their neighbours with! And Our idiot Boy Justin has told us “he admires that basic Chinese democracy”!

Sadly Our idiot Boy HAS NOTHING TO SAY about Chinese slave labour camps!

In other news - LIE-berals think it is ODD that after his impeachment trial - Bill Clinton was publicly very apologetic- while after his impeachment trial - Donald Trump showed his TRIUMPHANT FACE!!

The difference between Clinton and Trump is the difference BETWEEN GUILTY AND INNOCENT!!

In related IRONY - LIE-berals think it is UNFAIR that the impeachment hearing heard no witnesses!!

And yet LIE-berals SEE NOTHING WRONG with SHUNNING any discussion of what it was that Biden was up to in Ukraine - that Trump believed SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED!

As the Impeachment dog and pony show exposes its petty and bigoted face - Trump popularity has ACTUALLY IMPROVED!

How IRONIC that enraged Iranian dictators are calling Trump a “terrorist in a suit” - simply because he ordered the killing of the top Iranian terrorist general!

Iranians tell us they plan VENGEANCE on Yankees as the price for killing their General - so I guess that means BUSINESS AS USUAL in Middle East!!

In other news I guess we can hope that Iranian vengeance is as effective as LIE-beral efforts to remove Trump from office?

And is it not IRONIC that LIE-berals can compile a LONG LIST of VICIOUS anti Yankee terrorist entities that the Iranian General has worked with - including Hezzbollah, Hamas and Syrian dictator Assad - and then tell us killing the General was stupid because it will “Provoke a strong reaction” from all those people WE ALREADY KNOW are mad dog killers!

In related news- LIE-berals say that Yankee allies are shunning Trump!!

Well OF COURSE they are!! LIE-berals always RUN AND HIDE when the bill is presented!

I saw a really funny cartoon today - done by Andy Donato at the Toronto Sun - and it shows a picture of Our idiot Boy Justin talking to somebody on the phone and BOASTING: “Trump called me a really nice guy and he said it to both of me”!!

AND YES - TRUMP IS RIGHT that Our idiot Boy really is a weak HYPOCRITE!

LIE-berals CLAIM the “whole world is laughing at Trump”!


It is ONLY THE LIE-beral world that is laughing!!


Because what will the world think of LIE-berals AFTER their impeachment CRAP FAILS??

Is it not AMUSING that LIE-berals are DISTRESSED that the Trump plan to defend himself from impeachment is - in the words of one LIE-beral is to: “insult, sit out and wait”!!

And why should he not do exactly that since LIE-berals HAVE NO HARD EVIDENCE of anything!!!

Nor have LIE-berals made ANY EFFORT to explain what it was that Trump thinks ought to be investigated in Ukraine!!

The ENTIRE KEY to impeachment is whether there is actually something to investigate and LIE-berals REFUSE to discuss that issue!!

And is it not TYPICALLY LIE-beral HYPOCRISY that LIE-berals think it is within THEIR RIGHTS to go on a fishing expedition into Trump biz activities - and yet LIE-berals GO BERSERK when Trump wants to rifle through THEIR Biz activities!
Another long rant that nobody read!
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Another long rant that nobody read!

Charge him by the character..

That reminds me..
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Another long rant that nobody read!

Wow, that was tiring just scrolling past.
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Wow, that was tiring just scrolling past.

carpal tunnel of the finger, just pushing that mouse
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I think he's a tipping point. Take the west coast, them leaving has been in theory a thing for a long time now. Trump's actions have made that more attractive especially as we look at his policies, protection rollbacks and his appearence at least toward serious breaches in government.

Blah blah blah. Nice rhetoric. Too bad none of them are going anywhere.

Protection roll backs. You mean like the dumb f*ck mayor of Seattle who thought CHAZ/CHOP was just gonna be another "summer of love"? Funny how the stunned c*cnt was willing to let it keep it going until protesters showed up at her house. What a great city leader.

Oh, or how about California blowing Fed money, that was supposed to go towards dam repair, on idiotic "sanctuary" bullshit and protecting illegals.

You've got twats like crack-head Pelosi and hooker humping Schumer trying make D.C. into a state. You know, because what with everything going on in the US and the world, making D.C. a state is just such a priority. Yet the Founding Fathers deliberately made the nation's capitol "neutral ground" and for good reason.

Meanwhile all you do is vomit up MSM talking points while supporting what is essentially a left-wing fascist insurrection. I won't call them commies because "social democrats" aren't commies, they're fascists.

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