Some good news

Some good news for you booze lovers
man, i guess i'll have to switch back to my ol' buddy jameson.......
Just heard about this today,so thought I'd pass it on to you beer drinkers[you know who you are!] There's a coupon for 2 steaks from the M&M Meat Shops in specially marked cases of BudLite. Enjoy
Reverend Blair
But then I'd have to drink bud lite.
The relaunch of our Clancy's Brew [Moosehead] has a 5 dollar coupon for a steak at Sobey's,Rev. I never should have referred to BudLite as beer.
whew, i'm glad you clarified that missile, my god i can't believe you would go near that wretched excuse for dog piss. oops...
No Sobeys around here I guess i'm stuck with the dog piss Free steak mmmmmmmmmmm
yeah, i see your point! but how much does it cost to buy the beer in order to get the coupon?

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