Shockingly Good News!

Haggis McBagpipe
Rev Can is on strike!!!!! I support them 100%, oh, yes yes yes, and think they should stay on strike for however many years it takes to get whatever the hell it is they want!! 8-)

Sure, we'll all suffer as a result, 'cause we won't get to pay any taxes or even et audited while they're on strike, but hey, it is our duty as good Canadians to support our fellow striking Canadians. Hotdamn!

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hehehe nice
I was out walking the line a few years back when PSAC went on strike. Got legislated back to work, got a $500 signing bonus then poof they took back the 0-0-3 and gave 0-0-0.

They need a raise. Believe me public servants do not make alot of money. I was a lowly little clerk working for Rev Can. I only made about $25K per year and I had over $250 per month in deductions for benefits. And the dental schedule was 3 years behind the ones the dentists were using.

So when you hear they make oodles of money, you will now know different and you know the truth.

Strike ON!
Oh, and those deductions did not include source deductions.
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The World Is Getting Better and Better
the cornerstone of growing prosperity and decreasing penury around the globe during the 20th and early 21st centuries has been the development and use of fossil fuels.

Great news.
I liked revenue Canada being on strike better.
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I liked revenue Canada being on strike better.

Older than some of the posters.

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