Scots to cull North American squirrels.

Scots hire Squirrel czar

Sun Online

Vermin: the ugly North American grey squirrel has invaded the British countryside.

The far more beautiful red squirrel, native to Britain.

THE Scottish are so concerned about the rampant growth of the Grey American squirrel population, that they are using taxpayers money to employ someone to deal with the problem.

The Grey has almost completely colonised Britain, blitzing the local population. So, The Forestry Commission in Scotland has appointed Juliet Robinson to combat the dominance of the invading grey squirrels.

With the Red Squirrel all but extinct in most of England, authorities in the north of Scotland are anxious to halt this relentless progress of the grey menace. The Highlands is one of the last pockets of resistance to the sweeping grey tide.

Robinson pledged to rally the people of Scotland into forming a resistance. "I will be working closely with landowners, foresters, game-keepers, schoolchildren, volunteers and the wider public to ensure the Highlands continues to protect the red squirrel and that we play as big a part as we can to protect them."

Robinson is to establish a volunteer network in Caithness and Sutherland, Lochaber, Baadenoch and Strathspey, Inverness-shire and Ross-shire. They will monitor the appreance of grey squirrels, which will then be taken out.

One volunteer looked forward to joining this Home Guard: "We will fight them on the beech trees, and wherever we need to, to see off these invaders."

The three year appointment of the Red Czar will be part funded by the Forestry Commission, with other funing for he contract coming from the National Lottery, Scottish National Heritage, Highland Council and the EU.
Must have been a helluva swim for those little guys.

In our little out of the way neck of the woods way out back of out back, we used to see only red squirrels. Now they are a rarity.

The blacks (offshoot of grey squrrels) are an intelligent and aggressive breed, wrecking bird feeders, chewing electrical wiring, etc.

We bought a live trap this spring and have relocated about 10 so far.
It's necessary to drive about 20 miles before you drop them off, or they will come back. Unbelievable. (spray painted their tails just to be sure). Not the whole tail, just the tip...........flourescent orange.

Good luck to bonny Scotland in their squirrely endeavours.

Personally, I prefer to relocate only their vital organs, using a .22 rifle.
I saw a black squirrel in ontario!!!....but seriously, Blackleaf, what they wanna do is transport all their reds to Brownsie Island near poole(the famous island that Baden Powell founded the scouts on, Brownsie island is the biggest native population of reds, it has no greys)BUT the greys, who in my opinion arent actually the same greys they have in america, have you ACTUALLY seen an American grey squirrel Blackleaf?

I have, they look NOTHING like the supposed "american" grays we get in england, seriously, the gray squirrels I've seen in the UK have those big "optimus prime" flufy ears like the red one there, they have little teddy-bear-like ones in the states....also they dont have a big bushy tail, are quite podgy and, as you would expect with anything American, are rather brash.

The gray ones we see here in the UK are nothing like that, there has to have been a fair bit of interbreeding cus their not the same old fella
Quote: Originally Posted by Colpy

Personally, I prefer to relocate only their vital organs, using a .22 rifle.

If my grandkids ever found out I shot (used to) a "cute" little squirrel I would be persona non grata fer a long time. Don't want that.

Good one Colpy:still laughin.


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