Roasting England hotter than the Med.

The Sun

Torquay, Devon.


ENGLAND sizzled in the hottest day of the year so far as temperatures hit 27C yesterday beating Athens and Tenerife.

HEATHROW was the hottest place in Britain, with parts of SURREY close behind on 26C.

The MIDLANDS, EAST ANGLIA and the SOUTH EAST all saw temperatures rise above 25C.

Commuters in London boiled with rage as the Tube was disrupted by heat-affected lines.

But on the south coast beaches were packed with bikini-clad beauties.

In BOURNEMOUTH dancers Hannah Beavis, 19, and Laura Cresswell, 20, took a dip to cool down.

Laura said: Its great to get the bikini out again. Lets hope this is a sign of things to come.

Matthew Walker, one, took the chance to build a sandcastle on Southsea Beach in HAMPSHIRE.

Asda said sales of sun screen and barbecue grub were up 50 per cent.

Meanwhile, up in Scotland......
Hey Blackleaf, I like your posts. great information. we have had a nice few days of sunshine all right. Lets hope it is like that all summer eh.

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