Five Paradox!!! I need your help!

I have a question and this might be something you know being that you are freakishly smart, eloquent and our resident expert in all things royal :lol:

Why does Prince Phillip not have the title of King? Is he techincally a king?
I am searching for precedents I have never asked that question, to be honest.

To the best of my knowledge, His Royal Highness the Prince Philip , the Duke of Edinburgh , wasn't even supposed to be styled a "prince" at all it was only due to an error in understanding on the part of the former King that Her Majesty the Queen of Canada decided to make him a prince, so as to make the various title errors in fact correct.

I think that a King's wife becomes Queen, but a Queen's husband is entitled to no such "higher" style.
Thanks Five...I knew you would at least shed some light on this. My mom and I were watching a show and she asked..and i had no clue.
Martin Le Acadien
Phillip is actually Greek Royalty and his proper title is Prince Consort!
*cringes* Royality
I've oftenw ondered that myself. I assumed it was becasue if his lesser standing or something.
After her accession to the throne, Queen Elizibeth 2 also announced that the Duke was to have place, pre-eminence and precedence next to the Queen on all occasions and in all meetings, except where otherwise provided by Act of Parliament. This means the Duke is the first gentleman of the land, and takes precedence over his son, the Prince of Wales.

While he is the Royal Consort, The Queen has never granted the Duke the title of Prince Consort. This title was granted to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha by his wife, Queen Victoria, and has not been used since.

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