Ontario Citizens assembly being formed!!!

Well I got this the other day thought some of you might like to see it.

It makes me very happy we may actually get some change before the next election. I hope if we actually do have a referendum you all educate yourselfs on the different systems and I am personally going to back MMP and not STV to be the referendum question.

Just in case any of you are wondering MMP is a mix of Proportional rep and FPTP. STV is the transferable vote which they use in Irleand and a few other nations and I believe used a few times in BC. I'm hoping if any of you guys get chosen for the assembly and or if there is a vote on it, that we chose MMP over pure FPTP, PR AND STV OR MTV.


I am writing to you today to update you personally on the latest developments in moving ahead on our government's commitment to examine electoral reform in Ontario.

Please see the attached news release and backgrounder, which outline the details of the Citizens' Assembly process that were included in a regulation filed earlier today. The Assembly will be asked to assess Ontario's current and different electoral systems, and recommend whether Ontario should retain its current system or adopt a different one.

If the Assembly recommends a change to our electoral system, then a referendum will be held on that alternative within our government's current mandate.

Assembly meetings are expected to begin in September 2006 under the leadership of George Thomson, appointed Chair of the Citizens' Assembly by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

For the first time in Ontario's history, we'll have a full, open debate on which electoral system best serves Ontario. And it will be up to Ontarians to choose whether to keep the system we have now, or exchange it for another.

Today's announcement is an important milestone. Given your interest in democratic renewal, I thought it important to share this exciting news with you.


Dr. Marie Bountrogianni
Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs
Minister Responsible for Democratic Renewal

Might be nice for you Ontarians if your assembly can come up with something a little less incomprehensible than the single transferrable vote garbage that British Columbia came up with.
Quote: Originally Posted by FiveParadox

Might be nice for you Ontarians if your assembly can come up with something a little less incomprehensible than the single transferrable vote garbage that British Columbia came up with.

As you may already know Fiveparadox, I am not a supporter of STV as it is confusing to those who are not educated in the system and truly at times a horrible way to take the temp of the nation or province. The results are sometimes messed up by a confused puplic as well by having everyones second choice the victor as what happen in BC once. In my eyes STV is interesting to study as a political scientist, but in practice the system has too many bugs.

MMP has a much more balanced way of handling the issue. Everybody gets something out of it. It would keep our traditional FPTP seats, most likely it would make most seats indead FPTP but would allow for 25-50% of the seats to be Proportional, thus allowing new and small parties and chance, and bigger parties with support across the province, yet not consentraited to have some say. Though many people who support PR think MMP is unfare like FPTP it is a compromise system. In the light of Canadians history and tradition and how we see ourselfs, I think this change would be best. It's not conservative, yet it is not radical or revolutionary and foreign to us like PR and STV is. I think MMP will hopefully take hold in all of Canada, I just hope BC's next referendum will not be on STV again!!! but on MMP. But knowing BC it won't be STV but it will be MTV which is worse then STV. lol
Could have sworn I put this in the Ontario section. *shrugs*
Just thought that those of you who are interested in the democratic reform aspects happening in ontario right now may wish to read the news letter I got from fairvote canada. Also a good orginization to join if you believe our system should be reformed one way or another.


Attention: Members and Supporters -- Register Now -- See Agenda Link Below!

Fair Vote Canada

Annual Meeting and Conference

April 21-22, 2006 West Block, Parliament Buildings, Ottawa

Everyone welcome!

The timing couldn�t be better for the 5th Annual Meeting and Conference of Fair Vote Canada.

The Government of Ontario just announced the impending formation of an independent Citizens� Assembly on Electoral Reform, which will undoubtedly lead to a provincial referendum on a new voting system in 2007. Meanwhile, the Quebec government continues to press ahead with its own MMP-PR proposal, despite strong criticism from Quebec reformers. In B.C., PR supporters are laying the groundwork for the 2008 referendum, and PEI reformers are regrouping in hope of another PR plebiscite. The federal Parliament has just convened, and another minority government will have to work in an environment where negotiations and deal-making are required. Will a federal electoral reform opportunity arise?

Against this backdrop, participants at the Fair Vote Canada conference will hear from and engage with an excellent array of speakers � electoral reform experts, campaign activists and an all-party panel of MPs. The agenda, speakers and format guarantee many lively discussions and learning opportunities.

Important Note: Due to Parliamentary security requirements, advance registration is required. The registration form is available here. The detailed agenda is available here.

Registrations can also be accepted by phone, by leaving your name, address and phone number at 416-410-4034. You will receive a return call within 24 hours confirming your registration.

Questions can also be directed to info@fairvotecanada.org or 416-410-4034.

Yours for a strong democracy,

Larry Gordon

Executive Director

Fair Vote Canada
26 Maryland Blvd.
Toronto, ON M4C 5C9

Ph: 416-410-4034
Fax: 416-686-4929

Just a interesting document to read about electoral systems. As you may already know Italy had an election this weekend. Came out very close. But Italy has changed there electoral system recently from pure PR with a low threshold to a mixed PR system where the winning party (coalition party and so on) get's 55% of the seats automatically. So for those of you who are stuck thinking only in extremes there has to be hundreds of different ways toy can mix up PV, FPTP, MMP and STV to get the system which seems the most fair to you.


I think any of the main systems in there pure form have big problems but when you start using aspects which work in your nation properly from all of them I think there is some good middle gorund.

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