Now the Franco-German Empire wants to run the Royal Navy

The Sun newspaper is, quite rightly, appalled at France's plans for an EU Navy and for Sarkozy's plans for the EU (aka Franco-German Empire), and not Britain, to control its own aircraft carriers (what would Canadians think if Mexico wanted to control Canadian warships?).

Britain currently has three aircraft carriers (with new giant supercarriers, three times larger, on the way), whereas France only has one - the Charles de Gaulle, which is so decrepit it spends the majority of its time in re-fit.

The Sun, in its own brilliant style, tells the French where to stick their barmy idea....

The Naval signal for ...
EU ocean-going idiots

The only language they understand ... our message to Eurocrats (see below for the key to reading it)

See for yourself ... the key to reading our flag message

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The Sun

Mayday ... Ark Royal and President Sarkozy

FRENCH President Nicolas Sarkozy got a volley of warning shots across his bow last night over his potty plan for an EU Navy.

Sarkozy, who takes over the EU presidency next month, wants to put a British aircraft carrier at the core of the new force.

Sailors' song ... for the EU Navy

It would mean either HMS Ark Royal or HMS Illustrious being permanently at sea, directed by Brussels and flying the European flag instead of the White Ensign.

French Defence Minister Herve Morin insists talks with Gordon Brown’s government about creating an EU Navy are “well-advanced”.

Her Majesty’s Royal Navy, or Europe’s? ... Queen inspects

But critics said the idea would make Admiral Nelson, who defeated the French in the Battle of Trafalgar, turn in his grave.

And the great man would tell Sarkozy to get lost using marine signals like those at the top of the page.

Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox said: “The EU’s military ambitions know no bounds.
“The whole concept of sharing naval assets with any other country is nonsense. How is it supposed to work? Do we say, ‘Sorry, it’s our turn to use the carrier?’


“We should be told whether this madness emanates from Paris or Downing Street.”

The proposal will also disturb the Pentagon as US military leaders are against anything that would endanger the Nato alliance.

Plan ... Sarkozy says talks with Brown are advanced

The idea is a central plank of Sarkozy’s plans for his EU presidency. He favours using British aircraft carriers because France’s single similar ship, the Charles de Gaulle, is decrepit and often in dry dock.

And he does not want to shell out the 2billion it would cost to build another one.

Ark Royal will be phased out in 2012 and Illustrious two years later. But the new British super-carriers – three times larger – are due to come into service in 2016.

The plan would also put 1,000 Navy personnel and some Harrier jump jets and Sea King helicopters at the EU’s beck and call.

A French defence ministry official said other countries, including Germany, “could contribute frigates, submarines or refuelling vessels as required”.

Sarkozy also wants an EU airborne fleet of plane refuellers and transporters, which would make huge demands on the RAF.

Neil O’Brien, of Open Europe think tank, said: “The EU political elite seem to have gone mad. No one in Britain wants to hand over our Navy to corrupt Brussels officials. Gordon Brown must not go along with this.”

The Defence Ministry said last night: “We have no plans to use an aircraft carrier in this way.”
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Britain wanted to join the play so badly. Would it hurt the new kid to share her toys? Control the games? That sounds a lot like some other spoiled child who's dominated sixty years worth of news.

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