The Christ's apostle warned America of the comet falling

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When the US planned and came with its allies with the purpose of invading Iraq in the year 1991 .. Abu Abd-Allah declared the warning of the USA and its allies of God's wrath... he said this Divine revenge may take place in the form of falling of comets down upon America, if it keeps its transgression and offense... the newspapers did not take it seriously, and his warning was not published .. he said: such punishment by God will be 40 days after the newspapers publish the warning.

Now, I have seen the tyrant USA, provoked by the Wicked Zionists of Tel Aviv, have come to the region, with intention may be of waging war on Iran in some way or another.. therefore, I have been much affected, and complained to God that the power and capability is by the hand of disbelievers, not by the hand of Muslims, and that Muslim countries have suffered much of the planning and designing of the Wicked Zionist of Tel Aviv, and their allies in America.

So I consulted God Almighty with the Glorious Quran, and the consultation came in this way:
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This is the soora that came in the consultation:

Soora 86
(In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

1. [I swear] by the sky [of Nineveh] and [its] 'night visitant'!

2. But can you imagine what such 'night visitant' was!?

[Then God – be glorified – explained what that ‘night visitant’ was, so He said:]
3. It was the comet with bright light.

4. There will not be [an angel] for every soul to guard it [when the punishment will come.]

The rest of this great soora and its explanation is in the link:
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And here is the recital of this great soora by an excellent reciter:
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How Iran can win in the present conflict:
This will be certain when Iranians refrain from their enthusiasm about the imams of the Prophet family, and consecrate the glorification for God alone, and seek God's assistance and help alone, and rely completely on God alone.

Then and only then, they will be triumphant, and none may overcome them, when God will be with the true monotheists, who devote their religion to God alone without associate or peer. iaters

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