Over due book returned 110 years late


In Lynn Ontario a person got a book at the library in 1899 and in the past couple of weeks the descendants found the lost book and decided to return it.

The Library waived the $9,000 fee.

The latest I ever returned a library book was five years after the due date and they charged me twenty dollars and a lecture in front of little kids on how important it was to bring back books by the due date.

I just remembered I have to bring back a book to the library soon I just have to remember where I put it.
I remember an episode of Married with Children (I am a big fan of the show). In it Al Bundy had an overdue book (The Little Engine That Could), which he had checked out as a child and failed to return. The fine was 2000 $ and Al of course never has two pennies to rub together.

In the typical Married with Children fashion the show was way over board, over the top and hilarious.