Now, I am an Asatru or Heathen follower from Northern European descent. However, Asatru is open to everyone. Where I live I am doing history, especially about European colonialism of America, Asia, and Africa after 1493. However, what most people have forgotten or don't know about is that Northern Europe, which had a different religious ideals to the rest of Europe and the Middle East was persecuted against from 1150 A.D. onwards, basically at the end of the Viking Age.

Some can claim that because Northern Europeans resembled Christian missionaries, and others who persecuted against them were white, it is extremely familiar to Asia, Africa, and America.

For example;

1. Culture and religious places were destroyed.

2. People were pushed off of their land if they practiced their Heathen religion in some areas, especially in Norway.

3. They were labelled as savages, just like in Asia and America and were considered 'evil' followers.

Now, with the success of the Christians missionaries against Asatru or Heathen people, who were good fighters, and were feared for their raiding and pillaging abilities, it was a blue print for the conquest and the destruction of the political, cultural, and social systems of African, American, and Asian peoples.