Hospital emergency

Having spent my weekend in the emergency ward in a hospital I must say I have new found respect for the people that work there. Amazing! nothing but chaos and extreme pressure. I would like to make their dreams come true, which is to have gordon campbell for a patient. One can only hope!

Now to my story, In my dad broom closet, where he spent the weekend, his roomate was dis poor fellow, beaten to a pulp he was I am serious! I even had to dial phone numbers for him, as his eyes were swollen shut. Yes dis man took a real beating from someone. Now when dis man became more comfortable with peapod and annoying mother, he revealed to us that in fact it was his girlfriend dat did this to him I cannots believe that a women could beat a man to a pulp like this. I have never seen dis before.
It's sad, but it happens more often than most people realize.

Edited cuz I can't type today.
Unfortunately women beat their partners as much as men do. They usually cause less damage though. Poor man. Hope he follows through with the police.

You don't want to get me started on our premier and health care. There is a good reason I left the province years ago and have no plans on heading back anytime soon. I am very happy with my decision to work in the US.
No, you have it all wrong. All domestic violence is due to men, and all men are capable of domestic violence. That's all there is to it. And don't you dare ever even think of anything different. All men are abusers and rapists, you have to remember that. Repeat after me.
Hey Tenpenny, you sound like maybe you work for a gov't funded councelling agency. Although you forgot the really important tag line of "and it will be years before you can support yourself again so just accept these welfare chq's until we tell you your ok...."

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