Lorenzo, Moses and Rizado.

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Lorenzo, Moses and Rizado.
Deja ir a mi gente!
Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

You seem to be unaware that the collective you grovel before are quite fond of Moses and the OT period he comes from, yet you are free to mock him and GOD with impunity, while a godless heathen like myself have great respect for both and their role in the path that brings God and mankind back together and death is nowhere in sight. You seem to thrive on many deaths as long it is the 'lesser races' that are doing the dying. You never did explain what that term means even when asked. That typical of anybody that is associated with any collective, in this place it is the Jewish Collective that have control and are the worst trolls in the place at the same time. Another achievement you are proud of when that is what you should have been trying to exterminate.

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Is that supposed to resemble the OT. Moses was so good all the people were dead 40 years before the deadline. Moses had the choice, live to be 120 outside the Promised Land or enter and die right away. Moses took the 40 years rather than let the 12 Tribes in 40 years earlier. Not really laying down your life for your friends is it? God is not on your side.

After the 40 years of being taught the 'new Law' they 'brave Jewish army' was killed by God Himself because they did not believe they could overpower an army of much bigger men. ( I would think that is who did the heavy lifting in Egypt and the Jews were the 'water-boys' only as their build is more for pushing pencils that heavy stones, know what I mean).
The way you mock Moses is the same tone when you are mocking the writer of the Quran. Being part of tghe collective comes with all sorts on immunity doesn't it? (I'm thinking not really)

BTW trolls should not line themselves up when they are having bowing balls of truth thrown at them. Just sayin, . . .

To be continued but feel free to explain your version of why God parked His #1 Prophet outside of the Promised Land until he was dust?
Lorenzo, Moses and Rizado = Larry, Moe and Curly
'Art they' NT or NT players? Not a huge surprise your Bible has things/platers that mine does not.
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