Trudeau Liberals blame India, claim interference

Are the Liberals using Putin's tactics? For a government that said they would be open and honest, I guess times change. Trudeau is following his promise to be inclusive. He wants to include criminals and attempted murderers in his vision of Canada I guess.

Federal claim of Indian interference in Trudeau event is ‘dangerously irresponsible,’ says Andrew Scheer

The Conservative leader challenged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to either back up the anonymous claim or renounce it.

- Bruce Camton-Smith, The Star

OTTAWA—The suggestion by a senior government official that rogue political elements in India were behind the invitation of a Sikh extremist to an event with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is “dangerously irresponsible” and risks eroding diplomatic ties, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says.

Scheer criticized the government’s damage control efforts that saw unnamed officials — perhaps one or more — suggest in some news reports that officials in India were somehow behind the embarrassing invitation of a convicted Sikh extremist, Jaspal Atwal, to an event with Trudeau during his India visit.

Even as Trudeau and his family were winging their way home Saturday from their weeklong visit to India, the political reverberations of the star-crossed trip were still being felt.

Scheer challenged the prime minister to either back up the anonymous claim or renounce it.

“I believe the prime minister either needs to substantiate these claims, that elements within the Indian government have played an active role in embarrassing our prime minister, or he needs to disavow these statements,” Scheer told the Star in an interview Saturday.

“The implications of saying that elements in the Indian government have played a role in this are profound.”

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This is hardly a surprise.
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Curious Cdn
They stumble-bumble around India like some sort of travelling clown show and then blame the Indians for not "molding" to their sunny ways.