UNC claims Christmas vacations, golf outings are microaggressions

What's the Opposite of Diversity?


By lance on June 26, 2016 5:00 PM | 1 Comment

The guidelines, posted to UNC's Employee Forum website Thursday, warn against terms like "husband/boyfriend," "you guys," and "I love your shoes!"

Claiming that "I don't know any LGBTQ people" is also deemed problematic, apparently even if it is a true statement.

To help staff members avoid microaggressions, the University of North Carolina advises gender-neutral dress codes and avoiding phrases like “husband/boyfriend.”

The guidelines, which were posted to UNC’s Employee Forum website Thursday, also warn against such potentially offensive behaviors as complimenting a woman’s shoes, asking people to “stand and be recognized,” and even scheduling vacations around religious observances

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UNC claims Christmas vacations, golf outings are microaggressions
Can Jewish girls still excuse themselves and go for a shpritz in a female washroom?
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