How can you tell grizzly dung from other bear dung?

It's got shotgun pellets in it and smells like pepper

from Fark

Two men are recovering from non-life threatening injuries after being attacked by a grizzly bear near Fernie, B.C., Wednesday morning.

Conservation officer Joe Caravetta said the men were near the top of Mount Proctor when the bear attacked.

He said one man hit the bear with bear spray, but that didn't stop the animal.

"That individual had a shotgun with him and at that time shot at the bear, hitting the bear," Caravetta said.

"But the bear still continued to pursue that individual and knock them down and chewed on him a bit before proceeding with its cub."

The men suffered injuries to their arms and legs but were able to flee and make their way to a nearby hospital. Caravetta said one man has been taken to a hospital in Lethbridge for treatment, while the other was treated at a hospital in Fernie and has since been released.

Conservation officers are investigating and attempting to locate the grizzly bear.

Grizzly bear chewed on B.C. man in attack near Fernie - British Columbia - CBC News
the bear had a cub, geez

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