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I'm British, so God knows what I am. I suppose a mixture of Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Norman, Viking, a smidgin of Roman, and maybe one or two other things.
My wife has done extensive

geneological work on my family. She has traced my roots back to the Mayflower passenger manifest in 1620, and beyond. A bit disappointing though, all pretty ordinary people. My family name is Fuller. Samuel Fuller (2) was a passenger on the Mayflower.

French Norman for me.
I am French, but my father comes from a British background, his father moved to Canada from England. My father and I have traced the roots of the family back to Scandanvia around the Viking or what I consider the Norman times in 900 A.D

There is actually a village named after a descendent of mine in England from that time period so we kind of ponder if it was named for a Norman warrior or ruler of that specific area that called the village after himself.
My father is a Cathlolic from the UK with some Irish roots. My mother is Canadian with Irish and UK roots
I'm Scottish on my mother's side and English on my father's side but still 100% British. Well, I might be about 95% British because my grandfather's grandparents came from the Isle of man, a Celtic island off the Northern coast of England. It isn't a part of the UK but is a UK dependency.

My dad is, at this moment, tracing back his family tree. He discovered that my great-great-great-great grandfather was born in 1808, just 3 years after the Battle of Trafalgar. That's the furthest back in time he has got to so far. I want him to try and go further back to see if I have an ancestor who actually fought in the Battle of Trafalgar. My grandad's grandmother started work in a cotton mill when she was 12 years old.
Martin Le Acadien
My Father's Family came to Virginia in 1630's as indentured servants and spread out from there. I am descended from 2 signers of the Declaration of Independence (Lee family of Virginia) which one of my ancestors was Zachory Taylor who carried out Manifest Destiny to the Max! Quite interesting bunch of cousins in that side of the tree.

My mother's family came from around Cheticamp, NS to South Louisiana in the Grand Derangement, the Family name of Pitre et Mailet is quite prominent in those areas. My ancestor, Felix Pitre had a farm and 100 acres of good land in Nova Scotia which is now a shopping mall of all things!!!!

My wife is descended from Claude (dit Grivois) Guidry et Margarite Petitpas who settled around Lahave which is now known as Lunenberg, Nova Scotia. The old Acadien Cemetary is where the couple was buried and is a national Canadian Historic site! The Family tree of the Guidrys is quite interesting in itself and has spread throughout Canada, the Carribbean, France and the US! Our cousines are everywhere. Quite prolific my wife's family and she has carried on the tradition! One of our daughters is dating a young man from Dieppe, NB and a distant cousin on my mohter's side! (Try about 8 times removed).
My family moved to Nouvelle France during the French Revolution (from Bretagne). Originaly of jewish origine (Menardi) we droped the "i" and change the "e" for a "" after converting to catholicism.

Of course the Menardi where originaly from Spain and fled to France during the inquisition.

The only thing I know from my mother side (Desjardins) is that one of her ancestor was hanged for gambling debt in New Orleans.
My family has no idea where it came from. The drunk
that started it all dropped the kids off at an orphanage.
And thus began a grand tradition of either doing it again,
or threatening to do it.
Everyone has interesting roots but me. Didn't have any relatives in the new world until around 1910 from Poland. Can't go too far back geneologically because most of them were illiterate and a lot of churches with Baptismal records were destroyed during a couple of wars. My wife has the interesting background. Her ancestors came up from central Mexico and settled in Northern New Mexico in the late 16th century. They've been intermarrying with the various Indian tribes there for hundreds of years. The novel "The Milagro Beanfield War" is a great description of that Spanish Speaking culture of Northern New Mexico.
A distant relative was a nut for geneology and pieced together a 130 page family tree. The family originates from the Ruhr area of Germany, then shifted into the Netherlands. He traced back our family tree to the 16th century, to the time of Martin Luther. One of my ancestors was involved in his reformation. Many generations were clergymen (kind of ironic considering my immediate family is rabidly agnostic). My great great (great?) grandfather was married to a cousin of Vincent van Gogh.
Ali Mahdi
Sorry to bring back an old topic.
I'm of Scottish and English descent. My paternal grandma was born in Canada to parents who came from the Bradford area of England and my paternal grandpa's great-great grandfather came to Canada in 1830 from southern Scotland. Indirectly, I may be able to trace my roots further back, but I'd have to check with my dad as he's the geneologist in the family!

My maternal grandparents came over in 1957 from Preston, Lancashire, England to "have a better life." My grandpa was born in Brighton, which is south of London. They had family here already that had come after World War One.
My hertige is a cross between German, French, and english roots, although the england connection was merely a residence. The German side of my family immigrated here during collectivization in Communist Russia. My family escaped with only their lives from Stalin, although many members were never heard from again.
My French/English side are descendents of the Norman royal family, particularily William the conquerer. They later left England as the Windsor family took over, to come to the US to run the tobacco trades on Jamestown Island in Virginia. They later played a major role in creating independence for the US, and then my family fought on both sides of the civil war in high ranks. My family later moved to Canada with a large fortune and bought a large chunk of Alberta. My Great grandpa later lost this do to a kangaroo court for Cattle rustling, after someone burried a neighbors stolen cattle on his land. He was targeted because he disagreed with prohibition of alcohol, and operated under semi-protection from the Queen. Before William the conquerer the trail runs cold, but my bloodline aparently was that of Jesus. The interelationships between the european royal families was quite common so almost all of them are my family. The last king of Denmark shared by sirname. Unfortunatley, despite my family being well known, most of the documents that concern my family before William are locked up and aren't available publicly. Hopefully some day I'll be able to see those.

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