Tories launch ad war against Trudeau
Brian Lilley
May 1, 2019
May 1, 2019 9:24 PM EDT
An image taken from one of the Conservatives' attack ads. (YouTube)
Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives are taking a major whack at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as we lunge towards election season.
A series of five ads in English and one in French are being released.
In English the recurring theme is that Trudeau is “not as advertised.”
Using imagery reminiscent of the “as seen on TV ads” that have cropped up over the years, the ads take on Trudeau on a number of issues from the deficit to the affordability of daily life and to the scandals that have plagued Trudeau’s government.
Perhaps the most damning ad is one that juxtaposes Justin Trudeau to U.S. President Donald Trump.
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The video opens on a smiling Donald Trump and continually pulls out revealing more and more of the full photo.
As the image grows the narrators says, “His administration continues to be rocked by chaos and controversy. The fallout continues over the firing of his attorney general and the resignations of his top advisors.”
As the image grows, it reveals that Trump is standing next to a smiling Justin Trudeau as a narrator talks about Trudeau’s attempts to shut down investigations into the scandal and his threat of a lawsuit against Scheer.
While that ad relies on straight narration, the remainder of the English ads rely on actors calling out Trudeau for not delivering on his promises of a balanced budget, a more open and transparent government and how life has allegedly become less affordable under Trudeau.