How to co-exist with these misunderstood reptiles

There are few animals as feared and as hated as the snake. Many campers and summer tourists fear encountering snakes during the summer months. Others dread seeing them in their residential yards or gardens. Some people hate snakes so much that they will kill them on sight when they are encountered. However, people truly have nothing to fear from these gentle and misunderstood animals. Snakes are very shy, timid, secretive, and generally docile creatures that try to avoid conflict whenever possible. Snakes will not make unprovoked attacks on people. When a person comes in contact with a snake, the snakes' first instinct will be to rapidly flee the area and find shelter. If the snake doesn't do this, it may just stay perfectly still to try to blend in with the surroundings. If the snake is captured it may still not resort to biting; proof of its gentle demeanor. The snake has several other tactics it can resort to as an alternative to biting. The snake may hiss, make mock strikes with a closed mouth, or flail around.

Snakes bites on humans usually only happen when someone is severely agitating and harassing the snake either when cornering it or provoking it. Almost 80% of snake bites on people happen when someone is trying to capture or kill the snake. All these facts show that snakes are not aggressive or evil animals. If you provoke and capture a wild animal, what can you expect except to be bitten since the animal is going to try to defend itself? Looking at things perceptively, if you went and grabbed a 'cute and cuddly' little squirrel off a tree it would certainly bite and scratch you. Snakes are no different. If you leave the snake alone it is almost impossible to be hurt by one!

The other percent of people bitten are those who may accidentally step on a snake in the wild. These bites could also have been easily avoided if care is taking to be as aware as possible when hiking in natural areas and to carefully watch your step. Even if a person is bitten by a snake; for non-venomous snakes the bite is nothing more then a few puncture wounds that rarely requires any more then a disinfectant. When a venomous snake bites a person there is a good chance that the snake didn't even inject venom. Snakes have venom first and foremost to subdue there prey, since they don't have arms to hold onto it, a means of subduing prey is necessary. The venom also helps the snake digest its meal. When the venom is injected it helps to break the prey down for the snake since snakes don't chew there food, but swallow it whole. We are too big for snakes to eat so the snakes will not want to waste their venom on biting us. Even if the snake does inject venom, proper medical treatment and anti-venom can usually save the persons life.

Only about 0.2% of people bitten by snakes in United States die from the bite. Of this small number of deaths, 90% are due to shock, not the actual bite. Similar stats apply to Australia which is home to over 60 kinds of potently venomous snakes. It is estimated to be even less in Europe. As said before, these bites could have easily been avoided. If you do encounter a snake just walk around it and leave it alone, it will not harm you in anyway. It is very easy to co-exist with these reptiles; snakes should also not be viewed as our enemies but our friends.

Snakes do many useful things for people. First off snakes are great controllers of rodents like rats and mice. Without snakes rodents and some insect populations would sky-rockets and these creatures would destroy crops, effecting our food industries and costing us millions of dollars. Rodents also spread diseases which could seriously affect our health. Snakes are great at hunting rodents because they can crawl into small burrows and other areas these rodents use as shelters. These places are too small for other animals to get into. Secondly snakes are saving the lives of millions of people every year. Snake venom is being used in the medical field to treat all sorts of aliments like heart & stroke disease, cancer, Parkinson's, blood clots, and more. Heart and stroke disease alone kills around 16 million people every year. So snakes are helping to make medicine that could save millions. Despite this, countless snakes are brutally killed every year by people! There are now over 60 species of snake listed on the World Conservation Union's Red List of Threatened Species.

We must look past our fear and ignorance and see snakes for what they really are, interesting creatures that play very important roles in the eco-system. Snakes are also stunningly beautiful animals that come in an astounding array of gorgeous colors and exquisite patterns. A fear of snakes is inherent, so we must learn not to pass our irrational fears onto our children. It is an awful thing to live in fear. When we look past our fear we can then see the snake as a friend, not a fiend.

I hope everyone that reads this will take the time to pass it along to others. Snakes have no voice in which to speak. This makes it important for those who do care to stand up and speak for those who cannot do it for themselves! Let others know how the snake is our friend, not a fiend!

NOTE: Even if you do not like snakes it is important to not harass or kill them. Most snakes in Ontario are listed as a "specially protected reptile" under the Ontario Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, which makes it illegal for them to be killed, trapped, held in captivity, or traded without a permit. Many other snakes also receive protection under the federal Species at Risk Act (SARA).


U.S. Food and Drug Administration(O.2% of bites result in death)

N.C State University Study 'Avoiding Snake Bites'(80% of bites occur from trying to capture or kill the snake)

Discovery Kids Ultimate Guide to the Awesome(90% of deaths are due to shock, not the bite)

sssssnakeman's like, "YEP! JUST LOOKIN' OUT FOR THE SNAKES!"
I refuse to bother any snakes that I encounter due to the benefits from having them around. Granted, I don't open the door to my house and say, "come on in", but I don't go killing all of them either. In northeast Georgia, at my house, I have encountered three kinds of snakes. There is a black snake around here somewhere (I see him about three times a summer -- although I have only seen him once this year) that's about four feet long. I have just basically walked up on him without knowing he's around a corner or whatever and he's been the most aggressive toward me -- although he's never struck... He's just hissed and coiled up.

The other is some sort of little ground snake -- about six inches long -- that literally hangs around behind my two car garage (the garage is enclosed). Whenever I cut grass, I purposely watch for him because he's been here all summer.

I saw a rattlesnake (the only venomous snake I can actually remember seeing although I have a story about another rattler beneath this paragraph) earlier this summer that was around two feet long but, as quickly as I saw him, he was gone. He just crawled off in another direction... Simply put, I went my way and it went its. I've often been told of a story from when I was a toddler (like one year old) and was actually outside playing with a rattlesnake. That was back in the days when you could play outside (and grandparents weren't afraid to let you) without fear of being murdered or raped, etc. Apparently, my brother walked up on me with the snake and ran in and told my grandparents. The snake only coiled up when my grandparents arrived but they did get me out of reach (and it never struck from what they said). Grandpa went in one direction while my grandmother took me inside and when grandpa returned (no doubt to kill the snake), it had already left. Snakes, from what I have seen, are generally pretty gentle and, unless they REALLY feel threatened will not attack.
They taste good. But now I feel guilty because they catch mice. Oh, some of them eat birds. Once a snake entered our bird cage and ate a bird, and then it couldn't get out of the cage. The other bird was frightened by its buddy's death, and became very sensitive ever since.
Yep! Snakes are useful in ridding us of some smaller pests and shouldn't be bothered by us unless they cause us problems. Personally I find most of them rather beautiful.
Woops; Saw the heading and naturally thought you was talkin about politicians and/or lawyers.............

Snakes are beautiful, but I wouldn't want to live near the Boonslang Viper or the Sawscale........Perfectly camo'd and will kill ya dead purty quick.

Ones we have around here are pretty harmless. Kerm don't likem though.

I'd still say the selection of lawyers / politicians in Canada are of the non-venomous type. All of the ones here in America are vipers.

Being that I live in BC and we have no really dangerous snakes so I'm fine with them.

the black and Green mamba scare the pants of me...but I don't live in their areas so I really have no idea what my reaction would be to their presence.
Someone get Samuel L. Jackson: U.S. Customs find 5 cobras in mail at JFK airport

Man calls cops to remove snake from car | Weird | News | Toronto Sun
I am terrified of snakes no matter what nice things you write about them. Yikes, there is just something about them that makes me shiver.
Snakes are cool.
crows eat snakes



Oh well, sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Twila View Post

Being that I live in BC and we have no really dangerous snakes so I'm fine with them.

the black and Green mamba scare the pants of me...but I don't live in their areas so I really have no idea what my reaction would be to their presence.

huh, 2007! still haven't seen a green or black mamba in person...I'm ok with that though.

Quote: Originally Posted by lambertbob912 View Post

I am terrified of snakes no matter what nice things you write about them. Yikes, there is just something about them that makes me shiver.

maybe it's because how fast they can move without legs? It's probably a genetic fear.
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Someone get Samuel L. Jackson: U.S. Customs find 5 cobras in mail at JFK airport

Man calls cops to remove snake from car | Weird | News | Toronto Sun

There are mother****in snakes in this mother****in thread!!!!
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Snakes are cool.

if they are not near.
Burmese pythons abandoned outside Newmarket pet store | Toronto & GTA | News | T
Curious Cdn
Quote: Originally Posted by spaminator View Post

Burmese pythons abandoned outside Newmarket pet store | Toronto & GTA | News | T

I doubt that they would survive the winter.
They were gift wrapped

York Regional Police say they were called to the reptile store on Monday morning after hearing reports that two bins full of snakes had been left outside in the sun.
Burmese pythons abandoned outside Newmarket pet store | Toronto & GTA | News | T
One of two Burmese pythons abandoned outside Newmarket pet store dies | Toronto
Gordon Ramsay cooks up Burmese python in Florida | Eat | Life | Toronto Sun

Man accused of smuggling king cobras in potato chip cans
First posted: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 10:14 PM EDT | Updated: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 10:18 PM EDT
LOS ANGELES — A man was arrested on federal smuggling charges Tuesday after customs officers intercepted a shipment with three live king cobras hidden inside potato chip canisters that were being mailed to his California home, U.S. prosecutors said.
Rodrigo Franco, 34, was scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles on a charge of illegally importing merchandise. It wasn’t immediately clear if he had an attorney who could comment on the allegations.
The three king cobra snakes — each about two feet (just over half a meter) long — were found in March when Customs and Border Protection officers inspected a package that was mailed from Hong Kong, prosecutors said. There were also three albino Chinese soft-shelled turtles in the package, authorities said.
Federal agents removed the cobras but delivered the turtles to Franco’s home in Monterey Park.
The agents later served a search warrant there and found tanks with a live baby Morelet’s crocodile, alligator snapping turtles, a common snapping turtle, and five diamond back terrapins. Prosecutors say all of the reptiles are protected under U.S. law.
Franco admitted to an agent from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that he had previously received 20 king cobras in two other shipments, but he said they all died in transit, according to court documents.
Federal agents also searched Franco’s phone and found that he exchanged messages with an individual in Asia about shipping turtles and snakes between Hong Kong and the U.S., prosecutors said. Franco said in those messages that he had previously received live cobras and planned to give five of the snakes to a relative of the contact in Virginia, court papers said.
If convicted, Franco faces up to 20 years in prison.
This undated photo provided by U.S. Fish and Wildlife shows a king cobra hidden in a potato chip can that was found in the mail in Los Angeles. Prosecutors say Customs and Border Protection officers found three live king cobra snakes while inspecting a package that was mailed from Hong Kong in March, 2017. Rodrigo Franco was charged Tuesday, July 25, 2017, with illegally importing merchandise. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife via AP)

Man accused of smuggling king cobras in potato chip cans | World | News | Toront
‘Ma’am, you have a what?!’: Unheard of 911 call in Ohio after boa constrictor attacks owner
First posted: Friday, July 28, 2017 08:49 AM EDT | Updated: Friday, July 28, 2017 09:37 AM EDT
SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio — Authorities say firefighters have rescued an Ohio woman after a boa constrictor wrapped around her neck and began biting her face.
The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram reports the unnamed 45-year-old Sheffield Lake woman called 911 Thursday afternoon asking for help.
“Oh, please! I have a boa constrictor stuck to my face!” the woman tells a dispatcher.
“Ma’am, you have a what!?” the confused dispatcher responds. “You’re outside with a boa constrictor stuck to your face?”
In a panic, the woman describes the scene.
“There’s blood everywhere,” she says. “Oh, God! Hurry! Please!”
Hear the entire 911 call:
The boa constrictor was one of two snakes she’d rescued the day before, the woman says.
Firefighters found the woman lying in the driveway of her home with the snake wrapped around her neck and biting her.
A firefighter used a pocketknife to cut off the snake’s head.
The woman was taken to a hospital for apparent non-life threatening injuries.
The woman had 11 snakes, including nine ball pythons and the boa constrictors.
Sheffield Lake is about 25 miles (40.kilometres) west of Cleveland in Lorain County.
‘Ma’am, you have a what?!’: Unheard of 911 call in Ohio after boa constrictor at
Mississauga man tried to ship live snakes in mail: U.S. officials
First posted: Tuesday, August 15, 2017 11:33 AM EDT | Updated: Tuesday, August 15, 2017 12:08 PM EDT
BUFFALO, N.Y. - Federal prosecutors in New York say a Canadian man attempted to ship live snakes to China through the mail.
The U.S. attorney’s office in Buffalo says 28-year-old Chaoyi Le, of Mississauga was taken into custody Friday in Los Angeles after getting off a flight from Shanghai.
Prosecutors say he previously was found with 55 live reptiles — including ball pythons — in Chicago during a trip from Toronto to China in February 2014. Officials say many of the reptiles are protected under international law.
Two months later he was stopped while entering Canada from the U.S. and was found to have three albino Western hog-nosed snakes hidden in his socks.
Officials say he faces charges and will be sent back to Buffalo.
It wasn’t clear if he has a lawyer.
Mississauga man tried to ship live snakes in mail: U.S. officials | Toronto & GT
Broken-hearted snake handler livestreams suicide
By Brad Hunter, Toronto Sun
First posted: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 06:52 PM EDT | Updated: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 07:00 PM EDT
Video blogger Arslan Valeev — a well-known Russian snake expert — let his deadly black mamba bite his hand as he livestreamed his suicide.
Viewers then watched as the 31-year-old deteriorated before their eyes.
Valeev had been devastated by the recent break-up of his marriage and showed viewers where the poisonous reptile had bit him.
Eventually, his limbs became numb and viewers didn’t see the former zoo employee’s actual demise — it’s believed he died minutes after the livestream ended.
The snake handler had recently accused his wife Ekaterina ‘Katya’ Pyatyzhkina of cheating on him and he allegedly battered her for it and she suffered a concussion. Valeev later publicly apologized.
A pal told Russian media that Valeev remained sad over the split.
And on the livestream, he gave out her phone number begging her to visit him before he died.
“This is Katya’s number, if someone manages to call her, if she has time to come to me and see me, I would be happy,” he told his thousands of viewers.
“In fact I’m already dying. Farewell. I would be glad to see Katya. Damn, I’m shaking.”
One viewer called an ambulance but by the time it arrived, it was too late.
But before his fatal production, Valeev was open when it came to his searing heartache.
“I cannot describe in words the extent of my disappointment with myself,” he said. “I cannot describe the shock that I experience every day when I wake up in this new world without someone I have lost and deserved to lose, who I was with a couple of seconds ago in a dream.”
He added: “If it makes you feel better, it hurts and I’m lonely. I know what to do, I’ve heard a lot of advice, but the feeling of emptiness and a broken life can only pass with time.
“Miracles do not happen, we do not live in a fairy tale.”
Ekaterina ‘Katya’ Pyatyzhkina.

Broken-hearted snake handler livestreams suicide | World | News | Toronto Sun
WATCH: Campus cop freaks out while battling snake with trash can
First posted: Friday, September 29, 2017 09:29 AM EDT | Updated: Friday, September 29, 2017 09:38 AM EDT
ORLANDO, Fla. — An online video shows a jittery police officer who’s afraid of snakes using a trash can to try to catch one at the University of Central Florida.
Carl Metzger, the deputy chief of the university’s police department, calls the video humorous. He added that the incident, which occurred earlier this month on the Orlando campus, is a result of ophidiophobia — the fear of snakes.
Metzger tells local news outlets everyone got a good laugh but it’s “obvious that that particular officer is uncomfortable with snakes.”
The video shows the officer jumping around, trash can in hand, trying to capture the elusive black snake.
Metzger says the officer, whose name wasn’t released, did his best “and ultimately accomplished his mission” of getting the snake out of the building.
A jittery police officer tires to catch a snake with a trash can recently at the University of Central Florida's Orlando campus. (Animalkind/Facebook)
WATCH: Campus cop freaks out while battling snake with trash can | World | News
Mississauga man with snakes in socks pleads guilty
The Canadian Press
First posted: Wednesday, October 04, 2017 07:35 AM EDT | Updated: Wednesday, October 04, 2017 07:49 AM EDT
BUFFALO - An Ontario man who was caught trying to smuggle snakes into Canada in his socks has pleaded guilty in an American court.
Chaoyi Le, 28, is facing up to five years in prison after pleading guilty Tuesday to violating wildlife regulations, according to prosecutors in Buffalo, N.Y.
Le’s lawyer, Victor Sherman, said he’s requesting a more lenient sentence of time served.
Le, described in court documents as a resident of Mississauga, Ont., was arrested in April 2014 at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge in western New York.
According to the complaint filed against him, Le was discovered with three western hog-nosed snakes concealed in his socks.
Le initially told customs agents he found the snakes in a New York park, but later admitted to purchasing them for about $500, the complaint said.
He had also mailed a package of snakes to China from the U.S. on the same day, court documents said.
The arrest marked the end of Le’s brief but active time sending live reptiles via mail, the documents said. The complaint said he began doing so in 2013, making several crossings from Ontario to the U.S.
The complaint said Le became a regular customer at a UPS store somewhere in the Buffalo area, where he would travel to send and receive packages.
Le came to the attention of customs officials once before the April 2014 incident, it said.
While en route to China from Toronto in February 2014, Le was stopped at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and was found to be travelling with an assortment of 55 reptiles, including pythons and turtles.
Le was charged in Canadian court with various wildlife violations, according to court documents.
After an initial court appearance, Le flew to China in the summer of 2014 — after his April arrest — and informed customs officials he would be there for the next year or two and would not be attending scheduled Canadian court dates, documents said.
The charges in Canada were ultimately withdrawn in July 2015, according to the American complaint.
Le was then arrested by U.S. authorities this past August when he flew to Los Angeles from Shanghai.
Sherman said Le is set to be sentenced on Oct. 30.
Mississauga man with snakes in socks pleads guilty | Toronto & GTA | News | Toro
There should be a truck coming up at a police auction soon, just sayin, . . .
Curious Cdn
Chaoyi Le, 28

Were those cooking snakes or Chinese "medicine" snakes?
Florida python swallows deer fawn
Associated Press
More from Associated Press
March 3, 2018
March 3, 2018 3:37 PM EST
Biologists at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida say a Burmese python had devoured a white-tailed deer fawn. (Conservancy of Southwest Florida)
Warning: This story contains a graphic image.
NAPLES, Fla. — Researchers studying invasive Burmese pythons in Florida came upon something they’d never seen before: an 11-foot-long python had consumed an entire deer that weighed more than the snake itself.
The wildlife biologists tracking the slithery creatures stumbled upon bloated snake in Collier Seminole State Park, and when they moved the creature it began regurgitating a white-tailed deer fawn.
Biologist Ian Bartoszek told the Naples Daily News that the fawn weighed 35 pounds; the snake 31.5.
(Conservancy of Southwest Florida)
“We were sitting there just trying to process that an animal this size could get its head around what turned out to be a deer,” Bartoszek said. “It’s surreal to see that in the field.”
Bartoszek said it was the largest python-to-prey weight difference he had measured.
Burmese pythons, which can grow nearly 20-feet long, were brought to South Florida as pets in the late 1970s. They were released into the wild, and have become a problematic invasive species.
White-tailed deer are an important food source for Florida’s endangered panthers, so the researchers are concerned the pervasive snakes could also impact the health of the big cats.
If the snake had been left in the wild, it would have digested the entire deer, Bartoszek said.
He said the predator-to-prey size ratio stunned his team.
“It showed my team and myself what we were actually dealing with out there, what this python is capable of,” he told the newspaper.
Florida python swallows deer fawn | Toronto Sun
The adder is Britain's only venomous snake. The word "adder" comes from the Anglo-Saxon "nædre", which means "snake", "serpent." It ended up becoming "a nadder" but, in the 14th Century, it was rebracketed to "an adder" (just as "a napron" became "an apron" and "a nompere" changed into "an umpire").

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Texas man bitten by severed rattlesnake head almost dies | Toronto Sun

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