Anti-sealing vessel seized, two arrested

CTV News
Canadian Coast Guard officers, along with the RCMP and fisheries officials have seized a vessel belonging to the militant, anti-seal-hunt Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and arrested its captain and first officer.

A sealed deal-we can't win for losin'

This is for You and Stephen Hawking....

As a green friendly Canadian...I believe in the balance and sustainability of the earths ecology. Not only as a humane animal of this earth. Also as a individual who is proud( for the most part )of being 1 piece of a sovern canadian family!
...In the name of humanity. I would side with the government of Canada on this issue.
Cautioning green extremists, to watch how they proceed, with the potentially disasterous consequences of their actions.
I feel a lot of ground has be made on the green front in the past few years.Thanks to the hard work of many environmental organizations. I would hate for all the progress to become waste..
Individuals through the new power of "point and click" knowledge, will undoubtably become more globally aware, of the impact we have.
Not as much on the planet as on oursleves as energy eaters.
We will have to change our consumptuous ways!
The slaughter of infant seals pulls on the heart strings. I respect Paul Watson and the compassion shared by many such organizations . On these sensitive issues.
.I believe someone has to speak on behalf of those who can't speak for themselves.
However, this situation now threateneds to negatively impact the growing progress on all fronts..
Be green, but be careful not to go overboard on such complex and potentially chaotic situations. Such is this issue...
If we are not careful of our next few steps . More risk drowning in rough waters!..
Who will be around to save the victims and control the population of swarming sharks, now moving in for the upcoming feeding frenzy .The bait has been set..( why is it no one ever likes to protect the ugly animals(kill'em all right?)) ........!
Who will calm the perfect storm that's brewing?... ..

Thank-you for your time and this space...


....If an elephant and I were the last animals left on earth ...
and all means of living in harmony were threatened by a rampaging Elephant .May that elephant R.I.P!
.I would, however, give my word to the dying elephant. That it and all that was before .Would for as long as I lived , be remembered...
...Of course I wouldn't expect the same from the elephant...
Humans are humane ..But we are animals first . some more than others!!
Watch the battles you choose...some you can't win for losin'!
I know let's get rid of all those damned mosquitoes..What are they good for anyway??

Over and out there...

Thank -you Canadian conservative government , and gas/oil companies, for again stickn your finger in the ear of Your fellow Canadians...Raising prices ....dragging Canadians and many others through the mud on the prospect of arctic oil , gas, water and whatever else you want to War.. Rape and ravage ..Pillage the village....Not only do we get it in the ear, we get it in the ear!.....I am not a liberal, but I am thinking this carbon tax is a great idea..It is the only way the people will see their money put to good use...There should be an environmental impact assessment done in artic before any further action is agreed to.There are great concerns on how drilling will affect the surroundings..primarily water ,wildlife and climate concerns...Oil cares nothing about anything but $$$$$$$$$$$...They prove it by there negligence and greed!!!!...Rape it for all its worth til there's nothing left!!..It is time things change!!!..I applaud Quebec and Ontario for its move on green initiatives....The Harper government is out of line and out of touch with reality!!!.....Mr. Harper is too wrapped up in trying to control the people through his Information technology interests ...Come back to Earth Harper .There are real people down here!!..
Feet on the ground.Head in the clouds.
Over and out there from here!
A Sealed deal..2
I will admit..P.M. Harper spoke well on behalf of Canada at E.U.. Sealed the deal quite well..They're our Canadian seals, and we'll club 'm all we like.
There's No need for concern..We are Continuously evaluting and balancing environment/wildlife concerns with strick Regulations and proper conservation..We can ensure all those concerned, We Will stay well within our boundry's, on issues such as these...Thank-you...
Hey Mr.Harper have you given Mr Watson/Green peace back their boat ..Since the last attack on sealers?.......Re- The sealed deal...Will find ..gotta go way back for this one