Rambo @ 80 years old.

Put some clothes on FFS.

Got a cam preview, I have to say he did cover up the flesh stuff pretty good. He would be better if the backdrop was a UN CEO (Jerusalem version rather than NY,NY) rebuilding the impoverished places where all the wheels works as intended rather than playing 'daddy'. I can appreciate beast look /putty angle if I was the heart strings type of guy, I'm not, . . . anymore. Few years ago he would be heading a first aid crew and then the railroaders as they brought the goods thing of the wet to impoverished places.

I have a different view of what the world needs these days which shows 'progress' is not always a good thing.
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His son died of a drug overdose a few years ago.

Yeah, funny he didn't take out johnson and johnson when he did the golden triangle..
He's death now?