How To Get Rid Of Red Wasps Naturally

I found some natural solutions that are very effective.

Killing With Liquid Soap
Get a good quantity of dish washing liquid in a hose-end sprayer
Let the water going until the suds starts.
Hit the nest from as far away as you can, while still maintaining a strong flow of spray.
Do this in the evening a couple of days in a row, after all the wasps have returned home for the night.
Don’t forget to wear long pants and sleeves clothing, especially if you have low water pressure.
The soapy water works well since insects of all kinds usually have their skeletons on the outside of their body. The cohesive property of water usually prevents the water from entering their exoskeleton, but soap disrupts the surface tension of water. Hence, it made this a very effective natural wasp killer.
Yeah, I found this liquid soap trick when I was dealing with roaches in our backyard. For pests like them, it's easier to just "choke" them with the liquid soap as they can't breather through their body/exoskeleton.
A squirt bottle with mild soap solution is a good way to shoo flying pests without alarming them
Shaving cream pressured in the nest opening is the best soap!
Really, another kind of soap used on ants caused them to get terminal diarrhea after eating some of it. That is why it is mixed 50/50 with white sugar.
Curious Cdn
50 Cal. .... keep firing until they're gone.

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