Stupid, Dumb and Just Plain Ignorant Cop Thread

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"Stupid, Dumb and Just Plain Ignorant Cop Thread"

At first I thought this must be a mistake but sure enough, it's a
Stupid, Dumb and Just Plain Ignorant Thread

Here is an article illustrating crime rates and drug addictions WILL NOT go down as long as LIE-berals are in charge!! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Try this one on...............................................

Ontario man's drug-trafficking case tossed over road-side strip search

By Colin Perkel, The Cdn Press

Published December 10, 2019

TORONTO — A man found with a significant amount of cocaine and heroin has had his case thrown out after a three-day trial because police strip-searched him on the side of a highway and delayed his access to a lawyer.

In his decision, Ontario Superior Court Justice Cary Boswell excluded incriminating evidence because officers violated Robert Cave's constitutional rights.

"I appreciate that police officers have dangerous jobs," Boswell wrote. "(But) there were steps the police could have taken to ensure their safety, short of pulling down Mr. Cave's pants at the roadside."

(OH? And perhaps the hug a thug judge might to PERSONALLY take the risk of showing cops THE RIGHT WAY of dealing with dangerous criminals?? As readers of my stuff will know - I have repeatedly invited LIE-berals to EXPLAIN what those alternative steps might be - with NO RESPONSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Court documents show Cave was arrested in November 2017 in Barrie, Ont., when Det. Const. Jason Breedon, acting on information about a suspected drug trafficker, stopped the vehicle Cave was in. A police check turned up information that Cave was considered "armed and dangerous," even though he had no criminal record and no outstanding charges.

(So the tip was right about drugs and maybe they just caught him in an unarmed moment with gun left elsewhere??????????????????)

At one point, Breedon noted a bulge in the crotch-area of Cave's pants. While the officer and suspect offered contradictory evidence about whether the subsequent search was consensual, Breedon and another officer pulled down Cave's pants — but not his underwear — to his thighs as he stood by the police vehicle.

(Considering that we recently saw a handcuffed Toronto drunk driver - who had ALREADY gone through a pat down before being arrested - and there he was -video taped in the back of a police cruiser on the way to jail - wiggling around so he could stash HIS GUN on the floor in hope of later denying it was his - there is little wonder that cops would take care in dealing with a hard core drug dealer!!!!)

(Clearly a simple police pat down DOES NOT always reveal what a criminal may be carrying and hiding - thus the NEED for a strip search!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

They found a sock containing cocaine tucked inside his boxer shorts.

The officers testified the search took only a few seconds and said Cave was never exposed to members of the public.

(Police vehicles are usually LARGER vehicles and thus a person standing behind one WOULD be screened from road and casual observers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

In his analysis, Boswell found Cave's arrest legal and the search of the truck he was in justified. In addition, the judge said, the bulge the officers observed in Cave's crotch area warranted further investigation for weapons or drugs.

"Where I have a difficulty is the manner in which the search was conducted," the judge said. "I am not satisfied that there were sufficiently exigent circumstances present to justify a roadside strip search."

(Ah yes- the usual LIE-beral hug a thug weasel words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

While the search of the handcuffed suspect was brief and involved male officers who did not touch his private parts, Boswell nevertheless found it violated Cave's rights.

(To bad about the public right to be free of drug addicts and dealers and potentially armed gang bangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

"I do not find that Mr. Cave consented to having his pants pulled down on the side of the road," Boswell wrote. "The manner in which the search was conducted was not discrete."

(I am sure Mr. Cave would be no more happy to have his pants pulled down at a police station either!! And yet always hypocrite LIE-berals have INSISTED that female jail guards have the right to work at male prisons - where they will be supervising men taking showers or using the toilet so where is the LIE-beral concern for public modesty in that??????????????????????????????????)

Cave testified he felt intimidated and humiliated and Boswell said he accepted the testimony.

(Oh gosh!! And what about the lives destroyed by his drug “product”?????????????)

The Supreme Court has made it clear strip searches are highly intrusive and humiliating, and need to be done carefully. Courts have since repeatedly stated the importance of ensuring such searches be carried out in maximum privacy.

(Yeah, yeah and what about cop safety while transporting prisoners WHO MAY BE ARMED?? And what about the reality of it being easier to buy drugs IN JAIL than on the street?? MORE strip searches seem to be NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Boswell also found police further violated Cave's rights by delaying his access to a lawyer for about 90 minutes after the arrest.

(OH DEAR ME!! A 90 minute delay until his lawyer arrived?? Our Justice of the Peace - the people who generally arrange bail - generally work 8 am - 4 pm so if Cave was arrested after 5pm he would BE SPENDING THE NIGHT IN JAIL ANYWAY - waiting for a Justice of the Peace to come back on duty - regardless of when his lawyer spoke to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

"Society's interest in the adjudication of this case on its merits must give way in this instance," Boswell wrote. "Permitting the admission of the evidence seized from Mr. Cave, in light of the numerous charter breaches I have identified, would tend to bring the administration of justice into disrepute."

(IN the last party convention before the election - LIE-beral rank and file members made it clear they believe that all drugs- including Heroin and Cocaine should be legalized - so this judge is simply following standard LIE-beral practice in bending the rules to excuse a hard core drug dealer using a spurious interpretation of our LIE-beral written constitution - and the judge is FORCING poisonous LIE-beral values onto the long suffering general public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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Guelph police apologize, say man was wrongfully accused of child porn
Canadian Press
January 20, 2020
January 20, 2020 12:28 PM EST
A Guelph Police cruiser (
Police in Guelph have issued a public apology to a man they say was wrongfully accused of voyeurism and possessing child pornography.
The force says Derrick Miller was arrested at Guelph’s City Hall on July 27, 2016 for possession of child pornography and voyeurism. The next day a press released was issued saying he had been charged with those offences.
Police say he was not, in fact, charged with either crime when the press release was sent out “or at any other time.”
In a statement Monday morning, police say Miller was not in possession of child porn or engaged in voyeurism.
The police service says it “sincerely apologizes” for the embarrassment and damage stemming from the incident.
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Guelph police apologize, say man was wrongfully accused of child porn
Canadian Press
January 20, 2020
January 20, 2020 12:28 PM EST
A Guelph Police cruiser (
Police in Guelph have issued a public apology to a man they say was wrongfully accused of voyeurism and possessing child pornography.
The force says Derrick Miller was arrested at Guelph’s City Hall on July 27, 2016 for possession of child pornography and voyeurism. The next day a press released was issued saying he had been charged with those offences.
Police say he was not, in fact, charged with either crime when the press release was sent out “or at any other time.”
In a statement Monday morning, police say Miller was not in possession of child porn or engaged in voyeurism.
The police service says it “sincerely apologizes” for the embarrassment and damage stemming from the incident.

So.......WHO SCREWED UP?????????????

Was it some govt flack rushing out to BLAB with incomplete news??????????

AND WE ALL KNOW HOW BADLY LIE-berals and their hacks, flacks and fart catchers want to remove that


So we should expect them to RUSH TO ANNOUNCE whenever a child molestor might be facing justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But aint it FUNNY HOW THAT RUSH TO ANNOUNCE ONLY CUTS ONE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Consider Terry-Lynn McClintick - the VICIOUS HARPY THAT LURED 9 year old TERRY STAFFORD


And McClintik told LIE-berals she was a POOR MISS-GUIDED NATIVE - SO SHE GOT SENT


Just a quaint little bunch of cottages for the VISITORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is an article graphically illustrating the LIE-beral TOTAL LACK OF INTEREST in combatting crime of any sort!! With some comments of my own in brackets):

B.C. disbanded RCMP unit after report warned possible crime figure bought stake in casino

By Sam Cooper, Global News

Published January 15, 2020

A businessman “connected to Asian organized crime” was allowed by a British Columbia government employee to buy part of a B.C. Lottery Corp. casino, according to a confidential RCMP report obtained by Global News.

And the government employee was later hired in a B.C. casino.

(Isnt that nice- one hand washes the criminal taint off the other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The explosive accusation is just one example of organized crime’s alleged infiltration and corruption of B.C. government casinos, according to a January 2009 RCMP anti-illegal gaming unit report.

(Oh and this “explosive report” is just coming to light NOW?? A couple of YEARS AFTER some CBC reporters used govt tax money to illustrate HOW EASY it was to launder cash in B.C. Casinos with no questions asked!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The report also contained jarring allegations of victimization, including that women with gambling debts in Asia were being trafficked to B.C. and forced into sex work, and that children in B.C. had been thrown in the trunk of a car and warned at gun-point that their father owed $300,000.

(LIE-berals are great believers in personal responsibility and accountability -for the general public!! Of course that LIE-beral MP with OVER TWO MILLION DOLLARS in gambling debts got much different help and treatment last year!!!!!)

The report argued the RCMP anti-illegal gaming unit (IIGET) should target the drug cartels using B.C. Lottery Corp. casinos in combination with illegal casinos, to launder money.

At the time the IIGET was funded by B.C. Lottery Corp., and was only permitted to target illegal casinos.

(ISNT THAT NICE- BC Lottery Corp used tax money to target ILLEGALS only!! And ignored the bad apples in its own ranks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

But three months later, instead of following the report’s recommendations, B.C.’s government defunded and disbanded the illegal gaming unit.

(One has to wonder if there were bribes or threats offered in exchange for THAT COZY CRIME POSITIVE DEAL???????????????????)

Critics of B.C.’s casino industry have long questioned the decision to kill the RCMP unit.

In an interview, former Crown prosecutor Sandy Garrossino said the confidential RCMP report — obtained through extensive freedom of information requests by Global News — “is shocking to the conscience” and points to “the appearance of corruption in the regulatory system.”

“I always believed in this report we would finally find this kind of detail, and it is so important it is finally coming to light,” Garrossino said.

“I can’t imagine why there should not be an investigation into what were the circumstances of disbanding the IIGET unit.”

B.C. government documents claim the decision was based on funding pressures in the B.C. Lottery Corp. and that IIGET was ineffective.

(Well sure- if you LIMIT the targets and HOG TIE the prosecutors -then there will NOT be useful results!!!!!!!!!)

READ MORE: Secret police study finds crime networks could have laundered over $1B through Vancouver homes in 2016

“Illegal and legal gaming have been interlinked”

(And how is THAT LINK any sort of surprise?? Have we learned NOTHING from the history of Las Vegas????????????????????????)

The January 2009 RCMP report stressed that money laundering between legal and illegal casinos was an integrity concern for B.C.’s government.

It said that organized crime could make big money in underground casinos, and “through the infiltration of legitimate gaming venues” easily launder and transfer the criminal proceeds.

And B.C. government and criminal casinos had become intertwined in a dirty economic loop, the report said, even sometimes sharing the same card dealers and loan-shark networks.

“Illegal and legal gaming share the same issues, such as loan-sharking, extortions, assaults, kidnappings and murders,” the report says. “And illegal and legal gaming have been interlinked when, in some cases, casino staff have directed patrons to loan sharks or to common gaming houses.”

READ MORE: B.C. casino ‘knowingly accepted’ millions from banned loan shark, audit alleges

These links between government facilities and underground casinos suggested that “corruption undermines the integrity of gaming in British Columbia,” the report said.

But in the case of one B.C. casino that is not identified in the report obtained by Global News, the organized crime connection was more fundamental and damaging to the integrity of gaming.

“More specific connections to Asian Organized Crime is/was through a subject, connected to Asian organized crime, who was allowed to buy into a casino,” the report said, pointing to an unidentified investor whose “casino business associates also have Asian Organized Crime connections.”

“The regulatory investigator, involved in the share transfer process, is alleged to have known about these connections when this subject originally bought into a casino,” the report said. “The regulatory investigator is now retired from the provincial government. However, he still appears to be involved in the legitimate gaming industry.”

(It would appear that our LIE-beral overlords take our IMMENSE, ECONOMY CRIPPLING DEBTS more seriously than we expected - so much so they are willing to endure organized crime and violence in exchange FOR A SHARE OF CASINO GRAVY!!!!!!!!)

In an interview, Denis Meunier, former deputy director of Canada’s anti-money laundering watchdog Fintrac, said the allegations of criminal connections and ownership in B.C. Lottery casinos are “explosive.”

“For licensing, casinos are expected to conduct due diligence on the owners, the employees and any associates, to ensure criminals and their associates are nowhere near casino ownership or operations,” Meunier said. “In my view, if (the criminal casino ownership allegations) were reported to anyone (in B.C. government and RCMP) and they were not further investigated, there is a breach. Because there is a fiduciary or legal responsibility to the public. This is shocking.”

The report does not identify the B.C. government employee that it alleges knowingly allowed a person connected to organized crime to buy into a B.C. casino, before taking a job with an unidentified casino company.

In an interview, Garossino said that a “revolving door on turbocharge,” involving former government and police employees that have taken jobs in the B.C. casino industry, has created dangers of corruption.

(This issue of govt employees joining groups they are supposed to be regulating extends even to Tesla Motors - which hired a former Wynne-bag “specialist” after Wynne-bag demonstrated her price gouging prowess with our electricity file!!!!!!)

“All of these (report allegations) are of a piece, of a mentality of turning a blind eye to criminality,” Garossino said. “Anyone connected to organized crime, it is a complete collapse of regulatory oversight that such an individual is allowed anywhere near a provincially-licensed gaming site, in terms of ownership or any stake.”

(As I have said before- LIE-berals long ago decided that fighting crime in any real way would be to COSTLY to bother with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The minister responsible for reviewing the January 2009 RCMP report and the decision to disband IIGET, former B.C. solicitor general Rich Coleman, has stated the unit was ineffective.

But Garossino said she believes details in the report “shred the credibility” of the B.C. government’s explanation for shutting down IIGET.

“It is stunning to me that any government official would be provided this information, and the Solicitor General’s response was, rather than to grant police the resources they were seeking, to do the reverse, and disband this unit,” she said.

(LIE-berals DO NEED THEIR GRAVY to BUY VOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

“Children were kidnapped and murders took place in the pursuit of money and the provincial government knew it."

"You have every appearance of human trafficking and women forced into prostitution. It’s not just that they did nothing, but they actively disbanded this unit. So it is as if that is an intervention in making the police stop, from looking at the corruption they wanted to probe.”

B.C. Liberal minister intervened to raise betting limits, ignoring money laundering warnings about Chinese VIPs

(Higher betting limits means more tax rake off for LIE-berals - and to hell with the ignorant general public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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Oh T-bonesforbrains - your latest propaganda effort is apparently SO VILE

that Youtube TOOK IT DOWN!

Your "link" leads only to a Youtube message telling us the "video has not been made available in your country"!

So where did YOU GET IT?

From your pals in Moscow? Or from Beijing? Or TEHRAN?

Though it is encouraging - I GUESS - that you are not telling your own lies- and are now relying on others to LIE for you!