Today, I am a resident of this infamous city. Last night I learned we had a three month project up north, commencing Monday. This week has been really slow, and my coworker has a course to complete and luckily I had the day off. For the first time since New Years Eve, I decided to drink. I decided to drink a lot actually. So much so that I am typing with a pounding headache, and bloodshot eyes.

I met this Native girl in the bar of a Howard Johnson. She was very friendly, and I bought her a beer. We drank and conversed for 15 minutes. I was a little tipsy, and it was snowing in Edmonton, so I mentioned that I would be getting a hotel room, and invited her for drinks. She accepted. While we watched TV, she was flirting with me, and within 15 minutes of her arrival, we were having sex.

The rest of the night is a bit of a blur, but one thing I do remember is her pulling out a pipe, and smoking crack cocaine with it. I thought to myself "oh shit" and began to regret everything. Luckily she was not too belligerent. However, I made sure to hide my wallet and cell phone, having been burnt in the past.

When I awoke, I was hungover and she was gone. Such is life for one who works in the oil and gas industry...