This Guy Must Represent Normal Conservative

A lot of secularists would shrug this off. "Where's the harm?" they'd say. "Mouth the words, win your freedom, and once you're back among friends, go back to doing as you please." I don't mean to dismiss their contentions out of hand, nor do I feel any but the highest respect for them, but they're a bunch of BLEEP!ing idiots. There's nothing in the world more easily detected, given time, than insincerity. Just a few high-profile kidnap victims reverting to "infidel" status would, with the enthusiastic "help" of our Old Media, give the game away for good and for all. After that, the slaughter of Westerners would be unrestrained.

Any number of microcephaloids have lambasted me for asserting -- and demonstrating, from the Qur'an's own words! -- that Islam is an evil creed. It's time to wake up, morons. We're at war with something ideologically at least as bad as Communism or Nazism and practically far worse: something that commands a billion-plus adherents and rules 22 distinct nations. Six million of its devotees walk among us unmolested. Your "multiculturalism" BS will no longer float in reality's bowl.

It's time to play the kind of hardball America played in 1942:

* Every nation with an Islamic regime must lose our official recognition at once.
* Every nation with an Islamic regime must be embargoed at once.
* Every nation with an Islamic regime must be notified that it will have no diplomatic relations nor trading privileges with the United States until it has overthrown its government and erected a wholly secular state.
* America must remilitarize immediately, possibly to World War II levels. It is imperative that we prepare for the invasion and decapitation of Iran and Syria at the minimum. Those nations are working toward the mass slaughter of innocents, whether by direct military action or through the mobilization of legions of Muslim "martyrs." They must be stopped, by any means expedient, before they can actuate their plans.

Please don't mistake me. I'm not advocating the military removal of the governments of 22 nations. I'm advocating the complete extinction of Islam. I don't want there to be even one practitioner of that vile creed left alive and free when we've finished. Muslims everywhere must renounce Islam and destroy all its worldly appurtenances. Those who refuse must be penned up so tightly that a flea could not escape their accommodations, and kept that way until the last of them has strangled the next to last for "heresy" and then died alone in the cold and dark.

Bloodthirsty? Yes, indeed. More so than you can imagine. Nor do I feel the slightest embarrassment about it. Islam has powered the foulest behavior and animated the most vicious atrocities known to history, ever since its inception in the seventh century. It should have been extirpated long ago. If I were still young enough and hale enough, I'd take a hand in it myself.

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Yeah. I am betting alot of conservatives support people like him. the extermination of 1 billion people. People complained when the Holocaust occured, rightfully so, however, I bet conservatives would enjoy killing 1 billion Muslims.
Yeah from the silence I am receiving about this statement by this person who wants to wipe out 1.5 billion people, not six million but 1.5 billion I guess this is an ordinary conservative in the Western World.

Murderous, Dangerous, Racist, and has to be locked up.
problem that not what a lot of islamic extremists want too?....seems like it in the western world....seriously, they need a better marketing communications strategy.

I mean, to "murder all Kaffars" "destroy all the infidel"...I've not counted how many non-muslim's there are in the world, but I'm sure there is more than 1.5 Billion...both sides are as bad as each other.
What the hell are you talking about?

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