Teck Resources project cancelled!

Teck withdraws application for Frontier oilsands mine, citing debate around climate policy

Announcement came hours after Alberta announced it struck deal with First Nations over project
Sarah Rieger
CBC News
Feb 23, 2020 7:06 PM MT

Vancouver-based Teck Resources has withdrawn its application to build a massive oilsands project in northern Alberta.

The federal government was slated to make a decision on whether or not to approve the $20.6-billion, 260,000-barrel-per-day Frontier project next week.

Sources close to the project confirmed to CBC News the application was withdrawn.

"We are disappointed to have arrived at this point," CEO and president Don Lindsay wrote in a letter addressed to federal Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, posted to the company's website Sunday evening. "Teck put forward a socially and environmentally responsible project that was industry leading and had the potential to create significant economic benefits for Canadians."

Lindsay wrote that customers want policies that reconcile resource development and climate change — something that Canada has yet to achieve.

"Unfortunately, the growing debate around this issue has placed Frontier and our company squarely at the nexus of much broader issues that need to be resolved. In that context, it is now evident that there is no constructive path forward for the project," he wrote.

But, he said he wanted to make it clear the company isn't shying away from controversy.

"The nature of our business dictates that a vocal minority will almost inevitably oppose specific developments. We are prepared to face that sort of opposition," he wrote. "Frontier, however, has surfaced a broader debate over climate change and Canada's role in addressing it. It is our hope that withdrawing from the process will allow Canadians to shift to a larger and more positive discussion about the path forward."

Following Teck's announcement, Wilkinson and Natural Resources Minister Seamus O'Regan confirmed in a joint statement that cabinet will no longer be making a decision on the project.

"As Teck has rightly pointed out, and as many in the industry know, global investors and consumers are increasingly looking for the cleanest products available and sustainable resource development," the statement read.

The ministers wrote that Teck had done leading work on Frontier, including efforts to engage with local Indigenous communities.

"Their model should be an example for all proponents of future projects," the statement read.

The news came just hours after the Alberta government announced it had struck deals with two First Nations over the proposed project, which would have been located 110 kilometres north of Fort McMurray.

The province said the agreements with the Mikisew Cree and Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations address bison and caribou habitats and protect Wood Buffalo National Park.

In July 2019, a joint federal-provincial review panel recommended the mine be approved, saying the economic benefits outweighed what it described as significant adverse environmental impacts.

Teck's website states the project would have created 7,000 construction jobs, require up to 2,500 workers to operate, and bring in more than $70 billion in government revenue.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney described Teck's announcement as a grave disappointment for Albertans, but said it didn't come as a surprise.

But the project was expected to produce about four million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year over its 40 year lifespan, and disturb 292 square kilometres of pristine wetlands and boreal forest — although that whole area wouldn't be mined at once.

"The promise of Canada's potential will not be realized until governments can reach agreement around how climate policy considerations will be addressed in the context of future responsible energy sector development," Lindsay wrote. "Without clarity on this critical question, the situation that has faced Frontier will be faced by future projects and it will be very difficult to attract future investment, either domestic or foreign."

"It is what happens when governments lack the courage to defend the interests of Canadians in the face of a militant minority," Kenney said in an emailed statement, pointing to what he described as weeks of federal indecision on blockades in solidarity with those opposed to the Coastal GasLink pipeline.

"The timing of the decision is not a coincidence. This was an economically viable project, as the company confirmed this week, for which the company was advocating earlier this week, so something clearly changed very recently."

The premier wrote that the province agreed to federal requests and conditions for approving the project.

"The factors that led to the today's decision further weaken national unity.… We did our part, but the federal government's inability to convey a clear or unified position let us, and Teck, down," Kenney said.

Keith Stewart, senior energy analyst with Greenpeace Canada, said he was surprised by Teck's decision to withdraw the project but believes it is the right one.

"This project never made economic sense; it didn't make climate sense; it wasn't really going to happen," Stewart said in an interview.

"So I'm glad that we can now actually focus on real projects that will create good jobs in Alberta, across the country, fighting climate change."

Stewart said the decision is evidence that investors are increasingly not only concerned about climate change but putting their money where their mouth is.

"This was a project that might have made sense 10 years ago. It certainly doesn't today," he said.

On Friday, Teck released disappointing fourth quarter results, saying global economic uncertainty negatively impacted commodity prices.
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Over 7,000 jobs down the drain. Make no mistake, this is due to the political climate in Canada. Once again, the West gets the shaft from Ottawa, and the blockades remain.

Canada is closed for business. Our political leaders have been completely ineffective in dealing with a group of economic terrorists. I'm not waiting four more years for Trudeau to be defeated. It's time to look outside the box.
Don Braid: Cancelled Teck Frontier means even First Nations' support can't get projects built


For the Kenney government and almost anybody interested in oil and gas investment, it was the Sunday night slaughter — sudden news that Teck Resources has cancelled its $20-billion Frontier oilsands mine.
Federal cabinet was expected to rule on the mine this week. Teck’s sudden decision to withdraw its application has many consequences, but one is to get Ottawa off the hook for a ruling that deeply divided the Trudeau cabinet.
Premier Jason Kenney had made Teck the big test of whether the Trudeau government will allow further oilsands projects. Now the Liberals won’t even face the test.
When the word came out Sunday evening , the province still hadn’t been officially informed by the company or by Ottawa.
But soon enough, Premier Jason Kenney blasted Ottawa for creating such chaotic security risks, including the refusal to clear rail blockades, that the company felt it couldn’t go ahead at this time.
The $20B Frontier mine shelved amid escalating rail blockades, CEO says Canada must reconcile climate and oil
A timeline of the Frontier mine that Teck Resources shelved amid national anti-pipeline protests
“Teck’s decision is disappointing,” he said in a news release, “but in light of the events of the past few weeks it is not surprising.
“It is what happens when governments lack the courage to defend the interests of Canadians in the face of a militant minority.
“The timing of the decision is not a coincidence. This was an economically viable project, as the company confirmed this week, for which the company was advocating earlier this week, so something clearly changed very recently.”
Earlier Sunday, Environment Minister Jason Nixon was proudly announcing crucial new agreements with Mikisew Cree First Nation and Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation.
Technically, they related to dealings between the province and the First Nations, but they had a bearing on Teck and thus made the agreement of 14 Indigenous groups complete.
“My only reaction is that I’m disappointed . . . why would I put a press release out today (announcing support for the project) to hear this kind of news?” Athabasca Chipewyan Chief Allan Adam told Postmedia on Sunday evening.
Teck did not specifically cite the rail blockades but said “there is no constructive path forward for the project,” given that the company is now “squarely at the nexus of much broader issues that need to be resolved.”
Teck makes no mention of resubmitting the application in the future.
This seems to be the end of a project that’s been a decade in the making, passed both federal and provincial regulatory hurdles, and would have created thousands of jobs with potential investment of $20 billion.
“The factors that led to today’s decision further weaken national unity,” Kenney said.
“The Government of Alberta agreed to every request and condition raised by the federal government for approving the Frontier project, including protecting bison and caribou habitat, regulation of oilsands emissions and securing full Indigenous support.
“The Government of Alberta repeatedly asked what more we could do to smooth the approval process. We did our part, but the federal government’s inability to convey a clear or unified position let us, and Teck, down.”
The company pointed out that it had done all the required work and secured unprecedented Indigenous agreement, but still had to cancel because “global capital markets are changing rapidly, and investors and customers are increasingly looking for jurisdictions to have a framework in place that reconciles resource development and climate change, in order to produce the cleanest possible products. This does not yet exist here today.”
Teck expressed hope that withdrawing from the fray will allow Canada to finally settle the issues. True optimists, these people.
There’s an immediate suspicion that Ottawa somehow strong-armed Teck into this decision. But for the directors of this company, just following the daily news was probably enough.
Rail blockades continue to spring up, paralyzing vital economic links. In B.C., the Horgan government has moved the goalposts on the Coastal GasLink pipeline, sending it back to Wet’suwet’en for further consultation.
Premier John Horgan is now fully immersed in the very mess he created for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, whose own future is still very much in doubt.
We’ve now had Energy East cancelled because of endless hurdles thrown up by governments. Kinder Morgan abandoned Trans Mountain because it saw no way to get the project done.
Teck is just the latest abandoned project — and maybe the last, because it’s unlikely that anything of this size will even be proposed again.
There will be a mighty uproar for days and weeks to come. But one early message is this — First Nations approval, once touted as the route to approval and Indigenous prosperity, no longer means a thing.

Sad day for the West when a handful of anti-Oil paid for protestors can handcuff a nation, all the Billions should be reimbursed to Tech for all the studies, permits and applications Ottawa put them through.
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It was never about First Nations people from the get go. Once again, our Indigenous people were manipulated by Canadian born upper-middle class young people, with a political agenda.

The sooner the West breaks off from Canada, the better...
Quote: Originally Posted by Girth View Post

Over 7,000 jobs down the drain. Make no mistake, this is due to the political climate in Canada. Once again, the West gets the shaft from Ottawa, and the blockades remain.

Canada is closed for business. Our political leaders have been completely ineffective in dealing with a group of economic terrorists. I'm not waiting four more years for Trudeau to be defeated. It's time to look outside the box.

GIRTH IS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Teck deal was KILLED OFF AMIDST a political climate that in which ...........................

a RADICAL MINORITY views resource extraction.......................

as an invitation to start World War THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our idiot Boy PROMISED US that he would KILL the entire Cdn oil patch by making fossil fuel

SO COSTLY that nobody could ever afford to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By making new projects so utterly awkward to even begin......................

Our idiot Boy is crippling the industry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And even if Our idiot Boy gets the rail blockades removed.......................

THERE IS NO GUARANTEE the pipelines will ever be completed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After all a B.C. court has just ORDERED another month of "consultations with natives.............................

along the Northern Gateway natural gas line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan oil pipelines will be completed ONLY AFTER.......................

WE GET A NEW GOVT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It wasn't the court that ordered more consultations. It was the environment ministry. More of Horgan throwing a wrench in the works.
Quote: Originally Posted by taxslave View Post

It wasn't the court that ordered more consultations. It was the environment ministry. More of Horgan throwing a wrench in the works.

The damage done to our economy by LUNATIC LIE-berals is staggering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!


Here is some information taken from assorted sources such as the Govt of Canada website and represents information supplied by the Cdn Census Bureau - along with some comments of my own in brackets):::

Community: Wet'suwet'en First Nation

Band Number: 725

(The tribal group is a voluntary politically oriented association composed of a number of bands usually with a similar language and cultural background - thus we are arguing with a FRACTION of the 725 member Wet`suwet`en band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(The Wet`suwet`en tribal band and is SPLINTERED - as the article below indicates - as are the various native groups who have either joined the protests or signed on to the pipeline deals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Why some Wet'suwet'en councils have signed pipeline agreements

By Amy Smart, from The Canadian Press Published Sunday, January 20, 2019 7:17AM EST Last Updated Sunday, January 20, 2019 5:22PM EST

Presented on the CTV news media web site.

SMITHERS, B.C. -- It was a difficult decision to sign a benefit sharing agreement with Coastal GasLink that would allow for a natural gas pipeline through the Wet'suwet'en territory, but a necessary one, an elected band council member says.

Joseph Skin is with the Skin Tyee band, a community of about 134 people within the Wet'suwet'en First Nation, and said many members live in "poverty" on the reserve and the agreement offered an opportunity for a better future.

Skin said he spent most of his life living in a home shared by three or four families. There was no running water in homes on the reserve until 10 or 15 years ago, he said.

(But in ancient days - natives DID LIVE in multi family dwellings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

"Decisions like this never came easy, I'm not going to say it was easy, because it was very difficult," he said.

"But like I said, the people who are concerned about our decision, they should come to the reserve and live in these conditions themselves and then have to weigh in on a decision like that."

(It is economic reality that if you wish to live like white men - it is best to also get educated and to WORK like white men -thus you can buy what you need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Coastal GasLink has said it has signed agreements with all 20 elected First Nations bands along the pipeline route from northeastern B.C. to LNG Canada's $40-billion export facility on the coast in Kitimat.

A blockade and the subsequent RCMP arrests while they enforced an injunction earlier this month set off a firestorm of protests across the country. The blockade was erected to stop the company from accessing a road where it planned to start construction work.

Five Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs say the project has no authority without their consent. While elected band councils like the Skin Tyee are administrators of their reserves, the hereditary chiefs say they are in charge of the 22,000 square kilometres of traditional territory, including the land where pipeline would be built.

(SADLY there is NO MECHANISM within the archaic native political system that would allow for a resolution!! Traditionally if a native did not like choices being made by his band- he would load his canoe and paddle to the other side of the lake and start a NEW TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Native are caught up in the 21st century REALITY - that majority rule is BEST!! It is too bad that some spoil sports are willing to wreck the deal FOR EVERYBODY!)

The hereditary chiefs have since reached a "temporary truce" with RCMP, agreeing that members will abide by the injunction allowing the company access through the end of January, so long as another anti-pipeline camp is allowed to remain intact.

The issue of who supports the project is not as simple as a division between hereditary chiefs on one side and elected councils on the other. While the five hereditary clan chiefs say they're "adamantly opposed," other hereditary leaders have expressed support, and elected council members have landed on both sides.

(Natives are struggling to catch up to the democratic ideal of one person - one vote and all being equal - with the majority getting its way!! But LIE-berals have been persuading natives for 50 years that natives are MORE EQUAL than other Cdns!!!!! LIE-berals have been feeding natives those nonsense promises for decades now and tempers are boiling over as Our idiot Boy Justin has made MORE PROMISES - and kept less of them than any other leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(The native rail blockades ARE ABOUT THE RULE OF LAW and we NEED TO ASK if a MINORITY WITHIN A MINORITY has the right to disrupt the ENTIRE COUNTRY for the most selfish of PERSONAL reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Former Wet'suwet'en elected Chief Ray Morris of the Nee Tahi Buhn band said his council signed a deal with Coastal GasLink based on the advice an elder gave when Enbridge was proposing a pipeline through the territory. That elder died at 96 in 2013.

"He was with us when Enbridge first came around and he said, 'You can't beat this big company. Get the best deal you can for us.' And that's what we did," said Morris, who was the elected chief for 24 years before being unseated in an election last month.

(That now deceased elder HAD A GOOD EYE for details!! Traditional white law dictates that LAND MAY BE EXPROPRIATED - AFTER BEING PAID FOR AT FAIR MARKET VALUE - plus LEGAL EXPENSES and any other legitimate costs -by govt for the good of the community!! Thus expropriating some Wet`sunet`en land to build a pipeline that will AID thousands of Cdns while MILDLY INCONVENIENCING a few biassed RADICAL dozens DOES FIT the general legal definition of land expropriation FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Signing an agreement means funding for things like education and elder care, he said.

"We're no different than any other human, we have the same needs as you do."

(OF COURSE - so why is the RABID MINORITY OBJECTING?? Unless - as I have suggested - the radicals ARE RABID BLACKMAILERS??????????????????)

Morris said even though band members share lineage with the hereditary clan chiefs, that doesn't mean they are under the same authority.

"We're independent of the Office of the Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs," he said. "We've been independent for many years."

(As I have said - there IS NO NATIVE AUTHORITY capable of enforcing a group choice - and many natives are REFUSING to recognize ANY white law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(So here are some number about Aboriginal Groups and First Nations)::::::::

(Vancouver Sun writer Scott Brown reports that Wet`sunet`en natives claim
22,000 sq km of B.C. land - so settle that claim by 725 people and we get a land claim of just over 30.35 km per person for the 725 member band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Wikipedia tells us the Province of British Columbia has a total area of 944,735 square Km and Stats Canada tells us there are 200,000 people of First Nations and Metis - all with land claims in British Columbia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Thus if EACH native and Metis person received title to 30.35 sq km of land - the total amount of land needed would be 6,069,000 sq km!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(But Wikipedia says B.C. has a total land area of 944,735 km - meaning the province would need to GROW BY 6.42 TIMES LARGER than it now is in order to accommodate ALL the land claims - thus some native DISAPPOINTMENT is INEVITABLE regarding land claims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(In the latest news - as of February 28, 2020, a NEW GROUP of natives called Wet`suwet`en Matriarchs have been granted a seat at the table in talks with the govt!! The SPLINTERED groups are now SPLITTING FURTHER - along GENDER LINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

( And all this land shortage is WITHOUT DEDUCTING FOR LANDS currently owned and being lived on by white people!! The INSANE TRUTH is that we could deport every single Non native from B.C. and give the ENTIRE province back - AND NATIVES WOULD STILL BE FIGHTING OVER LAND RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!)
(YES - we could give the province back and natives would STILL BE FACED with the IMMEDIATE PROBLEM - that natives have NO traditional method of reconciling such disputes and that natives SCORN the white democratic process - THAT DOES OFFER A DISPUTE RECONCILIATION METHOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Our idiot Boy and his loser LIE-berals ARE DREAMING IN TECHNICOLOUR if they think they can TALK THEIR WAY into some calm and sensible resolution to the pipeline crisis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(But then Our idiot Boy WANTS to kill the Cdn oil patch for ideological reasons and does not care what political or economic mess he leaves in his wake - thus he deplores the public relations beating he is taking but does not mind the fossil fuel road block!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
TrudOWE has given Canada so many black eyes we qualify for battered housewife status.
Quote: Originally Posted by taxslave View Post

TrudOWE has given Canada so many black eyes we qualify for battered housewife status.


MALES SUFFER FROM LIE-beral abuse as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK Battered house person status.

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