A Theory of Quantum Mechanics That Suggests Everyone is Immortal

A Theory of Quantum Mechanics That Suggests Everyone is Immortal
What would you do if you were immortal?
By Trevor English , March 12, 2020
According to one theory in quantum mechanics, you are immortal.
One interpretation of a theory called quantum suicide ironically leads down a train of thought that makes your immortality completely absolute.
Now, we're going to be discussing quantum mechanics here, so try to keep your eyes from glazing over and stay with me, because at the end of this, you're going to be immortal.
So, if there are in fact endless worlds and you place yourself in a quantum box
being both an observer of quantum experiments and a test subject of them,
then you will live forever. That, is how you become truly immortal.
If you could, would you hop in the quantum box and live forever?
1 - Does immortality depend on Hindu's reincarnations?
2 - Does immortality depend on "Time-Lord's"?
3 - Does immortality depend on time/space travel technologies?
4 - Does immortality depend on motion faster than constant speed of light?
5 - . . . . ?

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