I am not a philosopher or a scientist but I have some personal observations and feelings. I do not insist that my observations are correct but I would like to write down.

This universe is not static. Universe is much big and limitless, so our observations may not cover it. Planets are on constant motion. I think that there is a great harmony in all these movements. When ever this harmony will be broken, there will be a great disaster and some religions may call it, “The Day of Judgment”. No doubt when this harmony will break there will be, “The End”. This harmonious universe and harmonious nature have direct impact on human lives. Let me call this harmony a melody or combination of various melodies. This melody is not heard by our hearing organs called, “Ears”. When this harmony or melody is imitated in melodious tunes; then we hear it and it attracts our souls. When this melody is heard by melodious or let me say loving hearts, they feel as being attracted towards their origin so there is a feeling of ecstasy.

I observe that all movements by living or non living are naturally harmonious. I observe that a walking person’s or a running horse’s movements are naturally harmonious; even mechanical movements are harmonious. Movements of living are intentionally broken, raised up or slowed down. If these movements are abruptly changed, we feel discomfort. If changes are gradual, and harmony is not abruptly broken then there is not such a discomfort. You can see that if a bus or train stops abruptly, sleeping person awake and awakened are disturbed. Sudden or abrupt change in motion may cause dangerous consequences physically or spiritually. There are also spiritual movements with out any physical which in case of any abrupt change may be harmful.

Classical melodies of any region are pleasure giving to all humans because these are melodious and are not abrupt. Abrupt sounds and voices are called noise, and harmonious are melody. Humans have a common sense of harmonies and melodies, and this common sensibility is like other common human values, so I say humans definitely have a common nature. This common nature is God given and not at all accidental. Such common nature might not be accidental in all humans.

The harmonious melodies have an impact on soul. Many people deny the very existence of soul. Melody is not a physical requirement. It is not food and it is not any physical attraction like males and females. It is attractive and its attraction is certainly not for the body but for the soul. Human soul feels universal harmony and when it listens like wise harmony produced through melody, it feels elevated from physical existence. It for the time being becomes a part of greater reality; though it has to come back to its physical requirements but it is comparatively raised up with broader envision.

There is a harmony more or less in every human being. If this harmony is broken humans feel anger, shallowness, hatred, depression and discontentment etc. This may be called disease of the soul, so it is not curable by physical treatments. Sincere love might be much helpful but faith in the God surely provides a sense of deep contentment and is a very certain remedy. Believers of the God certainly have much stable harmony of soul. Human males and female have natural attraction for each other. Only this attraction may not be called love but there might be love between such partners and if love exists they feel much satisfaction and contentment. There are so many other aspects of love, love for all, and love for humanity. Love is the base of all sincere, unselfish human relations including blood relations, friendships and humanity in general. Love is necessary for human life and love strengthens harmony of soul. Those who have faith in the God have lovely souls. No love no faith. Faith does not co-exist with hatred and selfishness. It definitely inculcates much positive human values. Faith is love and love is the feed of soul.